Why Is ‘My Bernie Story’ Trending on Twitter?


If you’re on Twitter today, you may notice that “My Bernie Story” (aka #MyBernieStory) is trending at the Number One spot in the United States. This is because of a new mobile campaign initiative that Bernie Sanders‘ campaign just started today. Thousands are already participating. Read on to learn more.

‘My Bernie Story’ Was Kicked Off by the BERN App, Which Sanders Supporters Are Using To Share Videos about Why They Like Bernie Sanders

Late this morning, Bernie Sanders took to Twitter to share about a new social media campaign they were starting called #MyBernieStory. To participate, people were asked to download the BERN app (on Apple or Google Play) and record a #MyBernieStory about why they’re a part of the Bernie Sanders movement.

People are sharing their stories and the hashtag quickly became the top trending term in the United States.


Thousands of people are participating and sharing their stories about why they are supporting Bernie Sanders’ campaign for President of the United States. The hashtag is even outperforming #NationalMiddleChildDay and #MondayMotivation, which are often the top trends on Mondays on Twitter.

Some people are recording their videos with the app, while others are simply taking to Twitter to share their stories directly without using the app. Here are some people’s stories.

Adam E. Ross wrote: “I’m Gay I’m a Type 1 Diabetic I’m Poor Bernie has been fighting for my rights since before I was even born. That’s why I’m with him.”

Kathy wrote: “I usually don’t play the veteran card, but I’m gonna play it here. #MyBernieStory has to do with why I joined the USAF. I want to live in a country where the oath I took means something, that rights for all are guaranteed.”

Josie shared her story using the app. She wrote: “I support Bernie Sanders for president because, as a mom of 3, I am scared as hell for my kids’ future. I need a president who is willing to defy fossil-fuel interests and fight for a #GreenNewDeal. This is #MyBernieStory.” 

Here’s what it looks like when someone shares using the app:

Of course, some people used the hashtag as an opportunity to talk about politicians they like instead of Bernie Sanders.

But overall, most people are using the hashtag to talk about why they like Sanders.

The BERN App Helps Sanders Volunteers with Canvassing Opportunities

What is this BERN app that so many people are using for the hashtag trend? It’s essentially a new app introduced in late April to help mobilize Sanders’ volunteer program. One person on Reddit shared that the app lets users earn points as they mark down friends and family and people in the community regarding whether or not they support Bernie Sanders or which candidate they’re supporting.

According to the app’s FAQ section, the app “is a way to talk to people you know and people you don’t know about the election, and to record the data from your conversations. Whether the person you meet is a Bernie supporter or not, we want to have open, honest, and thorough conversations with our friends, family, and neighbors about the 2020 election, and the issues they care about the most.”

To use the app, a person must input a voter’s first and last name, along with their city and state and ZIP code. The only information the app supplies that the user doesn’t provide is the person’s age, to make sure they’re matching the correct voter from the publicly available voter data.

The campaign explains: “Far from giving volunteers to more data than usual, our tool gives volunteers far less access to data than standard campaign tools. You must search for one voter at a time, you must already know the voter’s first and last name and either city and state or zip code… The only information that you are given that you may not know already is the voter’s age. Once you submit information about a voter (like their voting preferences, what issues are important to them, and whether they are a student or union member) only the campaign has access to that information. Other users of the BERN app will not be able to see the responses that you record using the app.”

The app has two modes: Community Canvas mode and Friend to Friend mode.

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