WATCH: Vester Lee Flanagan’s POV Shooting Video

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Disgruntled WDBJ-TV ex-employee Vester Lee Flanagan live tweeted a video of his on-air shooting of reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward this morning in Virginia.

You can watch the chilling video above. Beware: The footage contains graphic violence and may be highly disturbing.

Heavy has also obtained synced footage of Flanagan’s POV shooting along with the footage that aired live on WDBJ-TV, edited by Cory Fechner. Watch that below.

After he gunned down the two WDBJ-TV employees and injured interviewee Vicki Gardner, Flanagan tweeted the video, filmed from his point of view as he opened fire during a live television interview:

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Flanagan, who went by the name Bryce Williams when working at the station, fled the scene and later shot himself after he was confronted by police. NBC29’s Alana Austin later tweeted that, according to Virginia Secretary Brian Moran, Flanagan is dead.

On Twitter Flanagan divulged his apparent motivation for the shooting:

vester lee flanagan, bryce williams


To learn everything we know about Flanagan, his motives and this horrifying incident, please go here:

Vester Lee Flanagan: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Vester Lee Flanagan has been identified as the gunman suspected of fatally shooting a Virginia news reporter and cameraman during a live broadcast.

Click here to read more

To see photos of Flanagan, go here:

Vester Lee Flanagan: Photos of WDBJ-TV News Crew Shooter

Vester Lee Flanagan, AKA Bryce Williams, is the alleged shooter who killed reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward of WDBJ-TV live on-air in Moneta, Virginia.

Click here to read more

If you prefer to read news in Spanish, please see our coverage of this story at

Vester Lee Flanagan: 5 Datos Importantes que Tienes que Saber

Todo los que tienes que saber sobre Vester Lee Flanagan.

Click here to read more

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  1. Everyone this is not a race issue, the point is two people that mattered to someone, who had family and friends were killed. I am so tired of everyone making everything about race. At the end of the day we are all people, we breathe,we think, we all matter, I feel so bad for the family and friends of these two and many others who have lost there lives to violence. Please keep the peace. Love over race.

      • the definition of race is “a group or set of people or things with a common feature or features.” so in this circumstance Flanagan is racist toward racists it’s a viscous cycle

    A true fucking coward. He just hated white people because he was born black.
    Burn in Hell

  3. This ain’t about race, it’s about gun control. Watch the women as she gets shot, watch it slowly, no flinch from impact, no blood, no entrance wound or rear in her clothes and after getting hit from so close she turns and runs??? Watch it yourselves slowly and with an open mind.

    • I agree, as soon as I saw it my gut feeling was that it is bullcrap. And of course as expected as if they knew it was going to happen, within seconds of it happening the white house came out with a gun control plea. As if to say “Ah Ha!!! You see! We need more gun control”. Potentially yet another ” tragic incident” to one up the Sandy Hook school shooting HOAX. By the way, with how long the guy held the gun what looked like almost right in her face, how did the reporter or at least the lady she was interviewing no see or react to him with the gun? I mean it’s not like he ran up so fast and started shooting. They couldn’t see this big black guy with a gun a few feet from her face at 6:45 am when no one else seems to be around? No other news people/producer standing around in the background watching? A tech guy making sure live feed goes right? Nope. Just her and camera man alone. To me that is odd. Just my opinion.

    • An adrenaline rush can make you not know your shot. Plus the fact that this was a shock that this was even happening. Even when a chicken with its head cut off the adrenaline in that chicken makes it run around think about that people don’t be cruel this really happened in my hometown

    • rip in peaces
      those who do not adhere to the Number 1 rule of quality posting

      anime butts is mandatory

    • Yea we Americans are so dumb but yet u can’t even spell pieces right?Lmao I have guns an i don’t go around shooting people!I have them for hunting an protecting myself an my family from stupid idiots like u that would shoot some1 over stupid bs!Yea we need gun control but not guns taken away from people that aren’t fucked up like the piece of shit who killed those two inoccent people!Im not racist but here lately black people are being way more racist then white people!Everyone get over the racist bs an stop tryn to rule one another dam!!!

      • Your spelling is worse than his!!! INOCCENT ???
        While ever so many people can legally own guns they will fall into the wrong hands.
        This guy had no previous convictions, no drug/alcohol problem….his gun was legally owned by him.

        Stopping everyone from owning guns is the only way to keep everyone safe.
        Stop dreaming your in a western and start accepting how the rest of the developed world stays safer than you.
        BAN GUNS

      • Dude I have been saying this for over 20 years.. “blacks are inherently more racist than whites…byes farrrrr” Remember this, RACIST is just code for ‘anti-white’…?

    • Interesting comment. Yet you’re just enough of a COWARD too that you have to post anonymously. Americans are the ones who set the tone. They are the ones who GIVE 95% of the effort to help other people, they’re the ones who have BEEN THERE and taken care of any EVIL that has arisen…

      Since we ALL KNOW these are “FACTS”, that only leaves one reason for you to make such a stupid comment… YOU’RE JEALOUS!!! :) Which we understand, because we ARE the greatest nation on Earth…. Wannabe!

  4. Look, you get shitheads whatever colour your skin is. There are white shitheads, brown shitheads, slightly less brown shitheads, more white than the other white shitheads. Its a shithead melting pot and the best thing we right thinking people can do is put them all in an arena of some kind and let them sort it out for themselves. Whoever is left gets a prize. An appliance of some kind (Thanks George Carlin) Then we shoot the stupid motherfucker in the head and all get on with our lives.

  5. Fuck that nigger! We should burn down his home town. Like those bitches did in Ferguson. Enough is Enough!

  6. Wow, I thought this story shocked me, but instead the comments, insults, and personal attacks from so many individuals on here that clearly have some serious problems have shocked me even more. Especially the mentally disturbed individual using the FTB name, son you really need to seek help. It IS out there if you look. Americans are clearly doing something wrong when raising their children. Guys, c’mon, take a long look in the mirror when you’re alone and try to find your reason for being here. Posting comments like this can’t be it. Good luck.

    • Wait you actually read the comments here even though they weren’t following the “anime butt is mandatory” rule like most other news websites?

      Well I guess you know now!

    • Barney,you were doing good until you let your own prejudice escape. “Americans”?? Really? EVERY nationality has it’s quirks, and you were being very balanced until you decided to throw that last part in…. Let’s just keep it to the REAL truth, which is people are people. I like to call it humans acting humanly.

      But, in agreement, there is a lot of people out here really need some serious help… Please seek it!

      • This is a hoax…not only is he standing there but he also whispers “bitch” loud enough for everyone to hear and she looked right at him for a split second

      • @Chrisban35 Come on, cut the BS with prejudice. America is not a skin color, it is not a culture, it is a country. A Country governed by a state that is elected by the people. So there is not prejudice, there is political and social realities that people all over the world acknowledge. YOUR MAJORITY voted for the people that are responsible for your crime and poverty statistics. But as soon as you say ANYTHING bad about how Americans raise their children or about shootings and drug abuse in your country, all of a sudden that’s prejudice. It’s not. It’s based on facts. Prejudice would be if I said that YOU raise your children badly because you are American.

        There is no need to be so defensive. I’m sure when the OP said “Americans are clearly doing something wrong when raising their childrens”, they did not mean “all Americans”. It sounds more like “The majority of American citizens”. Don’t get caught up in terminology, especially if the OP is may not even be a native speaker, as I am not either. At least I would not be so defensive if you said to me “Germans did something wrong when raising their children in 1935” just because I’m german. It is just the truth, most of them did. I don’t care about some minority of sane people that are not representative for the country. Your citizens are getting fatter, more violent and drug abusing. It would be denying reality if nobody would hold your government, your country, America accountable for that.

        No offense, but getting fatter is also now a trend in Germany because large American food companies overtook the markets. And it is not prejudice to say “Germans are doing something wrong teaching their children food and nutrition”. We are doing it wrong, except for some exceptions. If we had raised our children to understand nutrition in the first place, by setting a higher focus on it in school and by funding new studies about nutrition, they would not have fallen for the McDonalds, Burger King and KFC marketing. Maybe they would still go there sometimes, but I’m sure there would not be an obesity epidemic — especially for unemployed citizenz — as we have it here right now.

        Just trying to show you the difference between prejudice and good use of facts and statistics.

  7. Great video 2 less racist people on the lose in the US you see what happens when you discriminate against people.:-) I think a lot of Americans should learn from this because there are some really nasty people there

    • CAREFUL, you’re showing YOUR OWN prejudice! There is no mention whatsoever that this person was discriminated against. In fact, his profile CLEARLY demonstrates that everywhere he worked it was “HE” who had the problems… Isn’t it interesting that COWARDS like you find topics like this so you can attempt to HIDE behind them while showing your OWN prejudice?

      Just the SHEER ignorance of wishing two people dead speaks VOLUMES about YOUR character… But then to add that tiny little spice in there called prejudice, just rounds you out.. You ARE a loser!! If we’re talking about making sure someone doesn’t corrupt the gene pool, maybe a quick look in the mirror might reveal another worm who is eating away at a wholesome society…. Just an FYI

  8. Seriously people? The guy wasn’t just black… he was sick! He had CHILD PORN all over his house (so not just a white thing), he lived in dirt and trash and cat piss and had sex toys all over he could stick up his own ASS! Oh yea… he was also a fag. Guess that’s not just a white thing either. I wasn’t ever racist before, I didn’t grow up in a racist family and i have friends from many walks of life, color, poor, rich, black/white/mixed… I feel like I am being forced to become racist against black because that is ALL I FUCKING HEAR ABOUT ANYMORE!!! Two young, innocent people were murdered in cold blood by a sick ass, child molesting, butt fucking piece of shit who wanted attention. People didn’t like him or get along with him and it made him sad and crazy……Waaaaaa…. waaaaaa! I am glad he killed himself so he will not be some kind of sick hero in prison living off our tax dollars along with the rest of them!

  9. Can we have an intelligent conversation on here. Let’s put aside the black vs white thing here, and talk about what is truly shocking. It seems as though he was standing very close to them with the gun pointed before he even took the shot. How did those women not notice a random guy standing there, let alone a guy with a gun? I’m having a very hard time understanding how none of the three noticed him. Although this is truly a tragedy, I am left wondering why he was just ignored after standing there with a gun pointed at them. Any one else wondering the same thing?

  10. The black guy really had bad aim. She was still alive, running and screaming after 4 point-blank shots of hollow point bullets. If you are going to kill someone, then do it properly!!

    • There’s a GREAT TV series on Netflix called β€œBrain Games” that will help show you WHY they did not see… Studies show we only pay attention to around 10% to 15% of our forward vision. Add with that the β€œpressures” and needed β€œconcentration” on focusing on a LIVE interview, and it’s easy to see why they did not see… Have you ever heard of an athlete tell you that while concentrating on his sport, he literally couldn’t even hear the crowd? That’s just how our minds work when they absolutely need to focus on an important task that we’re working on.

      The next time you get deeply engrossed into something you’re doing, pause for a moment, and then take inventory of the actions that were going on around you. You’ll note that you absolutely have no clue about any of your surroundings because you were too busy focusing on the task at hand… It’s just the way we work… Since this guy worked in this industry, he already knew they would not pay any attention to him at all. That’s why he so β€œcasually” raised it the first time without β€œworry” they would react…

    • I agree, this definitely is way beyond reporting and into the morbid side… I came here myself though to see the “intent” and the “way” he pulled it off. As someone who is a life/business coach and also went to school for Psych, this allows us to get into the minds of the person a little bit and see things from a different perspective other than the bent news which embellishes one story then re-runs the humanity stories 1,000 times without getting into the CAUSATION of WHY…

      As a society, if we want to be able to STOP people like this, we have to reach them BEFORE they start showing “SYMPTOMS”. Once they reach the symptomatic stage, then you’re strictly dealing from a “REACTIVE” perspective. We need to catch people in a PROACTIVE way..

      I am HIGHLY disappointed at the way this guy was allowed to just continue venting through multiple jobs. And our current judicial system is a JOKE! Police officers hands are tied. They can’t really tough or intervene until the guy actually commits a crime! Talk about a messed up REACTIVE system! Our judicial system is as archaic as civilization. It’s time we REVAMP and re-think just what the purpose of “policing” is…

      Instead of using our police force solely for arresting, ejecting and unfortunately sometimes having to use extreme force to deal with society, we should be using our police officers more like BIG BROTHERS. They should be out there WORKING with those people who NEED the most help. Right now our police force is sadly misused and abused, and then our court systems are just a circus act….. Top that off with a MEDIA that just wants to DIVIDE us all, we’re NOT in a good place right now…

          • NO, you cannot get a “prestigious” degree for it… LOL Another top comment that shows you know little about life coaching… Just because some college or Yahoo posts on their site, they offer a “prestigious” degree, doesn’t mean that such a thing exists… Like I said earlier, you don’t have a clue what business and life coaching actually is. Shallowness is not an excuse for ignorance!

        • Yeah, thanks for opening up and showing us how much you know about life coaching and business coaching… You might want to pop your head out of that tunnel every now and again and actually see there’s a world around you… Life coach and Business coach, are what people who actually want to improve their lives even more partake in. People like you continue to work in a cubicle and in essence be the mouse on the treadmill so that someone else can be rich… So you keep working that 9 to 5 job making another person rich, while getting the small time off to come here and ridicule the actual RESOURCE that empowered the person you are making rich… Oh the Irony of idiocy…

    • It’s Science Jake.. :) There’s a GREAT TV series on Netflix called “Brain Games” that will help show you WHY they did not see… Studies show we only pay attention to around 10% to 15% of our forward vision. Add with that the “pressures” and needed “concentration” on focusing on a LIVE interview, and it’s easy to see why they did not see… Have you ever heard of an athlete tell you that while concentrating on his sport, he literally couldn’t even hear the crowd? That’s just how our minds work when they absolutely need to focus on an important task that we’re working on.

      The next time you get deeply engrossed into something you’re doing, pause for a moment, and then take inventory of the actions that were going on around you. You’ll note that you absolutely have no clue about any of your surroundings because you were too busy focusing on the task at hand… It’s just the way we work… Since this guy worked in this industry, he already knew they would not pay any attention to him at all. That’s why he so “casually” raised it the first time without “worry” they would react… To show you how “methodical” he was, he was waiting for the cameraman to re-pan around back to the subjects so he could make the greatest impact. This proves that his problems were way beyond “simple” anger… ANGER has a lot of PASSION involved in it, and if he were genuinely just ANGRY, he wouldn’t have been able to hold back like that and wait. He would’ve walked up and SHOT!! His actions prove that the REAL battle was one he was fighting inside himself. NOT outside himself…

      Also, you can note the VERY LONG suicide style note that he sent to ABC, and the other 11 envelopes he was sending out.. This wasn’t about the two journalists as much as it was about “HIM”. They just happened to unfortunately play a role in his warped mind!

  11. this is so obviously fake.
    1. No movement on impact
    2. No entrance wound
    3. No exit wound
    4. She RAN AWAY after point blank shots

    Something’s going on here, but your dumb as hell if you think this video is real.

  12. Black people need do this more often, they wanna calls us niggers then let’s show em what us thug niggers can do…..if asking for change don’t work, then we force them mothersfuckers to change…..more is coming so stay tuned white folks 😁

  13. This is hoax! I don’t believe it! She didn’t even have a jerk reaction to the first bullet. Even trained military with a kevlar vest would likely be knocked down at such close range, yet she keeps running, and now they’re saying both shot in head. How in hell did no one notice him on such a quiet dock so early in the morning with a gun pointed only feet away? It just doesn’t add up!

    • You are an idiot, who has seen WAY too many movies. Unlike video games and old westerns, people do not get ‘knocked down” or “thrown back” when the bullet hits them.
      It’s basic physics people. If a bullet had enough force to blow someone back, that same force would thrown the SHOOTER back with the same force. Equal reaction force is
      applied here. The bullet’s velocity is enough that it penetrates the body and exits the other side, unless it hits bone. You could easily continue to run while getting shot.
      Unlike a movie, it is actually pretty hard to kill a person. Strangle them, and they WILL start to breath again after a minute or so. Our bodies are design to live at all costs.
      As a person is getting shot, their bodies go into ‘flight or fight’ response. Many things begin to happen, one of them being loads of adrenaline being pumped throughout.
      This effect also puts the body into shock, which turns off nerve endings and keeps the body from feeling pain. You can ask any trauma doctor, or google it and you will get the
      same response. These 2 people are dead, and if you think this is really fake, just becuase the woman didn’t react like your typical movie shooting, then think again.

  14. You people (what do you mean “you people”! I mean ALL you people! Black white and green!) You people are playing right into their hands, divide and conquer. WE won’t come together until we are all being controlled by the elite! Wake up peeps! Stop fighting black and white, and see the bigger picture!

  15. This shooting is about as real as a fairy flying on a magic carpet. FAKE FAKE FAKE!!!!
    3 shots at point blank range and the reporter runs away in no sign of pain with no injuries, no blood and still holding her microphone!
    The double video gives it away as a hoax too, the gunman raises and lowers his weapon and waits until the main cameraman turns to view the 2 women, then he raises his gun to shoot them, all the while no one sees him approaching. Face it folks, no one was injured in this shooting because the gun was firing blanks, it doesn’t take an expert to figure that out.

    • Too funny… What are you the resident professional on what happens when someone is shot? So Steven Bell, how many SHOOTINGS have you been around in your lifetime? Maybe you should stop thinking Hollywood is so real, and understand that unless a bullet hits bone, it simply goes straight through. Sometimes, it can take around 15 to 30 seconds before it actually starts to bleed from the hole. There was less than 5 seconds in total frame, and yes, the woman could’ve easily still been in shock and from pure adrenaline ran away… This video is very real…….

  16. I can’t believe there is a single person on here who is not being paid to lie that believes this shooting was in any way real!! I mean, have you actually watched the video? It’s up above, go watch the HOAX FAKE shooting.

  17. Even when I watch the videos that were meant to be brutal and horrifying,
    the professionalism of the station personnel in focusing instead on the brilliance
    and love of life they celebrated in their fallen colleagues still prevails in my mind and outshines the horror and tragedy of the senseless killing.

    The beauty and depth of the love comes across to me greater than the hopeless
    and angry retaliation. so I have nothing but respect and gratitude for the way the family, friends, and colleagues
    dealt with this in real time, with little time to prepare, and kept it on the positive, and played down the ugliness so that the
    honorable and uplifting legacy of their fallen team mates and loved ones is the image that stays with me.

    How they managed to do that, is so amazing and shows such professional class,
    I am just in awe. I know the pain and shock is beyond horrifying and crushing to all family and friends hit by this,
    but the way the team focused on the positive images, they kept their distress and grief to themselves
    and shared with the public only the best memories and reflections on their colleagues.

    That is truly commendable and comforting to share the most beautiful side possible.

    I am thankful they put that first, and spared other the pain, torment and suffering they must be feeling.
    So selfless and inspiring how they managed to do that.
    To portray the brilliant talent, smiles and the laughter that, to me, outshine the darkest moments
    that the shooter meant to exploit to put a shocking negative message in the media.

    In the end, love wins. The love shines brighter than all that fear and hostility,
    even death and the brutality of this violence doesn’t diminish the beauty and love of life radiating from these two
    that the media team chose to focus on, Thanks for that decision that still amazes me how effective it was.

  18. Dumbasses who keep saying put blacks back in chains. You’re fucking idiots, not all black people are like this you fucking moron

  19. I am so sick of hearing people say this was totally fake and staged simply to assist in obtaining tighter gun laws. How can a 24 year old girl and 27 year old man fake their own deaths and then simply vanish into thin air for the rest of their lives. If this was staged then the woman being interviewed would have been in on the deception also. She was shot in the back and spent time in hospital recovering from severe kidney and colon damage as a result of her being shot. Did she fake that also? The shooter committed suicide later so did he fake his own death also. There was a huge memorial service and funeral for both victims which were attended by masses of people. Were they all in on the fake murders also?. The coroner provided autopsy reports on both Alison and Adam. Was he in on the conspiracy also? Following the shooting, there are pictures showing the area was swarming with armed police. Were they in on the fake deaths also? Is that why they were cordoning off the visible body on the verandah floor? Americans who support these conspiracy theories are simply sick in the head!