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let's go brandon tiktok song

TikTok/Getty Let's Go Brandon TikTok song goes viral

The “let’s go Brandon” meme now has a theme song by Loza Alexander that went viral on TikTok. You can watch the video from the let’s go Brandon song on TikTok trolling Joe Biden later in this article.

What is let’s go Brandon, why is it going viral, and what does it mean?

It all started with a video interview in which an NBC journalist said on the air that the crowd at a NASCAR game was using the phrase “let’s go Brandon.” They weren’t. They were actually chanting “f*** Joe Biden.” At that point, people who don’t like the president and his policies started widely using “let’s go Brandon” at sporting events and on social media as a nicer way of saying “f*** Joe Biden.”

Enter Loza Alexander, a rapper, who decided to make a theme song of it all that he posted to TikTok.

“My #LetsGoBrandon song going viral! It just hit fox news!!!” Alexander wrote on Twitter.

Here’s what you need to know:

Alexander Posted the Let’s Go Brandon Theme Song on TikTok, Where It Started to Go Viral

LETS GO BRANDON – Theme Song – Loza Alexander – (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)#letsgobrandon #loza #lozaalexander ANOTHER ONE!!!…. AND I GOT ANOTHER ONE COMING!!! support the loza train by donating today!!! Paypal: Cash App $lozabeats2021-10-11T02:55:21Z

There’s an official music video for Loza Alexander’s let’s go Brandon theme song on YouTube, which you can watch above. Here’s the TikTok post with the video.

“#letsgobrandon theme song #letsgobrandon😂 #loza #lozaalexander #fyp #fypシ #fypage #fypdongggggggg,” Alexander wrote with the caption. “LETS GO BRANDON THEME SONG – Loza Alexander.” Alexander defines himself on TikTok as “RAPPER/PRODUCER/SINGER/ACTOR/COMEDIAN/CHEF/FATHER!! LINK TREE BELOW SUPPORT LOZA.”

Hundreds of thousands of people have liked his let’s go brandon song on TikTok alone.


##letsgobrandon theme song ##letsgobrandon😂 ##loza ##lozaalexander ##fyp ##fypシ ##fypage ##fypdongggggggg


The phrase has popped up on a billboard, over the Chicago airport intercom, and at college and professional sporting events.

Fans Were Chanting ‘F*** Joe Biden,’ Not ‘Let’s Go Brandon’

The journalist was interviewing a NASCAR racer by the name of Brandon Brown. Since the crowd was interrupting her interview, she thought the chant was for her interview subject. But it wasn’t. The audience members were making a political statement about their unhappiness with the former president.

Now the comment has stuck, and people are saying “let’s go Brandon” as a nicer, more socially acceptable way of saying “f*** Joe Biden.” But they mean “f*** Joe Biden” when they say it. They’re also making a commentary of sorts on what they perceive as liberal bias in the news.

The phrase has been making the rounds since the NBC interview with Brown on October 2, 2021.

Anti-Biden chanting erupts at NASCAR eventAnti-Joe Biden chants have erupted at the NASCAR Talladega speedway event in Alabama while winner Brandon Brown was doing his post win interview.2021-10-04T00:50:30Z

The video of the interview went immediately viral, and the memes followed. You can watch the video above. The term has been trending on Google for days.

“Thank you to all of our partners. Oh my god it’s just such an unbelievable moment,” Brown said in the interview.

“You can hear the chants from the crowd. Let’s go Brandon,” the anchor says in the video.

Brown later weighed in, tweeting, “To all the other Brandons out there, You’re welcome! Let’s go us.”

According to Fox News, NASCAR deleted the video when it became clear what the crowd was really chanting.

The phrase has since popped up throughout pop culture, especially at sporting events and a Trump rally.

The phrase “f*** Joe Biden” has been chanted by people in Michigan as the president’s motorcade passed and at a New York Jets NFL game.

According to Fox News, the chant has also surfaced at college football games in the fall of 2021. According to, the “f*** Joe Biden” chant was also heard at an Arkansas-Ole Miss game and a Trump rally in Iowa.

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