Kalani David Cause of Death: How Did the Surfer Die?

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Kalani David was a surfing champion who died at age 24.

What was his cause of death? How did David die? According to NBC News, David “died over the weekend on a Costa Rican beach after suffering a seizure.”

According to the Tico Times, he drowned while surfing. “He reportedly suffered a massive seizure while in the water,” the site reported.

His full name was Kalani David Feeney Barrientos.

Here’s what you need to know:

Kalani David Suffered From a Congenital Heart Disease

The son of a Costa Rican mother, Barrientos had health issues before his death. He “suffered from Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome, a congenital heart disease that caused paralysis and seizures,” NBC reported.

According to the Mayo Clinic, “In Wolff-Parkinson-White (WPW) syndrome, an extra signaling pathway between the heart’s upper and lower chambers causes a fast heartbeat (tachycardia). WPW syndrome is a heart condition present at birth (congenital heart defect). It is fairly rare.”

The site notes, “The episodes of fast heartbeats seen in WPW syndrome usually aren’t life-threatening, but serious heart problems can occur. Rarely, WPW syndrome may lead to sudden cardiac death in children and young adults.”

In June, he wrote on Instagram:

With these seizures I keep having my neurologist said no driving and no surfing until I stop having them. I mean I could surf but, if I was to have one and don’t get saved in time I’ll either die or become a vegetable because I don’t have enough air to my brain. I keep getting lucky, I had a seizure driving and the other in the water within a couple months. The past couple years been having seizures sleeping and just Angels watching over me cause idk how I keep getting so lucky and living thru it all. Time to get this stuff in order so I can move ahead in life, at least I can skate and fish! Been getting asked a lot about my situation so wanted to let everyone know how it is for me right now. I been putting these health issues to the side because I couldn’t believe it, but doing that has made it worse. My life has completely changed and it’s not rejection, it’s redirection ;) haha thanks everybody for the love just stoked to be alive and well. It’s not about what you want it’s about what you have and making the best out of it🙏🏼 #godisgood

People Offered Tributes on Instagram

His last Instagram post, from August 28, 2022, shows him skateboarding.

People wrote tributes on his Instagram comment thread:

“We love you FOREVER and ALWAYS KALANI! Till Valhalla 🙏🏽♥️”

“RIP Kalani ❤️ loved by so many.”

“Rest in peace❤️”

Tico Times reported that Kalani died while surfing in Playa Hermosa, Jaco Costa Rica.

The site reported that he had other seizure scares but his love of surfing transcended the risks. “Almost daily seizures had been a part of David’s life. He nearly died while skating in Oceanside California several years ago,” the news site reported.

CNN described him as a professional surfer and skater

According to his X Games bio, “Kalani David is one of the generation of young kids who are way better and progress way faster than action sports athletes of only a few years ago. Grew up surfing and skating, so he could be considered a seasoned veteran at the ripe old age of 14. He brings a hard-charging powerful style to the bowls and is used to winning-he won a gold medal in the 16 and under group of surfing’s ISA World Junior Championships in April 2012”
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