WATCH: Brawl Between Kathy Hill & Red Lobster Staff in York, Pennsylvania

Kathy Hill Brawl at Red Lobster

Twitter A woman named Kathy Hill gets into a brawl with employees at a Red Lobster in York, Pennsylvania.

An incident at a Red Lobster restaurant that occurred on Mother’s Day has gone viral on social media. Heavy has learned that the incident happened at a York, Pennsylvania, Red Lobster, although the restaurant chain did not provide the name of the female customer involved. The customer identifies herself in the video as Kathy Hill.

The video shows a female customer, who is impatient about waiting a long time for her order, trying to force her way into the store for a refund. The staff is heard telling her she will get her refund but they need her to stay out of the restaurant. At this point, Hill takes a swing at the manager of the restaurant and a scuffle ensues.

The entire video is available here:

Many have speculated on social media that the woman in the video is Kathy Hill, the director of Penn State’s Center for Science and the Schools. Penn State told Heavy in a statement that this is incorrect:

We agree the behavior in this video is unacceptable and inappropriate and, when notified of its existence just a few hours ago, we began looking into the matter. After our evaluation, we can say that the individual in the video is not affiliated with our University. She has been incorrectly identified and it is unfortunate that this misinformation was spread so rapidly.

The Video Shows Hill Being Forced Out of the Restaurant & Being Restrained After Trying to Hit a Staff Member

The video shows a female customer, who says her name is Kathy Hill, being forced out of the restaurant by the manager and a few employees. Hill demands a refund and tries to force her way back into the restaurant. The manager blocks her from re-entering and repeatedly assures Hill she will get a refund.

When the manager tries to move Hill away from the entrance, Hill hits the manager and other employees intervene. One employee appears to grab Hill by the hair, and someone in the crowd yells, “Hey, let go of her hair!”

After the employee lets go of Hill, she says, “I was assaulted and I have a whole crowd to see it.” The staff and Hill yell at each other before the employees return inside and shut the doors.

Red Lobster Responded to Complaints of Long Waits & Unfulfilled Orders on Mother’s Day

Many Red Lobster locations, including a few Pennsylvania locations, experienced long waits for food and in some cases unfulfilled orders on Mother’s Day. It led to a lot of disappointed customers voicing their complaints on social media.

The CEO of Red Lobster issued a statement about the restaurant chain’s Mother’s Day orders. It reads in part: “I apologize that we disappointed many of you this past weekend as you placed orders for Mother’s Day, one of the most important days of the year.”

It said they received “significantly more online orders” than ever before and some of their restaurants were unable to keep up with the demand. The CEO acknowledged that many customers faced long lines in parking lots, delays and crowds when picking up their orders, and some orders weren’t fulfilled.

The company also emailed Heavy a statement about the specific incident in York, Pennsylvania. It reads in part:

We do not tolerate violence for any reason in our restaurants. We expect our team members treat our guests with respect, and we expect our guests to treat our team members with respect in return. We are grateful our Manager and the guest involved were not seriously injured in the incident on Sunday.

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