Did Clinton Win the Democratic Nomination? No & Here’s Why

SACRAMENTO, CA - JUNE 05: Democratic presidential candidate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton looks on during a campaign rally at Sacramento City College on June 5, 2016 in Sacramento, California. The California primary is June 7. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Hillary Clinton hasn’t really won the Democratic nomination yet, despite new AP results. (Getty)

The Associated Press has reported that Hillary Clinton just got all the delegates she needed to clinch the Democratic nomination. The only problem is that this information isn’t true or accurate. She’s gained more delegates, but neither candidate will have enough to clinch the nomination before the Democratic National Convention.

Here’s what you need to know.

Clinton Hasn’t Won the Nomination Yet Because Superdelegates Don’t Vote Until July

The Associated Press made this announcement on Monday night:

The only problem is that they are counting superdelegates, who don’t vote until the Democratic National Convention. Some of the superdelegates in California have said that if Bernie Sanders wins, they may switch to endorsing him. In fact, according to Politico, Sanders has been attracting more and more superdelegates.

This doesn’t mean that Sanders has an easy path. He has a very difficult path and would have to win by a large margin in California on Tuesday in order to get close enough to Clinton’s pledged delegate count to make a case in the Democratic National Convention. But his doing this is still possible, not an impossibility.

Here’s a look at the delegates before the Puerto Rico primary:

As of June 6, Clinton had 1,812 pledged delegates and Sanders had 1,521. In order to get the nomination through pledged delegates only, either candidate would need 2,383 delegates. Clinton would have to pick up 571 in order to “clinch the nomination” before the California primary. Puerto Rico didn’t win her the nomination because there were only 60 delegates at stake. Sources like AP are counting superdelegates among these, but as Heavy has reported before, superdelegates can change their minds.

Of course, Sanders would have to pick up 862 pledged delegates before the Convention in order to clinch the nomination himself, and that also isn’t possible. Could Sanders pass up Clinton in pledged delegates by the time the primaries are over? The chances are slim of that too, unless he staged a huge upset on June 7. Both candidates’ paths are leading to a contested convention, where 619 superdelegates are at stake.

WATCH: MSNBC Admits Plan to Call Nomination for Clinton Early

Back in May, MSNBC told Jeff Weaver that multiple stations planned to call the nomination for Clinton hours before California polls even closed.

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Every Vote Counts with a Contested Convention Coming in July

But with a contested convention at stake, every vote in the primaries on June 7 is vital. And calling the nomination before the primaries even happen does nothing but discourage voter turnout. Between now and the Democratic National Convention, a lot of things can happen. Sanders could stage a big win on June 7. Clinton’s legal issues with the e-mails could change. Anything could happen, and discouraging votes at this point is misleading. Every vote counts, no matter which side it is on.

It might be worth noting that media had planned to call the nomination for Clinton long before the polls closed in California anyway. MSNBC admitted they were discussing doing this back on May 24:

Bernie or Bust: Sanders’ Most Fervent Supporters Are Still Fighting

June 7 isn't the end of the #BernieorBust movement. Here's what they will likely do next, what fuels them, and why Clinton is not part of their future.

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Sanders’ Campaign Has Released a Statement in Response to AP’s Announcement


Bernie Sanders’ campaign responded to AP’s announcement. (Getty)

Bernie Sanders’ campaign wasted no time responding to AP’s rush to call the nomination for Clinton. Spokesman Michael Briggs said:

It is unfortunate that the media, in a rush to judgement, are ignoring the Democratic National Committee’s clear statement that it is wrong to count the votes of superdelegates before they actually vote at the convention this summer.

“Secretary Clinton does not have and will not have the requisite number of pledged delegates to secure the nomination. She will be dependent on superdelegates who do not vote until July 25 and who can change their minds between now and then. They include more than 400 superdelegates who endorsed Secretary Clinton 10 months before the first caucuses and primaries and long before any other candidate was in the race.

“Our job from now until the convention is to convince those superdelegates that Bernie is by far the strongest candidate against Donald Trump.”

Would Bernie Sanders Supporters Vote for Clinton?

Anything can happen between now and the Democratic Convention. But if Clinton gets the nomination, will Sanders supporters vote for her?

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REPORT: Hillary Clinton Clinches Democratic Nomination

AP finds that Clinton has enough delegates to clinch the nomination as New Jersey and California primaries loom.

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  1. The DNC needs to know that if Hilary wins the nomination, Donald Trump will be our next President. Hilary is so hated in this country, life long dedicated Democrats will just not vote in the general election, or they’ll write in for Sanders

    • No. That’s not going to happen. If she wins the nomination and those sore Sanders losers don’t vote, write in, or vote green, you will have someone far worse than Hillar

      • You’re either don’t understand or you’re psychotic, Ellen. The fact is, if Hilary wins the nomination, we all lose; even you Hilary supporters.

        I agree, it should be time for a female president, but this ain’t the right one.

        • There are just as many Republican voters who will opt not to vote than to vote for Trump as there are Democratic voters who will opt not to vote than to vote for Clinton. The winner will be determined by the voters and not the crybabies who are throwing a tantrum and not voting because their choice of nominee didn’t win the candidacy. If you don’t vote, don’t bitch about who becomes our next leader.

      • Bernie will not endorse Clinton, and won’t encourage his voters to follow her… Instead he will endorse Jill Stein and ask for their votes in that campaign… With the independents voting for Stein and Bernie’s voters running over to stein will be a landslide victory… maybe Bernie becomes Vice President… Bernie isn’t a real democrat he’s independent and will endorse Jill… what won’t happen is Hillary becoming president…

        • Really? Bernie won’t do what he has repeatedly said he would do? He’s not a man of integrity?

          Oops. Guess what. Bernie has encouraged his supporters to vote for Hillary because he’s smart enough to realize how dangerous Trump is and that a vote for Stein is a vote for Trump.

    • My state allows write ins. I have voted democratic for 46 years. I will write Bernie in. The Clinton’s neoliberal policies have decimated and marginalized poor, African American’s and our manufacturing sector with NAFTA. Not to mention decimating countries like Mexico, flooding their market’s with cheap comodies, making it hard for people to support their families. This act of a early coronation will drive millions of independents to vote against Hillary or to stay home.

      • The candidate has to apply as a write-in. You can’t just write someone in. Bernie is not a write-in.

        Its over.

    • Judy, you clearly do not know what you are talking about. Life long democrats are voting for Hillary over Sanders, by a very wide margin.

      • The Democrats with money (the older generations), are voting for Hillary because they have more money to lose. Bernie supporters generally are younger and have nothing to lose yet or already got hosed by the economy. There are always exceptions of course.

        The biggest irony is that a reason why a progressive leaning individual might vote for Trump is to protect the environment. Trump would so devastate the economy with his policies that the world wide emissions of CO2 would go down for several years because of the economic downturn Trump would cause. This would at least and would by us additional time to get our act together. By the time Trump was to leave office, the next housing crisis would have begin as insurance companies and mortgage companies would not insure and lend money for many coastal areas such as Florida which will be literally underwater within the 30 year time frame of the mortgage.

        What we need to do now is make certain the tax payer doe snot foot the bill for all the loses coming.

      • John you are so right. Hillary will make a great president. AND what better person to discuss issues with at night while lying in bed than Bill Clinton that will be on her economic roll call. Two great people with so much experience and great ideas will definitely continue to move our great country in the right direction. Now, if we could just get a majority of democrats in the senate you will see some great things happen in the good ole USA!!!!

        • please elaborate why clinton is a great person…facts only please, no hyperbole…list her actual accomplishments that improved anything, not just sec. of state etc. what has she really done, what positive changes for everybody, not just cronies, resulted ? explain what her husband did that was great. The balanced budget was from republicans forcing him to go along, he was against it. the economy went nowhere while he was in office…obamacare is actually hillarycare, it was her ridiculous staffer written legislation that pelosi dusted off and re-submitted

  2. Heavy Dot Dumb, your daily dose of Bernie Wacko Conspiracy Theory Nutjobbery.

    At this exact moment in 2008, when Barack Obama had the nomination via endorsement of Superdelegates, Hillary conceded. It’s time for Bernie to do the same.

      • But this time it’s different. Bernie should concede before the last primary (unlike Hillary in ’08). Why? Because!

    • in 2008, hillary clinton wasn’t far outperforming barack obama in national polls against john mccain, so it made 100% sense for her to concede. the opposite is true today for bernie sanders, which is why he will remain in the running.

      • Not everyone does the silly polls. We keep hearing Bernie outdoes Hillary in the polls and I’ve never done a polls o I’m sure many others haven’t either. I don’t feel the need to. Obviously the number of voters Hillary has outdoes the polls for Bernie. #ImWithHerandDon’tNeedYourApproval

    • Why call a race based on super delegates now? She hasn’t cleared the hurdle yet. Why call it on the eve of the last five primaries. Why not have called it back in January then?

    • Look, we have different political ideas brother. There’s no denying that Hillary unfortunately for this country is well on her way, whatever. But are you so eager to say it’s over that you’re willing to accept this? We all know or should know the superdelegates don’t vote until July. This is rigging the election by putting out false information to lower voter turnout the day before the California primary, how convenient. A lower voter turnout would obviously be a big advantage for Clinton, boy, doesn’t that say a lot. This was staged, planned in advanced. And regardless, it’s a lie when she’s already winning. But she doesn’t play fair and doesn’t like competition, with good reason. How could you stand for this in your preferred candidate? If Bernie conducted his campaign this way I’d NEVER vote for him. You people are not critical where criticism is proper you see. I mean talk about dividing the party and robbing it of it’s one chance for integrity. This really doesn’t help, Should we fall in line? What a joke, Bernie or Bust brothers and sisters, I would never vote for Clinton and I’m not alone, because of her willingness to sell us out to the highest bidder, her foreign policy and because of the way the media has covered this election through the eyes of her campaign. She’s got no steam, the democrats, those donkeys, they’ll vote for whatever donkey is running. But us Bernie folk aren’t quite so simple. In other words Clinton is screwed and it’s the democrats fault for being corrupt and for fighting so underhandedly to protect their sacred status quo cash cow, money in politics, at our expense.

    • No, it isn’t. The reason being, silly, that Obama bribed Clinton (then, the likely loser) with Secretary of State glitter and a coronation in 2016. And before you even suggest it, Bernie is the only unbribeable candidate.

      • You are delusional if you think President Obama bribed Hillary. He asked her and she kept saying no to Sec. of State. He kept bugging her and had to talk her into it. Read her book Hard Choices and quit lying!!

    • Bernie doesn’t need to do anything because “someone did it this way last time”. That’s ridiculous. One of two things are going to happen, either the Democratic party is going to nominate Sanders, or they are going to god damned hear our grievances. We can’t force them to listen, but to ignore us is at their own peril. We are not going to rubber stamp Hillary Clinton, she needs to earn our votes. For me it’s fracking. We can’t convert our infrastructure from coal to fracking and then do it again to clean energy in time to help the earth. Investing in fracking as a “bridge” is bullshit. Fracking will be here for 50-75 years if we do nothing to stop it.

    • Also, on June 5, 2008, Bernie endorsed Barack Obama two days after he reached a winning number of pledged + superdelegates, stating that Obama had become the Democratic nominee. At that time Obama led Clinton by 131 pledged delegates and 105 superdelegates, while Clinton is currently leading Sanders by 291 pledged delegates and 523 superdelegates.

      • The big difference between 2008 and 2016 is that the more progressive candidate won the primary in 2008. It was not a big deal for me to go from Clinton to Obama in 2008. Since 2008, I am even more progressive because I have seen during Obama’s term how the little guy has gotten exploited to the benefit of corporations, etc. Going from Bernie to Clinton is essentially selling out to those interests that are exploiting the average American. I am not willing to vote against my interests even with Trump as the other candidate.

    • Hillary supporters, doubling down on that false information. What other candidate promotes false information as truth and gets furious when people call them on their bullshit?

  3. Donald Trump would be a disaster for the country but the only way to keep him from the presidency is by having Bernie Sanders as the Democratic nominee. There are too many skelitons in Hillary’s closet that Trump can start rattling if she is running against him and he has the media attention to really focus on them. With Trump they could not be ignored or swept under the media rug as they have been so far. I have seen some of those skelitons and they are pretty scary!

      • Really name them now, you know nothing of Trump, only what the dirty Obama media tells you, which are lies, Obama wants that liar Hillary in office to continue his assault on America for him. to let Islam take over which she plans to do just that.

      • Yes he does Jo. Like visiting an island his good friend Epstein owned that catered teenage girls for sex to old rich men like Donald Trump. Just so sick.

    • Donald is the only answer for America, he is a real Americans, not some liar and criminals like Hillary. Wake up and smell the odor of Hillary it smells like treason.

      • yeah no… he’s a pretencious, self serving, lying piece of shit… He doesn’t care about you me or anyone other than himself… to believe anything different is wasting your boat…

    • Then why in the hell are you voting for Hillary. She’s a damn criminal and the whole world knows it. The country is done if this lying, murdering, email holding for the enemy to view, blood on her hands, Butcher of Bengazi traitor to the American people by selling us out to the freaking Saudi Arabia prick of a ruler, and plans on bringing 10,000 to 50,000 more muslims from Syria that will not be vetted into the country and put all our people in peril. Are you people mad, or blind? Damn. Must be a democratic desease.

  4. But but she had NOTHING to do with the media calling it for her…..


    RIGHT… she has had NOTHING to do with the suppression and fraud in any of the previous states…. that’s why she has DWS to take the fall. $hillery can play victim by ignorance of the facts….culpable deniability, just like EVERY good head of a criminal conspiracy can claim. The Mafia for years was great at “culpable deniability” by claiming they did not know what the people under them did and they NEVER sanctioned any of it… if the bosses profited from it hey, it was business they never questioned

    The Nazis, were great at it also, the foot soldiers said, “we were just following orders.” The leaders said, “we never gave the orders, what those soldiers did, they did without us knowing.”

    $hillery LIVES and THRIVES off of CULPABLE DENIABILITY!!!!!!

  5. Secret super delegate counts… secret trade deals… this is how our corrupt system does business today. It is anti-democratic and constitutionally unjust. All the more, people are realizing how badly we need change in this country. Doing everything in their power to barricade a candidate who wants the US to catch up with all the other industrialized countries by making people’s tax dollars work for them, not just the MIC and corporations, just reveals how much they hold an entire nation in contempt. They would even risk holding up the weakest candidate against Trump in the General to avoid facing the prospect of doing the right thing. The powers in place are not worthy of us and will be replaced.

  6. Bernie needs 91% of the remaining delegates to win the nomination. He has never come close to that number. Bernie needs about 85% of CA delegates and an even higher number of remaining delegates to win. His other chouce, is to convince at least 249 super delegates to switch over to support him. Enough of the revolution and other bullshit. Bernie has not convinced enough voters to support him. That simple. I prefer him over that woman, but it is not happening.

  7. I agree Hillary should concede. That way a new democratic party can unite and “roll back” (had to throw in that Wal Mart phrase for Hillary) to pre Reagan era and the damage that has been done to the party, country and the American middle class of people.

  8. One little problem you left out. The pledged delegates votes ALSO don’t count till the convention. So we’re just going to claim they all don’t count? Know what votes that can’t be wiped away till the convention? The 3 million more popular votes.

    • You mean the 3 million the DWS arranged by denying voters their right to vote by getting states to switch folks’ party affiliation?

      • Exactly. I can’t stand how she boasts about having 3million more votes, knowing full well that it’s only because of the numerous underhanded ways they’ve been sure to stifle our voices. I guarantee you that if every citizen were to vote today (and actually have them counted), Bernie would put her to shame. HE has the true popular vote.

    • pledged delegates cannot choose who they vote for, so they do already count. And how many voters cast their ballot before they even heard of Sanders. If he was given real press, this FDR democrat would be smashing Clinton. I am a liberal, so I could never vote for a pro-war, pro-corporate, trickle down presidential candidate that supported Barry Goldwater in his fight to crush civil rights. I really don’t know what kind of insanity it takes for a progressive minded person to look at Hillary Clinton and her policies and think she is a good choice. She is a centrist at best, and has been under criminal investigation for most of her political life. And its proven she and bill made a fortune on Whitewater by setting up predatory real estate deals with retirees and other lower income people that wanted to buy a home. They literally swindled retirees and low income people out of money, yet people want to tout them as defenders of civil rights? Millions of black men were imprisoned for minor crimes under Clinton’s war against black men, I mean crime. Multiple sex scandals. Now there are memoires coming out talking about Hillary’s brutal behavior towards anyone around her: name calling, physically assaulting people, losing her mind over perceived slights in the exact same way as Drumph.

  9. This is Sad! The Bern Has Smoldered. The Race is Over. Hillary Will Defeat Donald Trump and become the next and first Female President of the United States. Madam President Hillary Rodham Clinton 2016.

    • as hillary slides down in polls against Trump she will not get the votes she needs to win, The democrats will nominate Bernie… We all know about why Wasserman banned exit polls because they rigged the primaries in her favor… The nominee will be the candidate that has the best chance of beating Trump it’s a fact… The democrats do not want a nominee that can’t beat Trump… We’ll see at the convention in July… If not Bernie, he will endorse Jill and ask his voters to support Jill… Without Sanders votes Clinton will not win the general election
      Let her beat her drum until the convention and her hopes collapse… Bernie will get the delegates he needs to get nominated…. Bernie beats trump with double digits, and she is sinking fast… the lower she sinks the better it is for Bernie…

  10. I have been so disappointed with how the MSM has covered this election. It’s disgusting how they have essentially written their own narrative. Even after a spokesperson for the DNC has come out and asked for the media not to use super delegates in their count, they have ignored their wishes and intentionally wrote their own narrative. It is because of their dishonesty that I have cancelled my subscriptions to WaPo and NYT and choose instead to go with Rueters, or other media outlets with a bit more journalistic integrity.

  11. Do some Bernie supporters not understand english? To presume:
    to accept officially that something is true until it is proved not true
    According to polls of super delegates Hillary will be the nominee. If Bernie can prove them wrong by winning over hundreds of super delegates then he will be the presumptive nominee. The official nominee is the person nominated at the convention.

    • Apparently, only some of the media stations bothered to use the word “presumptive”. Perhaps there are better ways to make your point rather than insulting those who care enough to express an opinion even though it disagrees with your presumption.

  12. More and more Super delegates are going over to Bernie…? Really? Name one super delegate that has flipped from Clinton to Sanders. Exactly. Zero. It’s time for Sanders to get with the program and stop acting like a 4 year old that is in complete denial over a situation that doesn’t complement his liking. The longer he stays in, the more divisive our party will be, which in the long run, only helps Trump.

  13. It is unfortunate and shameful that the media, in a biased frenzy and rush to judgement, have declared Secretary Clinton the winner of the June 7th Primaries (Which was announced Yesterday, June 6th) with the most pledged delegates, even before the people have gotten a chance to vote! They are also ignoring the Democratic National Committee’s clear statement that it is wrong to count the votes of Superdelegates before they actually vote at the convention on July 25th.

    Secretary Clinton DOES NOT have and WILL NOT have the requisite number of pledged delegates (which is 2383 delegates) to secure the nomination. Their Current Score is: HIllary Clinton – 1809, Bernie Sanders – 1528; with a total number of 1426 remaining delegates left. Both Clinton and Sanders will be dependent on Superdelegates, who do not vote until July 25th and who can change their stance between now and then. Of which, include more than 400 biased Superdelegates who endorsed Secretary Clinton 10 months before even the first primaries and caucuses and long before any other candidate was in the race for President. *Furthermore, the media is still missing over 1/3rd of the entire USA’s voting population *coughs*…Independents and the Green Party…*coughs* which cannot vote until the General Election on November 8th, 2016.

    **EVEN IF a presidential candidate has secured their party’s nomination, THEY CAN STILL LOOSE THE OVERALL RACE FOR PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. Becoming a party’s nominee does not absolutely and infallibly guarantee that they will be the President.

  14. I’ve just witnessed the death of democracy. Millions of people told “You don’t need to vote, it doesn’t matter anyway”. Superdelegates across the country have ignored over 46% of the voters. Not only that, but they get a double vote. They vote in their state primary or caucus and vote again with a “super” vote. In what democracy, in what world is this OK? I don’t care who you support, this is wrong. 46% of those who voted were told they don’t count. No one can say the percentage of how many more won’t bother now, for either candidate. I am left with a profound sadness. Call me all the names you want. Call me a “sore loser” if you will, but the fact is, we are all losers with what has just transpired.

  15. Your numbers are wrong.

    You do not need 2,383 in pledged delegates alone. That number has super delegates baked in.

    For a majority of PLEDGED delegates you need 2056. I believe that number is accurate. Hillary will reach that number tonight and long before the convention.

    This inaccuracy is headache inducing. You can’t make up new rules, new math, just because the path your nominee has chosen to the nomination apparently involves ignoring the wishes of most voters and seeking a work-around to democracy.

    That’s not a path. It’s a transparently shady plan and I’m sorry if the AP put out some of your fire.

  16. The real reason she is losing is that as we all know a vote for a woman only counts as 66% of a vote for a man.

  17. I agree with Judy. In regard to Hillary, the general perception by the public of untrustworthiness and the looming potential conviction will likely result in a win for Trump. I personally think we live in perilous times. While I voted for Clinton twice and Obama twice, I feel that the centrist pro-corporate direction falls far short of what is necessary to address the great challenges that are coming to a head: the dangerously deregulated economy, the huge gap between the .05% and 99.5%, the climate crisis and our completely disingenuous foreign policy that has us unsuccessfully playing supercop when we could be using some of the over 50% of the discretionary budget spent on the military to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure and provide good green jobs for our citizens. If we are going to sign global trade agreements, we should be certain that they provide the strongest environmental and human rights protections instead of strengthening corporate rights to undermine and ignore domestic legal protections while giving toothless lip service to environmental and human rights with language that lacks enforcement mechanisms. Hillary’s foreign policy experience is a negative due to her support for regime change in Libya, Honduras, and Iraq, her support of a no-fly zone over Syria, and her inability to connect the dots between the relationship of regime change and the growth of Middle Eastern instability and terrorism.

  18. On June 7th 2008, Bernie Sanders endorsed Barack Obama as the Presumptive Nominee of the Democratic party after Obama went over the 2383 mark with the use of Super Delegates, what’s the difference now?? Is Sanders a hypocrite or does he have dementia.

  19. Obama is obstructing release of emails of Hillary’s involvement in TPP, until after the election. Hillary has flip flopped on multiple issues, even tho there is clearly documentation of what she has previously said. TPP will be the spiraling death of the US into a 3rd world with clinching by the oligarchs on the populace and the world. Again, why do people vote against their own economic issues.

  20. WAH!!!

    Bernie Bros need to call a WAAAHmbulance!

    Its over. Bernie lost because he didn’t get enough votes. Hillary got enough votes. Simple and uncomplicated.

    Super delegates have never wrested the nomination from the one who got more votes and the popular vote and given it to a crying whiner because he had awesome rallies. Yeah. That will sway hundreds upon hundreds of super delegates to switch.

    We don’t award nominations to people who lose contests because their temper tantruming millenials won’t take no for an answer because everyone gets a trophy. We award nominations based on who gets more votes.

    Bernie had no problem calling for Obama before the convention, btw.

    Grow up. He’s done. Too bad, so sad.

  21. AP = Owned by the Rothschild’s
    Hillary Clinton= Owned by the Rothschild’s

    Do the math. This shit ain’t over, but they’ll do anything to make you think it is

  22. Perhaps I scanned the responses too fast but I failed to see anyone mention the critical reason that Hillary must be defeated: She will start a war with Russia. I leave the rest to your imagination. Our little million-year-old human experiment on this planet could be just about over, and it will be because we put the ultimate white trash psychopath in the Whitehouse.

  23. Bernie has said from the beginning that he’d support the nominee, and I think he’s a man of his word. But I didn’t support Hillary in 2008 and I have even more reasons not to this year, so if she’s nominated, I will likely vote for Jill Stein and the Green Party. If enough Bernie supporters did that (and superdelegates knew it) surely they’d change their vote rather than let Donald Trump win. We need to make it very clear right now (and drum it in until the convention) that if the Democrats lose in November, it’s the fault of Hillary, DWS, and the superdelegates!

  24. There ISN’T a contested convention coming in July. I know that’s widely claimed in the Sanders camp, but many people including it seems the Senator himself don’t know what a contested convention actually is.

    There also isn’t any requirement to win with pledged delegates only. A delegate is a delegate, they all count for one vote toward the 2383 whether they’re pledged or not.

  25. The fact that the media felt that it was appropriate to release information that Hilary won the night before the California primaries is an embarrassment. It certainly seemed like a ploy to get the voters for June 7th to either not vote at all due to pure frustration in that they would feel that their vote no longer mattered, or to be so confused, that they then would vote for Hilary thinking that Bernie had no chance of winning. If you confuse the public enough, it is possible to throw a nomination. The whole thing is just sad. It is confusing that the media could be allowed to preemptively release this kind of information at such a crucial point during the election process without fact.

  26. Why do you keep writing BS like this? It’s over, Bernie lost. Why keep giving false hopes to the Bernie bros?

  27. Well it looks like Hillary will be the nominee. She will crush trump. If you want trump to be the president, you are what’s wrong with America

  28. Go take another trip to Europe you sore loser. Hillary won fair and square even under Bernie’s supposed rules. You dpn’t care if Trump wins. You’ll just go back to your trust fund.

  29. It’s sad and kind of pathetic that suddenly people seem to not understand how the system works, and how it’s worked for years in fact. In 2008, when the race was between Obama and Clinton he was declared the winner even though he had almost 200 fewer PLEDGED delegates than she has now. Bernie Sanders came out and publicly endorsed him even before Clinton had conceded the race.

    This nonsense just needs to stop, really. Clinton IS the nominee and people can either support her or not, but declaring that somehow she’s not the winner is just ridiculous and frankly makes the person saying it look moronic.


  31. What argument has sanders put forward to justify the disenfranchisement of the vast majority of voters who voted for the winner of the primaries? And these democratic leaders and activists who have been attacked by sanders as anti-democratic are now being told they need to stab the party in the back and overturn the will of the People?

    Please- spare us the BS argument. There was a contest. Sanders lost.

  32. Really the issue is why should Hillary be treated differently than Carter, Mondale, Dukakis, Bill Clinton, Gore, Kerry, Bill Clinton or Obama? They were declared presumptive nominees the minute they had the number of pledged and super-delgates they needed. Maybe its purely a Male privilege which she didn’t merit? Honestly – women don’t get the same pay as men. Apparently they don’t deserve the same political respect either.

  33. Quit your crying sanders losers, the writing has been on the wall for months that he would never be the nominee. He’s not even a democrat, just another misguided Socialist that ran on the Dem ticket. Hillary will make an excellent POTUS. Stop drinking the samders kool aid and face reality. No one gets anything for free, you need to earn it! Sanders and Trump are the same. Both are promising things they could never deliver. Trump thinks he’s going to build a wall and have Mexico pay for it and sanders thinks he’s going to give everyone free college and break up all the big banks, PLEASE he didn’t have a snowballs chance in Hades getting any of that passed in congress and the senate. Sanders and his followers need to face reality! This isnt Fantasy Land.

  34. Ironic that the entire campaign Bernie said the superdelegates should support the candidate with the most votes, now that Hillary has secured the most votes they want to win the superdelegates, pretty hypocritical. Also it’s interesting that Berners believe in Bernie except when he tells them to vote for the democrat nominee, I guess if he can’t promise free stuff they don’t want to listen to him anymore. Sad.

  35. I would like some one to tell me how is it possible that hillary Clinton is allowed to run for president is it not restricted by 2 turms . She has already done 3turms in error 2 turms