RUMOR: ‘Dark Souls 3’ Could Come to Nintendo Switch

Dark Souls 3


UPDATE: GameSpot has said it was a mistake for it to say the footage was on the Switch.

Hey everyone! Previously, this video labeled the Dark Souls III: The Ringed City gameplay as being captured on Switch.

This was a mistake and the video has now been updated to correctly label it as PS4 footage. Thanks for anyone who pointed that out for us.

We’d love to see Dark Souls on Switch, though. Fingers crossed!

Footage on GameSpot shows Dark Souls 3: Ringed City DLC running on the Nintendo Switch. If that’s not a typo then it is more proof to back up the claims made by Laura Dale last December that the Dark Souls trilogy could be coming to the Switch.

From Software has confirmed their support for Nintendo’s new hybrid console and according to sources from that article, From Software has Dark Souls 3 running on the Switch with an acceptable performance. GameSpot’s video looks to confirm that it is running on the Switch.

Dale says development on a Switch port has been underway for several months and the development team wanted to see initial sales data before committing to producing ports. The plan would be to release the Switch version the same time Dark Souls 3 with all the DLC included sees releases on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

These are all just rumors at the moment but would be great for Nintendo’s third party support if they were true.

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  1. Portable Dark Souls? Sign me up 1,000,000 times

    Wouldn’t be my preferred way of playing but it’d be pretty damn fun to make some new characters and play at school or wherever