Wisconsin Recount Results Day 10: 95% in, but Where’s Milwaukee?

wisconsin recount

MADISON, WI – DECEMBER 01: Designated observes watch as tabulators work on recounting presidential ballots in Dane County, Wisconsin. (Getty)

The latest update in the Wisconsin recount shows that 95% of all presidential ballots have now been counted, but there is still a glaring omission: The City of Milwaukee.

Even though Milwaukee television quoted the Milwaukee County clerk as saying that the Milwaukee County returns were completed on Thursday night, the state Election Commission is still not reporting them fully in the results.

Asked why Milwaukee was still not fully reporting, Reid Magney, spokesman for the Election Commission, said the evening of December 10: “Milwaukee may be done recounting, but they haven’t yet submitted their totals to us. When they do, we’ll mark them as complete.” The Election Commission’s December 11 spreadsheet still says, “Numbers for the City of Milwaukee do not include absentee ballots, which have not yet been recounted. Milwaukee counts its absentee ballots centrally (not at the polling place) on Election Night. When those absentee ballots have been counted the numbers will be updated.”

The Election Commission day 10 spreadsheet also showed dozens of wards in the City of Madison still missing. However, Dane County completed its recounted returns late on Saturday evening, said WKOW-TV. The day 11 spreadsheet – released December 11 – now includes all Dane County wards but a couple in Verona. However, it’s still missing updated City of Milwaukee returns.

WKOW-TV said only a few changes occurred in Dane, with Clinton gaining 172 votes.

The state must certify its results by December 13 or it risks its electoral votes not counting.

There were 148,404 votes still missing from the public recount results posted on Day 10, according to the Election Commission on December 10. That was before Dane County’s returns came in, though. Trump won Wisconsin by more than 22,000 votes, a margin that has changed by only microscopic amounts despite the $3.5 million-plus price tag for the recount.

Dane County, home to Madison, conducted a hand recount of its ballots (that decision was left to local governments). Congressman Sean Duffy recently accused the county of “taking as long as they can.” He claimed Jill Stein and Clinton observers are slowing down the count there by contesting ballots, according to Politifact. Duffy also came under fire for labeling Madison “Communist.” (As an aside, in one of the odder recount oriented news stories, The Ashland Daily Press reported that officials in two northern Wisconsin communities are puzzled by spikes in Russian traffic to their websites.)

As for the recount tallies, the day 10 results show that Hillary Clinton has gained a net of only 25 votes over Donald Trump in the 95% of returns that are in. You can get the latest raw recount data here.

The Milwaukee County clerk did not return a request for comment. He said on local television on December 9 that Milwaukee’s recount had only turned up minor errors that would not change the election. Fox 6 Milwaukee said Milwaukee County completed its recount at 8 p.m. on December 8. Channel 12 Milwaukee said the County’s reports were being finalized and data still needed to be entered.

wisconsin recount, wisconsin recount results

The Wisconsin recount is in its 10th day. (Getty)

The Wisconsin Election Commission reported on December 10, in its midday update, that 65 of 72 counties were now complete. “All are on schedule to finish by Monday,” the Commission reported. (The new Dane County returns weren’t in the official spreadsheet yet.)

The Commission said “2,826,909 ballots have been recounted, approximately 95 percent of all presidential ballots cast (2,975,313).”

The net change is now +1,442 votes, according to the Commission, which reported these net changes on day 10:

Trump/Pence +628
Clinton/Kaine +653
Castle/Bradley +17
Johnson/Weld +76
Stein/Baraka +68
Moorehead/Lilly +14
De la Fuente/Steinberg -14.

Here’s what was still missing, according to the day 10 spreadsheet:

1 ward in Clark County (City of Stanley)

Multiple wards in Dane County (Dozens of wards in the City of Madison – that’s the state Capitol and a liberal stronghold – and a couple of wards in Verona.) These totals are now factored into the Day 11 spreadsheet. They have also surfaced in local media:

Milwaukee County (a ward in the City of Glendale; the City of Milwaukee wards are listed with deficits for each candidate, but as noted above, the Election Commission says the city wards are still not updated with absentee ballots)

Monroe County (wards in the City of Tomah)

Portage County (Town of Carson ward)

Racine County (City of Racine ward)

wisconsin recount

A designated observer, right, watch as presidential ballots are recounted in Dane County. (Getty)

Green Party nominee Jill Stein requested the recount, even though she won only 1 percent of the vote. Donald Trump has labeled it a “scam.” Stein also sought recounts in Michigan and Pennsylvania. A judge ended her bid for a Michigan recount, saying she lacked standing to make the request. The Pennsylvania request is bogged down in court; a judge has said he will rule Monday on Stein’s recount request there.

Wisconsin must certify its election results by December 13. The Electoral College meets on December 19. Clinton would have needed all three states to flip (Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania) to win the electoral vote.

The Election Commission also reported these explanations for day 10 changes:

“Dane County: 11 Absentee ballots were left in their certificate envelopes on Election Night for the City of Madison Ward 2.

City of Verona Wards 2-4 results have been removed from the Day 10 update pending further clarification from Dane County Board of Canvass.

Oconto County: Increase of 10 votes in City of Gillett Wards 1-3, increase of 19 votes in Town of Abrams Wards 1-3, Increase of 33 votes in Town of Little Suamico Wards 1-8, Increase of 24 votes in Town of Pensaukee Wards 1-2, and an increase of 12 votes in Town of Spruce Wards 1-2. All increases in Oconto County are attributed to the use of non-standard pens or ballots being marked incorrectly. Voter intent was determined during recount canvass.

Outagamie County: Net decrease of 14 votes in City of Kaukauna Wards 6-7 and net decrease of 12 votes in City of Kaukauna Wards 8-10 due to ballots being run through the tabulator twice on Election Day in error.

Addition of 2 votes to Day 10’s City of Appleton Ward 33 totals. The polling location includes Winnebago County reporting units and 2 ballots Ward 33 ballots were found during Winnebago County’s recount. These ballots were delivered to the Outagamie County recount canvass.”

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  1. Jessica McBride deserves a medal for her persistent reporting on this issue. No one else is providing such comprehensive and current detail

  2. There are reports that heavily democratic areas of Michigan (Detroit, Flint) found significant overvoting (more votes than ballots, by 2-6x). Suspending that recount may have been a major face-saver for Hillary and her party. The federal judge who expedited the recount then cancelled it 48 hours later is an Obama appointee…

    Could be that the democrats are scrambling to conceal the same sort of chicanery in Milwaukee.

    • I’m in Michigan and what exactly was found was that one half of the Detroit precincts had more votes cast than signatures in the poll books. That clearly means that votes were cast illegally. If the MI recount had proceeded, than according to state law, none of those precincts would have been counted, which would have dramatically increased Trump’s margin. Here in Macomb County, (The “Reagan Democrat” county that Trump carried by 48,000 votes.) which has 200,000 more people than Detroit, every poll book had the exact number of signatures as ballots cast. No fraud here.

      • This is the kind of stuff the MSM says is false and there is no evidence. Why don’t they get their head out of the sand and check this out. Congress should be investigating ballot stuffing, illegal votes before looking at bogey men in Russia.

        • Paul, Why not investigate all of it . . . especially what the Russians have and how they will use it to blackmail the U.S. with it!

          • Dear Anonymous,
            List of those who interfered in our 2016 election:

            Mexico and the Pope tried to get Hillary elected … !!!

            Merkel and Hollande tried to get Hillary elected … !!!

            ABC and CBS and CNN and NBC and the NY Times and WaPo tried to get Hillary elected … !!!!

            • And Russia, because of all of Trump’s Russian investments (why do you think after admitting to paying no taxes he refused to show his tax returns-it’s he Russian ties to the Russian Mafia . . . why do you think his Secty of State nominee is heavily invested in Russia as well) tried to get Trump elected . . .

            • It’s Wayne County moron, Dane county is in Wisconsin. Detroit is in Wayne county, predominately black and overwhelmingly Democrat. In Michigan, you walk in to the precinct, fill out a form, show your ID, get a paper ballot, vote and then feed it into a machine.
              The problem in Detroit was two-fold. First, the machines are old, the ballots jammed, were reinserted and inadvertently double counted. At the end of the day, or periodically election officials are supposed to make sure the vote count on the machine matches the number of ballots given out. If they don’t match the difference is to be reconciled before the ballots are stored in a sealed container.
              The election officials didn’t bother to reconcile the difference. Had they done their job there wouldn’t have been a problem.
              My point to you, “anonymous” is this. In a precinct that votes prohibitively Democrat and ballots were inadvertently reinserted who do you think would likely benefit?
              Use your friggin brain. “Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life.”

              • Obviously, you lack the sophistication to understand satire . . . no surprise . . . given the education level of Trumpanzees . . . but to be fair, maybe you attended higher education–possibly Trump University . . . ahh, that explains it all. Will pray for you.

      • That ISN’T how it works. Thy DON’T throw out all the votes for a county is the numbers don’t match. It just means the original count stands. My god…if you don’t understand what you are reading on some random website, don’t try to repeat it. It is ABSURD to even think that they would disenfranchise every voter in a county like that.

        • That sounds totally bass-ackwards. The actual Ballots are what should count not the “original” number. The original is clearly fraudulent if there aren’t ballots to back it up. What’s the purpose of having the paper trail if you ignore it. That rule/law needs changing NOW.

  3. It don’t matter what party you are from ! I am an Independent and everything that came out of Hillary Clinton’s mouth had nothing to do with us poverty people ! She cares for no one but herself . The more digging I did the more dirt I found on her. She don’t care about you unless you are rich. Jill Stein is just plain simple out of her mind so there was no sense in her even running ! Thank you for this article as I have no TV ! Keep up the good work !

    • I’m a lifelong Independent, and come from three generations of lifelong Independents, and I totally disagree with you, Donna. As far as “she [Hillary] cares for no one but herself,” I can only believe that you are not at all familiar with her good works . . . in the meantime, Trump appoints billionaires to his Cabinet, including those from Goldman and Sachs, has no significant, or any, may of donating to charity, such as Bill Gates and other billionaires . . . had serial bankruptcies, which as a taxpaying citizen I had to cover, along with having to make good all the student loans from his now-defunct Trump University. As far as finding “more dirt,” it depends upon where your digging . . .

  4. Going into the recount, I had figured Clinton & $tein had cooked up some ballot stuffing to change the outcome & steal the election. Thank heaven it looks like they weren’t able to do so. Both these women are an embarrassment to our election process.

    • All of you people can say what you want about Hilary but she is a good person and would make a good President ,any that ran would be better than Trump but all I can say is that you all will have to see it for yourself we all are headed for disaster.

      • “All of you people can say what you want about Hilary but she is a good person and would make a good President”

        For China. Maybe we could out source her? Nah, Chinese are to smart, they would never go for that.

        • “Maybe we could out source her?” You mean the way Donnie Boy and his slick daughter Ivanka outsourced their clothing line to China and other foreign countries . . . funny, if he wanted to make America great again, wonder why he didn’t manufacture his clothing in the USA prior to his for President . . . or buy American steel instead of the Chinese steel he bought and also wonder what the Chinese are going to do about that loan ole Donnie outsourced to Chinese banks . . . but silly me, worried about such salient points . . .

        • Damn straight the Chinese are too smart . . . why do you think they loaned Trump hundreds of millions of dollars . . . to dominate U.S. policy of course!

      • You’re freakin crazy.
        You did not such research on her and you have no clue what you’re saying. Please stop commenting you’re delusional.

          • I must say the stock market primarily trades on speculation, so no you’re wrong. The stock market has climbed due to Trump’s speculated policies.

            • It’s speculation and facts . . . the stock market is also reflecting all the good Obama has achieved . . . like the lowest unemployment rate in over 10 years!

      • PE Trump has done more good for America in a few days than Obama in 8 years. Obama, in 8 years, spent 10 trillion dollars of America’s money and for what? Everywhere one looks, America’s infrastructure is literally crumbling. Deductibles for those on Obama Care is at least $8,000.00 plus. The true unemployment rate is in excess of 11% and wages, due to cost of living increases, have decreased in excess of $2,500. Obama’s only positive action was the killing of Bin-laden and that action was put into play by President Bush. Hillary praised Obama as well as his record and she said she would “follow in Obama’s foot steps.” If you are an American worker and not someone that survives on government subsidies, you will benefit greatly as will all Americans that are diligently working to feed their family and pay their bills. Other wise, you will remain a sub servant of the government for the rest of your life.

        • Where are you getting your stats? I thought President Obama was the most hated president…. I believe
          Trump beats him by a country mile.

        • Deductibles for those of us on Obamacare is at least $8000 plus . . . what a pile of BS . . . I volunteer on Saturdays going to churches, explaining Obamacare plans do not require that someone meet their deductible to obtain office visits which prevents the need for hospitalization . . . but all office visits go towards a person’s deductibles . . . plus, it has made healthcare more competitive . . . MRIs used to cost and average of $3K each . . . now, accredited, certified imaging centers do them from $300 to $1000 . . . people who could never get insurance with chronic, pre-existing conditions now can get insurance and not have to file for bankruptcy . . . Obamacare is about responsibility . . . prior to Obamacare, taxpayers had to not only pay for Medicaid for others, but for people who had a decent incomes too . . . now , with pre-existing conditions removed, those with incomes, e.g., a family of 4 can earn up to $97K and still receive subsidies, people have to be responsible for their healthcare . . . I am fortunate that my employer picks up 80% of the cost of my policy for my husband and me . . . however, we still pay $8K a year for our HMO option . . .

          • What a crock of crap..Here’s a personal example. I had great health insurance before Obamacare. Our organization negotiated with its union to keep great healthcare (we took pay freezes top insure it). However, Obamacare imposes extra taxes on great plans. Cut to the chase, the extra Million our organization would have to pay in taxes was not sustainable. hence, we now have a significantly lower health care plan. Thank you , you idiot.
            Healthcare got more competitive???? What planet are you from, that’s been all over the news, even the MSM, healthcare companies are cutting and running. there are far fewer in the marketplace now.
            You did tell some truth, the healthcare is being paid for by the taxpayer. Its not free, it is subsidized, the costs have not gone down, they have merely been shifted.
            This has caused employers to keep small, and the that jobless report, pure BS, as it is now counting what we used to consider part-time work.

            Get off your meds, join the real world, and call it like it is. It is a travesty!!!

            • As you yourself stated, a “personal example” . . , therefore, anecdotal . . . my example represents thousands of individuals with whom have attended such workshops . . . and as someone who deals with public labor market statistics on a daily basis for a privately held company, part-time work is not considered full-time employment . . . the data also record those who are underemployed by wage and/or hours . . . unemployment by age, race, education, previous income . . . you name it, that are databases for it . . . and there are multiple checks and balances to discern contradictions and outliers . . . you may not like the truth, but being ass doesn’t change it!

              • “Healthcare got more competitive” . . . I was referring to services NOT for-profit insurance companies . . . amazing for being such a stinking plan, that in 6 years the Republicans have yet to replace it with anything.

        • What do you call the Carrier deal . . . Trump paid Carrier’s blackmail, and now Indiana taxpayers will have to make up the difference . . . funny, never hear Trump supporters complain about their “subservient” status when it comes to Medicare . . . or the mortgage interest deduction on income tax . . . student loans . . .Social Security . . . oh yeah, guess Trump supporters are selectively subservient . . .

          • What???? You have 1100 people who get an average Salary of 70,000 which equals 77 million. . . At a 20% tax rate that is 15 million to the Federal government and it is 2.5 million to the State every year that would have not been there and the seven million is paid over ten years or 700,000.

            • Ah, no . . . it’s 700 jobs retained . . . not 1100 . . . as far as the alleged 2.5 million in taxes a year to the state (and that’s a very generous figure) . . . you forgot to deduct the subsidy. Carrier never really had a problem with its taxes until they saw they manipulate Trump with it, and they played him like a violin . . . what happen to all those people who wanted government out of their lives . . . again, very conveniently selective subservience!

      • Yeah, it will be a real disaster to have people working again, for the country to make things again, for the country to be safe again and for a real man to be in charge and be a leader. You are welcome to move to Cuba and be with Castro’s son.

        • Kim, does that mean that Donald and Ivanka will now have their clothing line made in America instead of shipping those jobs overseas?

        • Guess you’re not familiar with our Constitution, Kim. It allows for dissent. Hmmm, most states start teaching the Constitution in 8th grade . . . are you trying to tell me you dropped out of school earlier than that?

      • Please do not worry so much. It is sometimes very hard to accept what you perceive as a great loss. My future advice would be to realize the possibilities of either victory or defeat before you vote. Otherwise you risk the torturous consequences of a prolonged grief. I hope you recover soon. – A Medical Doctor who voted for Mr. Trump.

      • if getting the almost 20% current unemployment actually working full time jobs again is a disaster then we will take it. If screening people and actually cutting off illegal immigrants and thus illegal voters is a disaster then please bring on more of this type of calamity. If getting people like you to shut up and actually looks at facts about the treacherous crooked Hillary is in our future then bring it on.

        • Who dodged a bullet . . . white, male Americans . . . white Evangelical Christians . . . the rest of us took the bullet when Trump was elected.

          • What does that mean? You might have to go to work? I see no blood on the streets except by the hoodlums rioting and ambushing police.

            • “Hoodlums” . . . code work for “blacks??” More racist vitriol from Trump supporters—surprise, surprisse—NOT . . . btw, America’s motto is E Pluribus Unum . . . meaning “one from many” . . . but perhaps I’m expecting too much from you to know that!!

      • they are all just deplorable inbred idiots. they cant even see trumps already breaking his promises and putting evil people in power

      • No Debra, liberals are headed for disaster. You realize that the supreme court is gone with the possibilty of 3 more justices retiring. You realize that in 2018 senate democrats have many red states to defend such as Indiana, West Virginia, Montana, North Dakota, and Missouri. You realize that senate democrats have to defend a highly disproportionate number of seats. You realize that millenials and urbanites historically don’t vote in mid-term elections but republicans. You realize that the EPA and your green agenda is about to be eviscerated. You realize that Trump’s cabinet nominees are going to be approved as Harry ( the gift that keeps on giving ) Reid cleared the way for the nuclear option to be used for cabinet nominees.

        i bet you head is ready to explode!

        • No, the electoral college spoke, whose authority I accept. But it doesn’t change the fact that nearly 3 million more people voted for Hillary than Trump.

          • Look up the word “popular” It means “WIDELY LIKED”. Hillary won in California by 4.3 million votes but nationwide by 2,8 million.There are still 49 other States . One State out of fifty is not widely liked. She recieved a Plurality over all and not a popular vote.

      • Nonsense. Nothing could be worse than the last eight years, For all the snowflakes that are melting because of the results you might want to move to NYC where Hillary is going to run for Mayor

    • So the only possibilities you will accept is that Clinton committed fraud and succeeded or tried to commit fraud and failed? And I thought I was cynical.

    • But prior to the election Trump said it was fixed . . . so can’t understand why the re-count illicits so much parnoia from him and his supporters. I would think all of you would be happy to get what you wanted.

  5. The US should get rid of electronic voting from now on and go back to just paper ballots.
    Russia may or may not have influenced the US election. Whether they did or didn’t isn’t the story. The fact that they may have had the capability is the story.
    Today Republicans rejoice, but what if Russia prefers a democrat next time?
    Now is the time to fix the situation that can lead to an election in question.
    I’m still shocked that only a couple decades after the cold war, Americans are fine with the idea that Russia may have influenced the US election and it’s results (regardless of who won).
    I guess nothing should shock me about Americans anymore…

    • Fake news from the Washingto Post…the FBI in October discounted that notion of Russian hacking. The director of the CIA has not yet spoken out on that matter…just unnamed sources from the Obama administration saying that it was the CIA. Seth Rich, a high up Democratic IT person for the DNC was assassinated and Assange from WikiLeaks all but admitted that it was from Seth Rich that he got his information…Assange hinted at revenge!

  6. Thanks to Jessica McBride for actually reported this and providing the updates. Most of the major networks are still reporting that the recount resumed like a recent story. The slowness of the outstanding votes in this state, along with the over voting in other states, should motivate a push for eliminating domestic election fraud rather than focus on Russians. These systems were already cleared by the Obama administration that they were safe from being hacked as they are not connected to the internet. What they are not safe from is fraudulent vote tampering and non eligible voters from being allowed to vote. We need voter id and stricter penalties for those that stuff the ballot boxes.

    • Obviously you know nothing about the elections and how they are monitored locally by bipartisan individuals . . . Trumpers’ paranoia and vitriol know no bounds!

  7. What a waste of Money,we all knew it was a scam and state should sue Jill Stein for running a scam and did like Michigan and ruled her not able to win so no recount!!

  8. In the Bush Gore election we found out democrats didn’t know how to vote (hanging chad,, butterfly ballots) now we we know they can’t count either. LOL

  9. I’m a little concerned that thousands of uncounted votes may magically appear, though with Michigan apparently done and not enough time to allow PA to complete it might not make a difference. I very concerned that Clinton will try something before January 20 to overturn the election. No way can I trust her or her masters

  10. I want a full recount in Michigan, I want everybody to put lawsuit against Michigan Election Commission and the judge for a full recount request. It is not a Michigan judge decision. It does not matter, Because, They have so many errors in this election. I am looking at Wisconsin, Every day. There are too many human errors and too many computers errors on the ballots. They can delay until everything complete it. They must recount in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Florida. Those are the states that I want to request to it. Michigan Judge have no right to inference in this election. This is the people to see the recount in this election. There are too many errors in Wisconsin. I count 27 errors in 27 different cities in Wisconsin.
    Jessica McBride did an excellent of reporting this Wisconsin election.

    • Until what? Until we recount and recount and….that Hilary finally finds a majority of mysterious missing votes? This is over get over it

    • The errors are minuscule are show just how accurate the original results were! Oh, it is the Michigan Supreme Court’s decision – it determined that Stein had no right to use a recount to audit the process.

  11. This is not over until the final vote must recount the vote on it. You cannot get over it. Because the entire United States pay the $3.5 million dollars that pay for it for the Wisconsin recount. It this a worthy experience for the workers in Wisconsin. This is the first time in National Election History to have a real recount on it. Please, Cooperate with me.

    • If Clinton had won, you would be quiet as a church mouse. The recounts are ridiculous. All they have accomplished so far is uncovering massive democrat fraud in Detroit.

  12. I read that the deadline to contest the results is 12/13/16. I wonder if Milwaukee is holding these absentee ballots to the last possible minute and then cheat on them so that Republicans cannot contest the results or either miss the deadline so that fraud cannot be shown. I think one of the two reasons. I hope that the powers that be in Wisconsin are honest enough to show that massive fraud has happened.

  13. day 11 spreadsheet out Trump leads by 68000 votes but the spreadsheet only shows 57,309 votes from the original count for Clinton still uncounted, in order to win,
    Milwaukee/Madison still will have to manufacture another 20000 votes above the original count , again if you can believe the spreadsheet

    about 2.7m votes counted

  14. We democrats will have the last laugh. My prediction- Trump will not be in office long. Some hanky-panky went on during the election and when they find it all roads will lead back to Trump and that NY Mayor. Remember I said it here first!

  15. The recount would never change the results if there was a cyber attack. What has emerged is that Russia as been trying to hack Wisconsin towns counties. Here the question WHY!!! Can the hacks be found???

    • I live in Michigan where we vote on paper ballots which are fed into and counted using Opti-scan technology which sounds similar to the system used in Wisconsin. It is my understanding that the Wisconsin recount reviewed paper ballots, either by hand count or by re-scanning the original paper ballot through optical scanning technology.

      Please explain how a cyber attack could possibly impact the Wisconsin results given that paper ballots were used and the results showed an accuracy reported to be 0.06%. In my mind that’s pretty darn good and sounds like Wisconsin runs a tight ship in terms of elections.

      I suspect you are not from Wisconsin or if you are have never voted.

  16. List of those who interfered in our 2016 election:

    Mexico and the Pope tried to get Hillary elected … !!!

    Merkel and Hollande tried to get Hillary elected … !!!

    ABC and CBS and CNN and NBC and the NY Times and WaPo tried to get Hillary elected … !!!!

  17. So Milwaukee is still holding out – curious. Sounds like the old leftist
    “how many votes do we need to change the outcome?” ploy.