California Fire Map: Track Fires Near Me Today [August 2]


Many people in California are keeping a close eye on fires now that it’s fire season again, especially with the Apple Fire quickly growing to more than 20,000 acres. Here’s a look at the latest wildfires in California on August 2. The first section of this story will show interactive maps for the state and the second section will detail updates on specific fires.

Interactive Maps of California Fires

A number of interactive fire maps below can help you stay updated on the latest details about California fires. Don’t rely on just one map, since details can change quickly and some maps will have fires listed that others do not.

A good interactive map to follow is Inciweb’s map. You can see the full map here. There’s an embeddable Google Map that includes Inciweb fires which you can see below. Depending on your browser, you may need to zoom into the map below using the + button within the map or change settings to only show Inciweb fires. It should be noted that Inciweb fires are not always the same as wildfires reported on by CalFire.

Another helpful interactive map is provided here from

A new interactive fire map is below, provided by here. A live version is below. You may need to click “OK” before you can view the map to indicate you’re not using it as an evacuation resource. This map below is one of the more detailed fire maps for California.

The California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services also has an interactive map of red flag warnings and new and active fires. The map is here. This map is updated every weekday morning, so it’s not always the best for emergency planning but is still informative.

Below is a list of individual fires in alphabetical order.

List of Active Fires in California on August 2, 2020

Adams Fire

This fire started July 27 in Lassen County and is still listed as active. The cause is under investigation. It started south of Doyle at Scott Road and Highway 395.

Ant Fire

This fire is still listed as active on Inciweb’s map, but it was last updated on June 19. It was 10 acres and is listed as 100% contained.

Apple Fire


This fire is 20,516 acres in size with 0% containment.

Below is a map of the evacuation zones. Red is under an evacuation order and yellow is under an evacuation warning. You can see the full map here. This map will be updated by emergency management as evacuation orders change.

Evacuation centers are set up in the following locations:

  • Beaumont High School at 39139 Cherry Valley Boulevard, Beaumont, California (Beaumont Ave. and Cherry Valley Bl.)
  • An animal evacuation center is also set up at Beaumont High School, with Animal Control on the scene.

In San Bernardino County, evacuation updates are being shared on Twitter.

The following sources will help you stay updated on the fire.

Bald Fire

This fire started on August 2 by lightning five miles east of Castella, California. It’s 23 acres and 100% contained.

Blue Jay Fire


This fire was started by lightning and it’s 10 acres in size. It’s located four miles south of White Wolf Campground and one mile west of Lukens Lake Trail.

Inciweb notes:

The Blue Jay Fire was ignited by lightning on July 24th.  Current fire behavior is creeping and smoldering through ground litter on the forest floor and burning in pockets of accumulated dead and down logs with some isolated single tree torching.  The fire is expected to continue creeping and smoldering as it burns through timber litter with an overstory of lodgepole and red fir.

The area the fire is burning in is a fire adapted ecosystem.  There are currently no threats to infrastructure or hiking trails. The fire will be visible from Tioga Road, Glacier Point, and from high country viewpoints.

Park Managers are working with the local Air Quality Districts and will be monitoring smoke impacts to the park and local communities.

Bridge Fire

This fire is 16 acres and 100% contained. It was started by lightning on July 29 on the south side of O’Brien Mountain.

Castaic Fire

This fire is at Main Ramp Road and Lake Hughes Road, south of Castaic Lake. It started August 1 in the Angeles National Forest in Los Angeles County. Inciweb’s page for the fire is here.

The cause is under investigation. It’s 178 acres and 50% contained as of August 2 at 9:44 a.m.

Cowhead Fire

This fire started in Modoc County on July 31 off County Road 1 and County Road 201, northeast of Bidwell.

Dam Fire

This fire started July 30 in Los Angeles County at San Gabriel Canyon Road and Silverfish Road near the Morris Reservoir. It’s 120 acres and 0% contained. The cause is under investigation.

Easton Fire

This fire started July 20 in San Bernardino County, and Cal Fire still lists it as active. It started at Highway 330 and East Highland Avenue, northeast of San Bernardino.

Gold Fire

This fire in Lassen County is 22,634 acres and 90% contained, according to Cal Fire. It started on July 22. It started at Highway 139 and County Road A-2, south of Adin. The cause is under investigation.

On August 1, Cal Fire noted: “All containment lines on the fire are holding. Crews will continue to reinforce and patrol the fire lines, and extinguish hot spots within the fire perimeter. Low afternoon humidities still have the potential to bring increased fire behavior. The incident is in areas with private residences, ranches and commercial operations. There are cultural and sensitive resources that remain threatened. Damage assessment teams have completed field inspections of the fire area and the final report is complete. All personnel assigned to the incident will continue to follow current COVID safety protocols.”

Evacuations and road closures were lifted.

Hog Fire

This fire was first reported on June 12 in Fresno County and the cause is under investigation, Cal Fire reported. It’s still listed as active near the Hog Flat Reservoir, west of Susanville. It’s 9,564 acres and 93% contained as of August 2 at 6:58 a.m.

The Hog Fire was last updated on Inciweb on June 21 when it was 533 acres. That report lists it as 100% contained, which differs from Cal Fire’s more recent report. All evacuation orders and warnings have been lifted and there is minimal fire activity.

Iris Fire

This fire in Mono County started on July 21 and is still listed as active by Cal Fire. It’s south of Crowley Lake at Iris Meadow and Rock Creek Road. Inciweb notes that the cause is lightning and it’s 120 acres and 98% contained.

July Complex Fire

This fire started July 24 in Siskiyou and Modoc counties and is still listed as active by Cal Fire. The July Complex Fire was northwest of Tionesta at Caldwell Trail and Hill Road, and the cause is lightning. It’s 83,260 acres in size and now 94% contained. The fire’s near Canby, California.

Inciweb noted that planned actions include: “Continue to construct direct and indirect fireline. Hold and improve existing line. Continue suppression repair on all three fires within the July Complex. Perform initial attack of new starts within the TFR.”

The Complex Fire includes the Caldwell Fire, the Allen Fire, and the Dalton Fire. The Dalton Fire is 100% contained, Allen is 100% contained, and Caldwell is now 94% contained.

June Lightning 2020

These are a series of lightning strikes in a particular area that caused fires, as listed on Inciweb’s map. They totaled six acres from earlier in June.

KNF Lighting July 2020

These are lightning wildfires in Klamath National Forest, grouped in one category by Inciweb. There are at least 36 known fires from a July 26-27 thunderstorm and most were small.

Lincoln Fire

This fire started July 27 and is still listed as active in Humboldt County. The cause is under investigation. It started at Bendixsen Street and Simpson Private Road in Samoa.

Milepost 21 Fire

This fire started on July 20 and is in Humboldt County, still listed as active by Cal Fire. It started at Highway 96 and Deerhorn Road, southeast of Weitchpec.

Modoc Lightning Fires 2020

These are a number of lightning fires in the Modoc National Forest, including some July Complex Fires. Learn more here.

Pond Fire

This fire is at Kata Creek Road and Oak Creek Place, east of Santa Margarita. It’s 1,550 acres and 10% contained in San Luis Obispo County. As of 8 a.m. on August 2, Cal Fire provided the following evacuation details:

Evacuation Warning :


  • South of Las Pilitas Rd, West of Park Hill Rd to East Pozo Rd, North and East of West Pozo Rd to HWY 58.

Evacuation Centers:

  • Evac Center – Santa Margarita Elementary School 22070 H St. Santa Margarita 93453
  • Animal Evac Assistance – HEET at 805-550-0213
  • SLO HEET: Railhead Ranch Arena

Two structures have been destroyed.

Rowher Fire

This fire started July 1 and CalFire last updated its information about the fire on July 19. However, it’s still listed as active on CalFire’s map. The fire’s in Los Angeles County, north of Santa Clarita, near Spring Canyon Road and Anthony Road.

Red Salmon Complex


This group of fires started on August 2 by lightning, northeast of Willow Creek, California. The fires total 1,877 acres. The fires are 0% contained.

Inciweb notes: “Firefighter and public safety is top priority and we are implementing best practices to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in all fire management practices.  Fire suppression objectives reflect  protecting and understanding the cultural values and natural resources in the fire area.  Minimum impact suppression techniques (MIST) guidelines are being integrated into fire management actions to preserve wilderness values.” 

SHF Lightning Fires 2020

Inciweb has grouped these together. Many are out, and a 15-acre fire has been 100% contained and is almost out. These are from lightning storms and are listed on Inciweb’s map.

Stump Fire

This fire started August 1 in Tehama County at Child’s Meadow and Highway 89/36, northeast of Mineral. As of August 2, it’s 275 acres near the junction of State Highway 36 and 172, near Childs Meadows.

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