Jennifer Kunzweiler: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

jennifer kunzweiler

Kunzweiler website Jennifer Kunzweiler and her dad and family

Jennifer Kunzweiler is accused in the stabbing of her father, Tulsa County District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler, in Oklahoma.

Kunzweiler, 30, is one of the DA’s three daughters. The stabbing occurred in the Kunzweiler home on September 27, 2022.

Kunzweiler began serving as elected District Attorney in 2015, according to his campaign website. He has been a criminal prosecutor for more than 28 years, the website says.

Kunzweiler’s other daughters are Sandra, 32, and Jackie, 21.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. The Police Chief Says Jennifer Kunzweiler Was Arrested ‘in the Stabbing Incident’

The Tulsa police chief tweeted that “@TulsaPolice have arrested Jennifer Kunzweiler in (the) stabbing incident. She is the daughter of District Attorney Kunzweiler. Detectives are continuing to gather evidence.”

The motive was not released.

Earlier in the day, the chief tweeted, “We are currently working a stabbing scene in which Tulsa County DA Steve Kunzweiler is the victim. He is currently receiving medical attention at a local hospital for his wounds. @TulsaPolice has criminal jurisdiction and will work this case like all other cases.”

In 2018, Kunzweiler wrote on Father’s Day, sharing a picture of his daughters on his campaign website, “I hope you are enjoying this weekend, and if you are a father – have a great Father’s Day. Christine and I have lived a wonderful life, and these three ladies are at the center of it. Thank you Sandra, Jenny and Jackie for the past 28 years of fatherhood. I wouldn’t trade one day.”

2. Kunzweiler, Who Has Raved About How Proud He Is of His Daughter on Social Media, Was ‘Stabbed More Than Once’

According to Tulsa World, Kunzweiler’s office said he was stabbed “more than once by an adult family member.”

The statement continued, “(Steve) Kunzweiler was awake and talking on the way to the hospital and is expected to recover from his injuries.”

According to police, the suspect was also wounded. Tulsa World reported that police at the scene said they responded to a “domestic disturbance at the district attorney’s house about 3 p.m. and were investigating the stabbing as a mental health incident.”

In 2014, Kunzweiler wrote on his campaign Facebook page, sharing a picture of his daughters:

Here are all three of the girls in one place at one time. As parents I think we all want our children to live happy and fulfilled lives – and that they get along with each other. There is no doubt that Sandra, Jenny and Jackie love each other. Christine and I are very proud of them and we cherish the time we can spend together with them.

3. Steve Kunzweiler Leads an Office of 50 Attorneys

The Tulsa County District Attorney’s office says that Kunzweiler is “the State’s prosecutor for the Fourteenth Judicial District of Oklahoma,” which serves the citizens of Tulsa County.

“Approximately 50 attorneys and 70 support staff work under his direction. Elected by Tulsa County voters in November 2014, Steve Kunzweiler and his staff are responsible for reviewing police investigations to determine whether the facts, the evidence and the law warrant filing a charge to initiate a criminal prosecution,” the bio reads.

“The Office of the Tulsa County District Attorney prosecutes criminals, advocates on behalf of victims, including deprived and neglected children, collects restitution for victims and business owners, supervises those on probation for misdemeanor and low-level crimes and promotes crime prevention. The Office of the District Attorney also represents Tulsa County’s elected officials in civil legal matters.”

4. Kunzweiler & His Veterinarian Wife Have Three Daughters

Kunzweiler’s campaign website says he has been “married 29 years to Tulsa Veterinarian Dr. Christine Kunzweiler.”

“Steve & Christine have three daughters,” it adds, saying that Kunzweiler is a member of Christ the King Parish, Catholic Church.

He has a Juris Doctorate from University of Tulsa School of Law, 1988, and a Bachelor of Science from University of Missouri, 1984.

5. Kunzweiler Said His ‘Wife & Girls Are Everything to Me’

In 2018, Kunzweiler wrote on his campaign Facebook page,

I love this picture from the KOTV website – and it would be even better to see Jenny (daughter #2) in it. She’s out of state working but she was along for every bit of the ride. As you know, my wife and girls are everything to me and I am blessed to have them in my life.

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