Michael McCarthy & Rachelle Bond: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Rachelle Bond pictured with her daughter, Bella, on Bond’s Facebook page.

The toddler found dead inside a garbage bag on the shore of Deer Island and known only as Baby Doe since her discovery on June 25 has finally been identified — and the girl’s mother and her boyfriend are under arrest. Police in Boston plan to charge her mother’s boyfriend with the first degree murder of Bella. Her full name is Bella Neveah Amoroso Bond.

Boston police ID’d the deceased child as Bella, and her mother as 40-year-old Rachelle Bond. Bond’s boyfriend, 35-year-old Michael McCarthy, is was under guard at Beth Israel Medical Center at the time of his arrest, where he was a patient being treated for drug addiction. Rachelle is accused of accessory to murder after the fact.

In June, Bella’s body was discovered on Deer Island, a peninsula off Boston, by a woman who was walking her dog. Since then, the child’s identity has remained a mystery, until today when cops revealed a break in the case. Bella’s body had no obvious signs of trauma, and her exact cause of death is unknown. She was just shy of her 3rd birthday when she was found dead.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Prosecutors Says McCarthy Told Investigators That it Was Bella’s ‘Time to Die’

Speaking to the media, Speaker of the Massachusetts House Robert DeLeo confirmed that both Bond and McCarthy are under arrest. He said that both are blaming each other for the toddler’s death. DeLeo added that McCarthy has a history of drug problems and that investigators believe “they have the perpetrators of the crime.” He also said that Bond was picked up by police in Lynn, Massachusetts, about 10 miles north of Boston. In a press conference, Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel Conley said “We allege that McCarthy caused Bella’s death…that he did so intentionally, that he and Bond took specific steps to keep Bella’s death a secret to avoid prosecution.” He added “This child whose very name means beauty, was murdered.” WCVB reports that investigators believe that McCarthy punched Bella several times in the stomach causing her death. It’s alleged that one night McCarthy went into Bella’s room at bedtime, she was agitated, which resulted in McCarthy attacking her. He believed she had been possessed by a demon and that it was her “time to die.”

In a court appearance on September 21, McCarthy was denied bail while Bond’s was set at $1 million.

Michael Patrick McCarthy. (Boston Police Department)

Michael Patrick McCarthy. (Boston Police Department)

The Boston Globe reports that metro police executed a search warrant at a residence on Maxwell Street in the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston. Those officers were acting on a tip they received on the evening of September 17. That tipster told WCVB “I am glad she has a name and can rest in peace. And get justice. At least she is not Baby Doe now. She is Bella.”

Rachelle Bond & ‘Baby Doe’ Bella: Photos of Arrested Mom & Deceased Daughter

Photos that show a loving mom and her vibrant daughter make the death of "Baby Doe" Bella and the questioning of her mother even more baffling.

Click here to read more

2. Bond Had 2 of Her Children Taken Away From Her by Social Services

The Daily Beast reports that a tip was made by a member of Bella’s family. The website adds that the family member noticed Bella was missing and that her mother had been saying the toddler had been taken away by social services. In 2013, the Department of Children & Families in Massachusetts opened a case relating to Bella Bond, but the case was closed with no action later that year, reports WCVB’s Kathy Curran. According to David Hurlburt, also with WCVB, the DCF in Massachusetts “terminated parental right on two of Rachelle Bond’s children between 2001 and 2006.” One of those kids was adopted by their maternal grandmother. Another was adopted by an completely unrelated family, reports the Boston Globe.

Bella was last visited by the DCF in September 2013.

Residents of an apartment building on Maxwell Street told the Boston Globe that police had been in the building on Thursday asking about a neighbor who had a young daughter who hadn’t been seen in months. A neighbor of the building, Siomy Torres, told the Globe her daughter used to play with the girl. Another neighbor told the Globe the mom “was nice but yelled at the girl a lot.” Speaking to WCVB, a friend, Yessiomora Torres said about Bond “She tried to be responsible, but she was on drugs. She talked slurred, she’d come out to smoke a cigarette, her daughter would be crying.”

rachelle bond, baby doe, bella bond

Bond posted this plea to Facebook regarding a local Amber Alert, hoping to “find these babies before something bad happens to them.”

On August 18, 2014, Bond posted a video to her Facebook page (watch it below) of a birthday party she threw for Bella. The clip shows the floor filled with balloons and gifts. Bond tells her daughter, “Come on, monkey. Look what Mama did while you were sleeping.”

In the caption for the video, Bond wrote, “My Bella loved her birthday party and all the awesome things she got. Broke the bank on it but it’s all worth it to see her happy and laughing and smiling. Love it.” It’s one of many effusive, loving captions devoted to Bella in Bond’s Facebook photos.

Bella Bond: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

The toddler who was found dead on Deer Island in Boston Harbor in June 2015 has finally been identified as Bella Bond.

Click here to read more

3. Michael McCarthy Has Been Described as Bond’s ‘New Boyfriend,’ & the Couple Got Together Around the Time Bella Vanished

Baby Doe Identified

This composite sketch of Baby Doe was seen by nearly 60 million people. It bears a strong resemblance to Bella. (National Center for Missing & Exploited Children)

Michael McCarthy is referred to as Rachelle Bond’s “new boyfriend” in WHDH’s report. The station adds that she and McCarthy went “voluntarily” to speak with police on the morning of September 17 and that Bond had another boyfriend who had been in Bella’s life.

Neighbor Siomy Torres told the Boston Globe that “the woman’s most recent boyfriend had arrived at around the same time the child disappeared.”

Rachelle Bond Boyfriend Gregg


In a February 2014 posting on her Facebook page, Bond wrote that she was in a relationship with a man named Gregg. She says they’d known each other since 1998.

4. On Facebook, Rachelle Bond Portrays Herself as a Doting Mother

Baby Doe Mother Bella Rachelle Bond


On her Facebook page, Bond constantly posted photos of her doting on Bella. She writes in her “About” section, “Honesty is the best policy. I’d rather hear it from you then someone else. And don’t ask me questions you don’t want the honest answer to.” Bond adds that she’s single. Among her “Likes” are the Stoner’s Cookbook and Social Security Disability Benefits.

baby doe bella, rachelle bond, michael mccarthy

For this photo, posted September 15, 2014, Bond writes, “Look at my Bell. The outfit isn’t supposed to be a catsuit. She’s such a fatty bumbaladi. Love her to death. I am on top of the world because of her. My life is complete again and worth living. I give her the world and more if I can.”

The last publicly visible posts on her page are from Christmas day, showing Bella opening presents with her mother and a man identified by Bond as “Hubby.” Bond is a native of Fitchburg, Massachusetts.

In June 2011, a Rachelle Bond was arrested in Boston for possession of a class E drug with intent. A friend of Bond’s, Dora Enright, wrote on her Facebook page upon hearing about Bella being identified “If you don’t want you’re child give them up there’s nothing wrong with that don’t kill them . If you’re boyfriend killed her or you shame on you you could of given me Bella.” In response to that comment, another person wrote about Bond “She was a hooker in Fitchburg and a heroin addict.”

Rachelle Bond & ‘Baby Doe’ Bella: Photos of Arrested Mom & Deceased Daughter

Photos that show a loving mom and her vibrant daughter make the death of "Baby Doe" Bella and the questioning of her mother even more baffling.

Click here to read more

5. Former ‘America’s Most Wanted’ Host John Walsh Said in July That in Cases Like This, the Mother’s Live-In Boyfriend Is a Likely Culprit

In an appearance on Anderson Cooper’s CNN show on July 10, former America’s Most Wanted host and founder of the National Center for Missing & Exploited children, John Walsh, spoke extensively on the case of Baby Doe. He said that in similar cases, the investigations usually pointed to the “live-in boyfriend” or that the girl may have been “accidentally killed or starved to death.” Walsh then pointed out that a possible reason that nobody went to the authorities about her death was because “people do not want to talk to cops” because they don’t want authorities digging into their lives.

If you prefer your news in Spanish, read more about Michael McCarthy and Rachelle Bond in Spanish at

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        • I agree. CPS was called, people calling her a heroin addict (which is a hard thing to hide you can easily tell if someone has been a long term heroin user). Yet no one did anything and now your speaking up about how sad you are??? This whole thing could of been easily avoided. By that distant family member stepping up & doing SOMETHING ANYTHING or anyone who knew the situation to step up. Way to continue to be narcissistic.

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  1. all the people who said it was Obama’s fault because it was probably an undocumented worked. now the woman was white trash. where are you guys to judge now. I hope Bella rest in peace

      • She and her boyfriend are BOTH WHITE TRASH. Love the way you weasels weasel out of all white crime by claiming they are not white. I suppose you will also make the weaselly claim they were not Christians.

        • Guess what, I’ll bet most of us here are white and we know she’s white and we’d like her to get the death penalty. We get mad about crime against children.

        • You are a racist. Gotta throw the race card in a situation that doesn’t even call for it. Wake up and realize you’re the problem, not the solution.
          RIP Bella.

          • Agreed not everything has to do with race. Like this for instance. Let the race thing go please its getting old. Every conversation or chat room or what ever I read there has to be SOMEONE who has to make it about race. In one time or another we all have been singled out. Its not about race its people in general. Your the one making it about race. This is about a little girl who got served a crappy life and the one person she should be able to trust the most in the world betrayed her in the worst possible way. It doesn’t matter the color of her skin. The fact is this is an on going problem in our country. So lets concentrate on how to fix the problem instead of using the race card every time you see an opportunity.

        • y r u talking about black, white, brown, etc…….. when there is a poor baby dead??? Get over yourself and grow up! We’re all people, it’s people who choose to pe pieces of shit (regardless of color) that deserve to be punished!

    • Why does everything have to turn into a racial thing. The face of the matter is this poor little girl lost her life because her mother & her mothers boyfriend were scum. It doesn’t matter whether your white, black, green or purple if your thoughtless and heartless as a person, then you will stay that way, your color nor nationality change that

    • As a grandmother myself I totally agree with you. Another horrific instance of no regard for an innocent child’s life. Karma to both the mother and ex-boyfriend. May Bella rest in piece and she no longer needs to suffer. Thank goodness for the relative that brought this to the authorities attention.

      • I hope they both go to prison they are both guilty for this crime. Bella won’t surfer any more she is with God I just hate what this world is coming to.

      • I agree. Thank goodness for the relative that told the authorities about the missing child. At least Bella won’t have any more siblings raised by this woman.

  2. I blame DCF for leaving this child with this horrible mother while making sure the other two were safe with their grandmother. They refused to give the sick Connecticut girl back to her caring loving parents based on an idiot Doctor’s “theory”, but didn’t remove this girl from her drug addicted prostitute mother?????? SMH

    • I agree. My big question is that if dfc knew she had issues, why weren’t they doing checks on Bella? I understand there’s a lot of kids they need to look out for, but we could’ve had answers sooner if they visited the home wondering where the child was.

      • Not necessarily with the suspicion that she was gone, just a general well-being check to make sure Rachel was taking care of her only remaining child properly, and clearly she wasn’t.

    • I agree. Idk why they leave kids with parents who obviously don’t have their shit together. The babies are the ones who suffer when situations like this happen. Rest in peace, Bella…

    • Yes my dear ,with all the men and women that have children on the outside.That long to put their arms around and cant. If you get my drift

      • Oh yeah, they’re gonna have a rough time if they ever get out of PC… even in there they aren’t safe, someone will check in just to hurt them.

  3. Oh man what a horrific ending…then some ppl have the nerve to judge the Houston mother that dropped off her children at the police station.

  4. Seriously!!!!??? She already had 2 children taken away. Why did they not take this one the second she was born????!! So TIRED of people who have NO BUSINESS being “parents”!!

    • Who would take the baby & raise it? You? If everyone who shares your view would take a child in then maybe these scumbags wouldn’t be able to keep these kids. I agree they don’t deserve them, my question is, where exactly are these kids supposed to go? Too many kids & not enough people to take them. That’s why they end up staying where they are & get beat, raped & killed! We don’t have a warehouse something to pack in all these unloved kids.

        • There’s lots more people willing to take an infant and raise it than to take a preteen that’s been neglected, poorly fed, made to feel like everything that is wrong is his fault.

      • Some big reasons why more people don’t take in foster children are: by the time the children are removed from their families, they are often terribly damaged and sometimes angry, dangerous or withdrawn; usually the children are still in foster care and get regular supervised visits with their parents. If the child is old enough to talk, they can tell their parents where you live and isn’t that wonderful to have drug addicted or dangerous people knowing where you live or they come back in tears and not wanting to be touched or talked to; The foster care system doesn’t always give you enough details about the child you’re taking in. A family in MA many years ago took in a foster child and were not told that the child liked to start fires. The child set the house on fire and one of the family’s children died in that fire. It’s not simple to become a foster parent. You have to take classes. I don’t know if parents have to take any parenting classes before getting their children back. I know they have to show proof that they are drug free. I’ve heard of moms who stay drug free for a year to get their kids back and then they start back on drugs or alcohol. We have to get children away from abusive or dangerous parents at an earlier age but without violating parents rights it’s hard to do. I agree with many here that once a parent has had children removed, that the state should do a well-check on future children.

      • There are soooooooooooo many families who can’t have babies and desperately want them! The government is to busy paying for this peice of shits food stamps and SSI instead of getting that poor child into a loving home! Had they taken her away they could have easily found her a home!

      • On top of all that, the system (government) has made adoption nearly impossible for applicants. The cost is pretty much out of reach for most families. You have to have an absolutely squeaky clean record. You cannot have strong religious beliefs. You have to be married. And so on…

        That is also part of the reason some of the children stay so long in foster programs. Sometimes I feel it is more about the money than about giving these kids an opportunity to be loved.

    • Everyone wants to feel loved. Many teenage girls have said that they wanted a baby to love them. A boyfriend can provide that love in ways that a baby can’t: financially, sexually, through lots of praise, Many guys know how to use the right words, the right amount of money for fun times even if there’s little money left for food and utilities. Sometimes it seems better than being alone with a small child. You have to know how to judge the boyfriend and how to put yourself before anything. The woman shouldn’t have been using drugs to the point where she’d put up with a guy like this. We know that no boyfriend is better than having a lousy boyfriend around. When you put yourself first you surround yourself with nice people and they would have helped out with the little girl but often those nice people disappear when there’s a lousy boyfriend in the picture.

  5. Just like the type of white trash woman who likes to run around with new, a-holeish trash boyfriends every few months. Poor girl to have had experienced living around that during her short time.

  6. Sad to hear about the murder of this missing child, glad that she now is no longer “Baby Doe”. Hope all involved pay for this senseless, inhumane act.

  7. I wish that people understood that there is not a crime in giving up your child to someone who will take care of it when you are mentally incapable. Maybe drug addiction played a part but drug addiction doesnt cause anyone to kill there own child and then just throw them away in a trash bag. Its not fair. There are plenty of people out there who cant have children who would have loved to help this little girl. I read the comments and people are talking about the parents race? Wtf is wrong with people now. Dont you see that we need to work with and not against each other in order to get the best quality out of our lives. People need people and thats it. Its as simple as that. Start helping others and see what karma brings to you. This is about a baby girl whos life was stole by the people she loved and trusted the most. The people she depended on. It is completely inhumane and sickening.

    • If there’s plenty of people to take these kids then why are there so many kids who don’t have any option but to stay with POS parents. There is not a giant kid warehouse where all these kids can be crammed into. Foster homes & adoptees are available but not enough to accommodate all these kids. So no there isn’t plenty of people!

      • Yes there is. You are ignorant. The only reason we have so many unadoptable kids in foster care is because the system does not look out for their best interest. Kids spend years and years will unfit parents who neglect snd abyss them, just THEY get to retain parental rights! Even if by chance the child does become adoptable, it is only after the parent has screwed them up physically and emotionally. The system needs to change and children need to be adopted out to parents who will treat them as they deserve!!!

    • First….what the hell does that even mean? Second….have you ever been to Spain? I’m willing to bet big that you haven’t.

      • No, you can tell that she is poor and an idiot because nobody cares if the poor angel is white or not.Probably the nearest place she has been is Walmart.Maybe she thinks Cameron Diaz is not Cuban because she is blond with blue eyes.R.I.P. little angel.

    • What does it matter what Decent this little girl is? Why is it, that Skin Color always plays a part in some of your minds? With comments about skin color, tells a lot about who you are & what kind of person you are!
      Reguardless of her Skin Color, Hair Color or Nationality; She is/was just as Human as you. Actually, with comments Reguarding Skin Color/Nationality… I don’t think you’re much of a human being at all!
      My skin is white & I’m an American, but that most certainly doesn’t make me a better person than ANYONE!

  8. her “likes” said it all… pos both of them,they should be exterminated that poor little thing never had a shot ,mothers of the year all over FB ffs

  9. Imagine this –

    On her Facebook page, Bond constantly posted photos of her doting on Bella. She writes in her “About” section, “Honesty is the best policy. I’d rather hear it from you then someone else. And don’t ask me questions you don’t want the honest answer to.” Bond adds that she’s single. Among her “Likes” are the Stoner’s Cookbook and Social Security Disability Benefits.

  10. I realize it’s nowhere near the same as this horrific story, . but my neighbour’s family fostered a kid whose mother used to put brandy or phenylbarb in his bottle so she could go out for the day,

    He grew up hustling pool, and eventually became the world snooker champion. The first part is just what was told to me by my neighbour, but I know the second part fo be an undisputed fact.

    The point, though………there are far more depraved and sociopathic\psychopathic people out there than you can imagine.

  11. This is so sad, and if you work in pediatric critical care, far too common. Our press vilifies wildlife. I have never in over 30 years taken care of anyone, child or adult harmed by wildlife. Our PICU ALWAYS had children harmed by humans.

  12. Was that a ‘doting’ mom or a ‘doping’ mom. I get teary-eyed when a yet another innocent mom is hooked on drugs, boozed on a cruise, or staggering out of her mind and can’t remember SHE killed the kid or maybe the husband? or one of the boyfriends? or …. It’s just a cryin’ shame, ain’t it? Does she know the kid’s dead yet? Somebody should surprise her with the truth.


  14. is Rachel Bella white?
    The U.S. Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Investigation also categorizes “white people” as “people having origins in any of the original peoples of Europe, the Middle East, or North Africa, through racial categories used in the UCR Program adopted from the Statistical Policy Handbook (1978) and published by the Office of Federal Statistical Policy and Standards, U.S. Department of Commerce.

    answer: who cares she’s a rotten worthless evil b!tch.

    race doesn’t determine the quality of a person.

    so is Rachel Bella white? maybe? but she certainly is trash. and if the color of the trash is what’s important to you, then you’re the racist and can throw yourself on the heap.
    go spit your noise some where else.

    • What is wrong with you? Why bring race? The US Census is changing every ten years
      .In 2020, the US Census is going change again.Some categories are not going to be consider white any longer.So what?This is about a child abuse and this poor girl lost her life.Not about race.

      • LOL Richgirl aint to bright or English is her second language
        it seems just as race doesn’t determine the quality of a person, wealth and privilege don’t confer intelligent.
        toss that one on the dumb k unt pile.

  15. What a beautiful little girl she was! She could have been a model! Was the mom jealous ? Is that why she could stand by and let someone murder her baby? I wonder if he had kids and what he would do if someone killed his kid? And bells real dad? It’s unbelievable to read that he’s sticking up for mom, doesn’t believe it, where’s the concern for his daughter? It seems nobody in that family cared enough to help her! RIP LITTLE ANGEL!

  16. what really makes me sick is that kids that have good homes loving families cps will want to tke the kids when parents are trying to make ends meet but those tht are being harm abused strave etc….. ar the ones that need families bella should have been removed right after birth

  17. Rachelle’s first two children were adopted out because she was an unfit mother. Bella should have been adopted out. but wasn’t. It is too late for her now. Bella is safe now/ Pray now that their evil people are punished to the fullest extent of the law, now. God bless all the little children. and have neighbors and family members step forward for their protection. AMEN.

  18. My husband and I have tried toconcieve for years to no avail. ….while it is still fun trying, the lack of child creates a void that may never be filled, yetc apro…… ….it disgusts me to hear stories like this. R.i.p. bella.

  19. The mother sounds spaced out on drugs and the dirty looking boyfriend looks to be spaced out. How did they leave any children with this women, who put sex before the welfare of her children. She is just as bad, as the tramp that he is, that delivered the murderous blow to that lovely little girls stomach. May they rot in hell.

  20. For those of you that are unaware, the goal of foster care is reunification. Really. Biological parents get all kinds of continuances from the court. They get social workers, groceries, rehab, housing, etc. The court mandates visitation – usually weekly, but twice a week if the child is under 5. That means 2 times per week, foster parents take the kids in for supervised visitation.

    Now, these biological parents have all kinds of rights. Termination of parental rights does not begin to happen until a child has spent 15 of the last 18 months in foster care…and that is when the procedure begins.

    DCFS will contact all known relatives, including biological fathers and grandparents. They will contact cousins, aunts, uncles. And all of those people have a greater claim than the foster parents – even if the child has been with them for a year. Even if the twice removed cousin has never met the child.

    Foster parents are background checked, fingerprinted, have lengthy home visits and inspections. Each child must have a separate bed. Children must sleep in bedrooms – not, say, a bedroom that has the family computer because then it is not considered a designated sleeping space. There are random visits. All babysitters must be licensed by the state.

    Yes, problems can occur in foster care. But it is heartbreaking to know that twice Bella was put in what was most likely a loving and stable home only to be returned to her manipulative mother.

    Addicts lie and manipulate. They learn to play the system. Bella’s mom did that successfully this time. She had probably tried to do so with her two older children. She was unsuccessful, but she learned. And our system with its emohasis on reunification believed that Bella was better off with her mom. As though biology has anything to do with parenting.

    How do I know this? I am a licensed foster parent. I have friends that foster. One couple was trying to adopt a child they had taken in and loved for over a year, when a cousin crawled out of the woodwork (most likely sensing future SSI payments). The child went from stability to being one of 4 kids living in a 2 bedroom trailer with a parent that regularly had utilities shut off. But, hey, it was reuniting a family. Did I mention the cousin had never met the kid before?

    For those of you bashing DCFS, stop. We do not know what all happened. In some cases, they are truly bound by law and judges’ orders. Most of the people who work there do it for the love of children. They certainly do not do it for the pay.

  21. Poor innocent child. Worthless junkies should not be allowed near kids.

    See what a good person I am? I am super concerned about this kid I never met. Now I’ll go back to my life of treating people like trash, collecting government benefits, and concern trolling Facebook. Meanwhile my nation is being invaded, public debt is higher than any nation any time in history, and the government and media think selling human baby body parts isn’t newsworthy. But I’m a good person and have lots of good Facebook friends!

  22. Just cant believe how sick and twisted some people are. This is what happens when you dont care and you waste your life away with drugs, the bad ones anyways, God knows that if they were clean it wouldve never happened or even if they were smokin pot they still wouldnt of killed poor baby Bella. Bella may you rest in paradise, I will never forget your story. And a personal message to Rachelle, cant believe that you would stoop this low and do this to your own FLESH and BLOOD, your own child, I hope you die a slow and painful death. And to Michael, I can only hope that when you arrive in prison no one hears about what you did, cuz if they do, well good luck. Cant believe this crazy f***** up world….. RIP Bella…

  23. They hold kill this Man . 🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐. For what he had done. For The Mother they should put her in Jail for about 7 years for not protecting her own Doughter. You can’t bring this baby Bella back. Man at lest I hold my Nefews Baby’s head stell so he won’t bang his head . This can’t go on any more. These Men & Mother’s should know not too get away with Murder here. But Jah God will make it stop.

  24. She loved her kid to death alright. But I gotta say something here- I’ve read cases where the parent was a police officer, a social worker, a teacher, all sorts of occupations and they sexually abused, killed or harmed their children. In fact, I personally know sex workers who are among some of the best parents let alone human beings that I know! This woman, this individual, is screwed up.