WATCH: Did Joe Biden Say ‘I’m Joe Biden’s Husband’ or ‘Jill Biden’s’ at the Democratic Convention?

Getty Jill and Joe Biden.

Viewers are debating whether or not Joe Biden said, “I’m Joe Biden’s husband” or “I’m Jill Biden’s husband” at the end of the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday night. He often refers to himself as “Jill Biden’s husband” in his speeches, but some viewers think he said “Joe Biden’s husband” this time around. Others disagree and are certain he said he was “Jill Biden’s husband,” like normal.

See the video below and decide for yourself. Then vote in the poll at the very end of the story and let us know what you think.

People Are Debating Just What Joe Biden Said at the End of the Convention

When Joe Biden appeared with Jill Biden after her speech at the Democratic Convention, some people think he said, “I’m Joe Biden’s husband.” But others are certain he said, “I’m Jill Biden’s husband.” What do you think? See the video below.

Now people are debating which he said on Twitter. Some people are convinced he said that he was Joe Biden’s husband.

While CBS is reporting that he said he was Jill Biden’s husband.

Joe Biden Often Refers to Himself as Jill Biden’s Husband

The reason why it’s likely that he said “I’m Jill Biden’s husband” is because that’s a common thing that Biden says in his speeches. In April 2019, The Hill reported that he introduced himself as “Jill Biden’s husband” when he first kicked off his campaign. Here’s that moment for comparison:

Some say that because he has a bit of a stutter, he sometimes is a little tougher to understand. “Jill” and “Joe” can certainly sound alike when said quickly.

The Same Question Was Asked After One of His Videos in July

This actually isn’t the first time in recent months that people have debated the question.

After the National Education Association (NEA) introduced Biden on PBS News Hour in July, he almost sounded like he said: “As Lily already indicated, I’m Joe Biden’s husband, Joe Biden.”

Biden was introduced by the NEA President Lily Eskelsen Garcia, who spent some time talking about his wife, Jill Biden, before he began speaking. Garcia talked about how Jill Biden is an NEA member, which wasn’t why they were speaking to him, but it didn’t hurt. She said that because Jill Biden is a college professor, Joe Biden “knows us.”

Biden was addressing the delegates of the NEA during the union’s annual Representative Assembly. This year the event was virtual because of the coronavirus pandemic. After the introduction, Biden talked about his education plan, along with his plan for federal funding for the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, reported.

The last time a poll asked this same question, about 61% voted for “Joe Biden’s husband,” but there was an active debate about the question in the Twitter replies. One person asked: “Even if he did say ‘Joe Biden’s husband’ why is that even important? Everyone makes mistakes while speaking.”

What do you think Biden said after the Democratic National Convention today? Vote in the poll below.

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