Michelle Swing: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Michelle Swing

FBI/Getty Anthony Quinn Warner, left, and a screengrab of surveillance footage showing the recreational vehicle suspected of being used in the Christmas day bombing on December 25, 2020 in Nashville, Tennessee, right.

Michelle Swing is a Los Angeles entertainment executive who has been linked to Nashville bomber Anthony Warner, according to numerous media reports.

Swing, a 29-year-old artist development director at AEG Presents, was gifted in the last year two Nashville houses on the same street from the 63-year-old Tennessee computer contract worker, according to a DailyMail.com exclusive. On December 25, Police say Warner detonated a parked RV in downtown Nashville, damaging 41 buildings and injuring three people, Nashville Mayor John Cooper said in press conference. Police claimed Warner died in the explosion after human remains recovered at the blast zone were matched to his DNA, U.S. Attorney Donald Q. Cochran, Jr. announced on December 27.

Last month, reports obtained by The Daily Mail show that Warner gave Swing a $160,000 house via a quit claim in Antioch. The house, transferred to Swing on November 25, was the last house he lived in, The New York Post added. Warner also gave Swing in January 2019 another house under similar circumstances.

Swing did not disclose to The Daily Mail whether she knew Warner or had family ties to the man. “I’ve been told to direct everything else to FBI,” the Los Angeles resident told the outlet.

However, The Sun reported that Swing told investigators she last spoke to Warner a week before Thanksgiving and had never met him in person.

Police have not yet revealed a motive behind the bombing and are continuing to investigate.

Here’s what you need to know about Michelle Swing:

1. Swing Told the Daily Mail She Was Unaware Warner Signed the Second Home Over to Her, but According to The Sun, She Was Notified in a Letter Last Month

According to the Daily Mail, Swing said she was unaware that Warner had signed the $160,000 Bakertown Road property over to her last month.

“In the state of Tennessee you can deed property to someone else without their consent or their signature or anything,” she told DailyMail.com. “I didn’t even buy the house he just deeded it over to me without my knowledge. So, this all very weird to me, that’s about all I can say.”

The Daily Mail noted that Swing’s signature does not appear on the November 25 transfer.

However, The Sun reported that Warner sent Swing a letter last month explaining the signed a house over to her.

In the letter, Warner said his basement was “not normal” and urged her to “take a look,” the outlet claimed.

“The attic has plywood and lighting, take a look,” the letter obtained by The Sun reads. “The basement is not normal, take a look. Woof woof Julio.”

He also shared that he “intended to travel on Christmas Eve to spend a few weeks in the woods with his dogs,” according to The Sun.

2. The First Home Warner Transferred to Swing Is Worth Roughly $249,000, According to The Daily Mail

The Daily Mail reported that the first home Warner transferred to Swing via a quit claim deed in January 2019 is worth roughly $249,000.

The property initially belonged to Warner’s parents. It was quitclaimed to his brother, and then to Anthony Q. Warner, who quitclaimed it to Swing. See the second record here.

In March 2019, Swing quitclaimed the property to a woman named Betty Lane, who turned out to be Warner’s mother, according to The Daily Mail. Lane then sued Warner in a dispute over who should get the house, the outlet continued.

Neither woman has been accused of having any knowledge about or involvement in any wrongdoing related to the Nashville bombing.

3. Swing Studied Marketing & Business at the the University of Tennessee in Knoxville

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The International Business Times reported that Swing attended the College of Business Administration of the University of Tennessee-Knoxville from 2008 to 2012, citing her now-deleted LinkedIn. Swing earned a bachelor’s degree in marketing and international business, the outlet added.

Prior to attending college, Swing graduated from the Knoxville Catholic High School in 2008, International Business Times continued.

The 29-year-old has also previously lived in San Francisco, California and Champaign, Illinois, the outlet continued.

4. Swing Is an Artist Development Director at AEG Presents

According to a press release from AEG Presents, Swing was hired by the company in November 2018 as the Director of Artist Development within the Global Touring division.

Swing had a prior stint as a StubHub senior executive in San Francisco, the release indicated. International Business Times added that she served worked as a partnership and business development manager at StubHub from February 2016 to September 2018.

Swing also “worked as a business development and support specialist at Dataflow Enterprises Inc. in Knoxville and worked as a marketing coordinator at AC Entertainment in Knoxville for one year,” the outlet continued, citing her now-deleted LinkedIn page.

5. Police Believe Warner Once Had a Relationship With Swing’s Mother, The Sun Reported

According to The Sun, Warner “is also believed by police to have once had a relationship with Swing’s mother.”

The outlet reported:

Swing is believed to have told investigators she has never met Warner but last spoke to him a week before Thanksgiving.

She has also passed on the letter he sent to her to the FBI.

The letter contains detailed information about the home he gifted her last month.

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