Doodle 4 Google: Meet the Winning Artist Sarah Harrison

The 2017 winning drawing in Google’s “Doodle 4 Google” contest. (Google)

A Connecticut teenager with a vision of inclusion was announced as the winner of Google’s “Doodle 4 Google Contest” on Friday.

After viewing thousands of creative submissions from all around the nation, Google selected Harrison’s submission, titled “A Peaceful Future” as the victor in the annual contest, which is in its ninth year.

This year, contest organizers asked participants to draw “what I see for the future.” Harrison’s drawing was voted on by a panel of judges and determined the winner out of around 4,200 entries.

Harrison is a 10th-grade student at Bunnell High School in Stratford, Connecticut. She explained to Google that her drawing is meant to symbolize that all walks of life — regardless of their background — should be accepted wherever they may go.

My future is a world where we can all learn to love each other despite our religion, gender, race, ethnicity, or sexuality. I dream of a future where everyone is safe and accepted wherever they go, whoever they are.

Her Doodle features six of eight children lined up together wearing shirts that spell the word “Google.” Each of the shirts has a symbol that promotes being equal and tolerant, and one of the children is in a wheelchair and another has a cane.

Sarah Harrison stands in front of her winning drawing. (Google)

For winning the contest, Harrison will receive $30,000 toward a college scholarship and an opportunity to meet with the Google Doodle team at company headquarters in Mountain View, California. In addition, Bunnell High School will get $50,000 from Google to invest on technology for its STEM students.

Hrrison said after her victory was announced that she came up with the idea when brainstorming how to visualize that inclusion will continue to be a big part of our nation’s future.

When I started, I was thinking of how there’s a lot of animosity toward diverse communities of people in the world right now. So I wanted to draw something that I hoped would show that we can all get along well, and that it’s possible for us to be happy with each other. I want everyone try to be more open, accepting, and respectful to people. You don’t know what they’ve been through – and they don’t know what you’ve been through — so we all deserve respect from each other.

The win was announced by Google at 1 p.m. EST, but staff members at Bunnell High School weren’t able to tell students and begin the celebration until 1:30 p.m. because testing was going on, the Hartford Courant reported.

Principal Nancy Dowling told the Courant that ever since Harrison’s victory, the school has received an overload of media requests.

The email is blowing up, the phone is blowing up. This could not happen to a nicer young woman/artist and her family.

Her drawing will be featured on Google in the U.S. through 3 a.m. Saturday.

William Floyd, the head of external affairs for the search engine, said in a statement that Harrison’s drawing was selected because it represented everything they were looking for when they chose this year’s topic.

Ultimately, Sarah’s doodle captured the best of everything we saw, representing values like diversity, inclusion, and respect in an inspiring and creative image.

Google gave all finalists in the contst a $5,000 scholarship, a Chromebook and a trip to company headquarters. Click here to see the national finalists in the contest.

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  1. So this is a terribly racist photo. It shows 2 disabled white males. This is the way we show diversity? Killing and disabling white men? Whites are people too.

    • It shows the two white disabled men In order to show diversity And people excepting it.And yes the only disabled people in the image are white males, but you should be GLAD that the Highest percentage of people giving acceptance are white males, assuming you are white and male, and if you are not then be glad someone cares about the problem of inacceptance AND IS TRYING TO CHANGE IT! and if you have a problem with what I am saying I don’t blame you and do reply.

    • You just KNOW that if the disabled kids were black, there would have been an outcry, and the Doodle would have been pulled after an apology from Google leadership.

    • the doodle is a utopian ideal of diversity that just doesn’t match reality. It only exists in a secularized world where people label themselves a religion and don’t really know what that religion believes in.

      • Why does everyone think an optimistic view of the world is going to cause Doomsday to happen? My God, it’s a DRAWING, you dipshits!! What’s so bad about optimism, too? It’s not that I’m an optimist and it’s not that I don’t agree, but if you’re constantly pessimistic and overcritical, people will start to notice that and they will start to ignore you! I’m not just trying to say that you’re wrong, either, so please don’t take it that way. My friend was overly pessimistic and she is still overcritical, and she became the person everybody hated until she lightened up a bit. Sometimes, seeing reality isn’t the most pleasant, so if you try to see your perfect reality, then work towards that, life might get better, and at least you tried to make a change.

    • Oh the horrors… She forgot to put in people from the Antarctic (as well as the Eskimos), but that’s not what you’re complaining about?

  2. This is not diversity, where are the white males that aren’t disabled? Also, what is that in the middle, a child confused about their sex? “Transgenderism” is not a thing, there are only two sexes (science bitches) lol.

    • You’re right, there are only two sexes, but there are more than two genders. Genders and sex are two different things, you close-minded idiot. Also, there are two visibly non-disabled white kids in the photo. It’s not implying that only whites are physically disabled. For all you know, the child on the far right could be Native-American, there are different skin tones per race. I should know, my skin is very pale but I’m Mexican, my parents were born in Mexico and got their Green Card to live in the United States.

      • Actually, he’s right because there are only 2 sexes (a synonym for genders — dipshit). Pick up a science book before using buzzwords like “close minded” to describe people using science to examine a situation. There are only male and female chromosomes, get it? You can’t magically change that, ever. Period.

    • Yes, there IS a such thing as transgender, and it’s basically a person of one sex thinks as the other and they truly want to be the other sex

  3. Not that it really matters but I don’t see an ‘OM’ symbol there !!?? So lets leave out the 20% of worlds peaceful and positively contributing Hindus and Buddhists and lets include the so called ‘Religion of Peace’ in a friendly posture. way to go…total winner, congratulations ignorance really is bliss for the jury !

    • It does really matter. The winner is very talented (and I wish her congrats for sure) but at the same time (and this would be a question for the judges) if we’re gonna prominently display religious symbols for a contest about so-called “world peace” or whatever – why the conspicuous display of ONLY the Abrahamic faiths? What about the people of the Dharmic faiths? The people who brought yoga (the Hindus), the Buddhists (Siddharth Gautama), the Sikhs (Guru Nanak) and the Jains

  4. Left out the working class. You know, the ones that fix your plumbing, repave your streets, serve your food, take care of your kids, make sure you have clean safe food to eat. Don’t worry, well turn your world upside down soon enough

  5. Not every group of people can be represented in a small image. Those of you complaining that a specific classification was left out are entirely missing the main purpose of this doodle. In addition to that, those of you complaining about the groups that *are* being represented are intentionally ignoring the purpose of the doodle. It’s not meant to show our divisions, it’s meant to show acceptance.
    If you can’t do so much as tolerate a doodle, I’m very concerned for your well being.

    • True, but what if the group constitutes 15% of the world population? The intent of the doodle is not questionable, but leaving out a major religion shows the stereotypical attitude of the western culture. I, for now, do not believe in divisions based on race and religion, but repeated marginalization of Hindus is not good on the long run.

      • No, it really doesn’t. It shows that they simply didn’t have enough space to fit in every major religion in this small doodle. Claiming the artist is under-representing anything entirely misses the meaning behind the doodle, at any rate. She shouldn’t have to display every classification to get her main point across, which was to display acceptance for people of all classifications.

  6. Where’s the military? Where’s someone with a gun representing the 2nd amendment? Where’s the thug?

    As usual, this is a doodle for left wing loons.

  7. Where the military representation? Where’s the guy toting a gun to represent the 2nd amendment? Where’s the racist thug with the “Black Lives Matters” t-shirt?

    As usual, Google has given us its standard left wing loon doodle. Heck, on Christmas Day, they don’t even acknowledge Christmas.

      • It probably wouldn’t be politically correct to have someone representing the 2nd Amendment, but no one is representing the 1st Amendment either, and you aren’t complaining about that.

  8. This art is really cute! Excellent job by the young artist! It is impossible to pick a truly representative logo for all of human diversity, but Sarah clearly put a lot of thought into this. I’m sure she spent some time awake at night thinking about it, and isn’t that exactly the sort of thing these contest are trying to get kids to do? Awesome!

    • SHE PUT NO THOUGHT INTO THIS! Her artistic talent is no greater than many other artists her age. She took one of the most hackneyed concepts and just slapped on the most popular buzzwords and voila! SJW CRAP!

  9. These are the groups Google wants to benefit, they don’t care about the rest and I have a feeling they’re only doing this to virtue signal and make money.

  10. In all seriousness…why are we teaching children to believe that a Utopia is possible? That’s a bold-faced lie. Inclusion is good, but tolerance can go too far. For instance, to believe that a future is possible where everyone will be included whoever they are, and be respected no matter what…is impossible. I’d ask this 15-year-old girl…is the pedophile’s walk of life worthy of being respected? Or perhaps the neo-Nazi’s? They are people, too, after all. Do you know their past that led them to where they are? The point here is that merely being a human does NOT guarantee you respect, nor should it. Respect is earned, not freely given. This girl is not just a dreamer, but a fantasy-weaver, one who is a product of this scared, lazy generation that would rather sit and imagine things that won’t ever happen instead of acting on pragmatic, well-reasoned logic. The kind of thinking displayed here should be abandoned once one reaches high school- as the apostle Paul once said, “When I was a child, I talked like a child, I reasoned like a child, I understoodlike a child. But when I grew, I put away childish things. For then we see through a mirror darkly, but eventually will see face-to-face.” Basically, take a tip from the Bible and grow up.This does not mean one should be always negative and rude…just that doubt, skepticism, and a good-ole-fashioned calling out of B.S. are often necessary for humanity to keep from falling into the traps of historical conflicts. Hoping to hold hands one day doesn’t fix crap.

    Also, I’m not sure that there’s any basis to suggest that physical disability,gender identity,race, and religion have equal impact on others perceptions of you. Most people don’t care- adults realize that your business is yours alone and respecting privacy and freedoms we have in America largely override any random desire to humiliate someone. Personally. I think socio-economic upbringing largely goes overlooked, and can be incredibly stressful on how people perceive you and judge you. I don’t see anyone who represents socio-economic class, i.e. a very wealthy person or very poor person, in this doodle. I remember not being able to afford school lunches and having to bring a gross sandwich. I saw all these kids getting food I thought surely would be better than mine and I thought it unfair. but that’s the child’s mindset. One we should all abandon. Why are we rewarding a childish mindset with 80,000 dollars…for a frackin doodle? That’s depressing.

    • In all seriousness, mastermacabre, your screed says far more about you than it does about this drawing. You see a picture celebrating the idea that we can and should get along with each other, showing each other compassion and friendship, and your reaction is to jump to every possible wrongheaded conclusion you can conceive of in the space of typing up a lengthy rebuttal? You have the gall to argue that adults don’t give in to “random desire[s] to humiliate someone” over things like gender, race, religion, and physical disability after expending so much thought and bile to express your vitriol over a contest-winning drawing that will vanish from Google’s website tomorrow? Your bitterness is not the world’s burden, and it sure as hell isn’t this 15 year-old girl’s problem – it’s yours, and you need to stop leaking your toxic waste and face up to it. You want to quote Paul? “Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never ends. As for prophecies, they will pass away; as for tongues, they will cease; as for knowledge, it will pass away.” Do you think Jesus would have any patience at all with your sanctimonious justifications for behaving like an ass? At what point did Jesus say that respect was earned, not given? Jesus said to humble yourself and make yourself a servant to others. Not “if you think they deserve it,” not “once they’ve proven they meet your standards.” Your arrogant worldview isn’t even remotely Biblical, except insofar as it resembles that of the Pharisees that Jesus called vipers and sons of the devil. You’re familiar with Scripture, so stop acting like such a hypocrite and take to heart what it actually says instead of trying to twist it to justify how hard your heart has become. The only person demonstrating childish behavior in this scene is you. There’s nothing childish about hope or compassion or friendship, or working to create a better future. What is childish is complaining that someone else got a prize for a contest they worked hard for and you didn’t.

      • I never said working for a better future is bad, nor did I make it a personal attack. Please don’t do that. I posed questions. Will you answer them, or simply insult me?

        Call it toxic waste, call it vitriol, call it whatever mean-spirited thing you want. I call it pragmatism. You call it a hard heart, I call it realism. I am not a cold individual- I care for those I have in my personal life. I just don’t make manufactured societal issues pused by agenda-laden news outlets my personal problem, if you catch my drift. If you want to be a role model, don’t get so angry. I don’t claim to bea role model. I am NOT, by the way, religious in any way. I was raised in the faith, sure, but I don’t like the stringency of the rule set that follows. Plus, pretty sure you don’t get to decide my heart’s intentions based on an internet post. That’s ridiculous. I don’t have to agree with the Bible 100 percent, or ascribe to your personal interpretation of it, to be able to use scripture. I never claimed to be a clergyman.

        Also, how is questioning a mindset childish? Questioning,doubting, whatever you want to call it, is a necessary part of the decision making process. Don’t be so emotional. I can’t, and I don’t think you should, put so much emotion to this issue. I’d rather look at it from a distant, analytical point of view. And that is this- what is the end result for awarding real money for simple wishful thinking, and is it worth that? I,for one, would rather Google donate 10,000 dollars a month to different schools in need of aid rather than give money to the school of a child with happy thoughts. Nothing against those thoughts, by the way! I just don’t think it is wise to let optimism guide your entire worldview. But that’s just me. In the end, you, Sarah, and anybody else who wishes to view the world as such,certainly can. I just think real change isn’t caused by a doodle, and said artist shouldn’t be rewarded with money without doing anything tangible. If you want to make a change, make a change. Donate, give time, give actual, real WORK. This is’t that.

        • You REALLY missed the point, and it’s starting to annoy me. Yes, you posed questions, but the way you wrote them made it sound like an accusation, so Devin Parker had good reasons to call it toxic waste. This girl is 15 and does not need to hear your ignorance. Her generation does not have their heads in the sand, you do. Imagine you were Sarah, then read your own comment. How would you feel? Sure, you may be a realist, but it sounded harsh the way you put it. Questioning her mindset is very childish because you struck it down and tore it apart. Only a child would do that. Sarah may not believe in a Utopian world, but she could certainly still work towards one. No one ever said that she couldn’t. America is a free country, everyone knows that, and under the First Amendment to the Constitution, Sarah has the right to express her views through art, and Google has the right to share her art with everyone. Now I pose a question of my own; Why are people so cruel to this drawing?

  11. Wow – a total SJW mess – DONT FORGET THE HAPPY MUSLIM GIRL WITH HER HIJAB! Seriously, this is awful, what utter lack of creativity. She should be disqualified, she stole this concept from South Park in their episode Death Camp of Intolerance. This is what we reward? Lazy, lazy, uncreative crap showing an utter lack of imagination and group think mentality? SHAME ON HER!

    • Shame on YOU for missing her point about inclusion. One middle school in my county is doing a tolerance contest and students are encouraged to do things like this to enter into the contest! She did a great job, and everyone who says otherwise must be blind. I didn’t think so many idiots would read this article. I suppose I was mistaken.

      • Yeah, we know what the “tolerance” contest is about. It means that white Christians better just shut up and allow everyone to do and say anything they want. But white Christians better not say anything that anyone else finds offensive.

        • Why are you stereotyping all white Christians by what some do or say? I could look at this and say you were directing it towards me personally. Now, I don’t think that’s what you meant, but your views are very biased and jaded. The tolerance contest is directed to everyone, because, believe it or not, people other than whites are very judgmental to other races.

    • Muslim women save themselves till marriage it is wrong in the Muslim religion to self harm or stop yourself from reproducing

  12. Funny how only whites have to accept everyone else, but everyone else is not expected to do shit. They can rape, piss on, and murder us in the 21st century and no one bats an eye unless they HAVE to cover it due it being a large event (terrorism) but they quickly make excuses and tell us it’s no bid deal, move on it’s normal. Even some events like the Rotherham rape scandal where 1400 kids were groomed and raped by pakistani muslims is ignored (where police were not allowed to stop them from raping kids because it would be racist and islamaphobic). And anyone saying otherwise is called a hateful, racist, islamaphobic, misogynistic, sexist, kkk, nazi, and transphobic bigot.

    • seriously!? white people where considered the dominate race and to some extent still are, whites are the ones not expected to do shit

  13. Someone tell Harrison to walk the streets of Pakistan or Saudi Arabia, or Iraq unattended and see how long before she’s sold into slavery, a young white girl will fetch a hefty price in islamic countries.

  14. All these people complaining about a person being left out in the picture is nutty. She is a high school student, that better hit the point thus far than anyone else. Humans by far are mean and terrible to each other for the stupidest reasons. Don’t disrespect a girls hard work because she didn’t put everything and everyone in the picture. No matter who you are, fat, skinny, skin color or race, skin problems, wherever you work, whatever you do or don’t do for a living, religion, beliefs, everyone in the entire world, not a single person has not been hurt or discriminated against something, even addiction! If people believe in the bible, which btw I do not. Remember the crowds would rather see a murder/ rapist go just to have Jesus crucified. It makes a good point, & we still live in this kind of world & it’s a beautiful thing to see a youth step up and wanting to change that. Aren’t you guys tired of hurting, tired of being called Fat? Ugly? People making Fun of your Acne? Driving A Prius and People Calling You Gay? Being Black? Working at Burger King? Being Beautiful? Yeah.. people get hurt for being skinny too. This is a good step, to realize this, and work on changing ourselves and accepting and loving everyone around us. ~ To stop hate! Let’s start, but not hating on this girl’s picture! ;)

    • You missed the point clearly. Everyone is just pointing out the hypocrisy of the far left and Google. You just KNOW that if the disabled kids were black, there would have been an outcry, and the Doodle would have been pulled after an apology from Google leadership.

    • Preach, T Pree! You are so right, everybody just wants to criticize Sarah because she picked a very controversial topic for her drawing and executed her views beautifully.

  15. You just KNOW that if the disabled kids were black, there would have been an outcry, and the Doodle would have been pulled after an apology from Google leadership.

    • Why does everyone think Satanism is BAD? It may not be. I mean, women were considered ‘witches’ in the fifteenth century if they had any knowledge at all. SO yes, the Satanic had gesture does promote inclusion, because the person who follows that particular religion? is included with the group. You people must really hate Google. If you think Google is a spawn of Satanism, use Yahoo for Pete’s sake!!

  16. Following the influences of the Frankfurt School, Google selected this doodle because it promotes the destruction of Western Civilization through miscegenation and nihilism.

  17. Just anotehr agenda pushing doodle. This picture is the liberal lie wrapped into a single image. So much subliminal messaging…

    • The doodle is literally just a representation of acceptance. It’s unlikely there’s a conspiracy behind it.

  18. Hinduism( Peaceful religion !!!!), You are killing Christians in India everyday. You come to USA and talk about peace. You hypocritical people.

  19. So from left to right (disabled, gay, muslim, jewish, is it transgender?, christian, someone please what is e??, and another disabled but much less disabled than the first one)

  20. Lol. That would first require the extremists ( islam, kkk, BLM, bible freaks) go extinct . This will never happen. It’s human nature to be different and think different, hence the hate. If liberals were realist they would understand where I’m coming from. But since the pipedream is alive and well they will not accept reality.

  21. Diversity is great as long as you are not white or male or heterosexual or anything other than a minority identity political demographic.

  22. “A peaceful future”? More like 1939 Germany. Why does this artist want minorities to wear labels on their clothing?

  23. OMG you dipwads are completely missing the point of this! It’s about tolerance and inclusion. Also, you can be both male and female but those are the only 2 sexes, so the kid in the middle is not confused about their gender, they have elements of both male and female. GET IT STRAIGHT BEFORE YOU CRITICIZE THE POOR GIRL!!! Everyone is complaining about how she ‘forgot’ to represent some classification. Did it occur to anyone but me that the shadows in the background could be some of your ‘forgotten people’? You guys are lowlifes if you just want to find something wrong with a student’s drawing. She captured the topic perfectly and I thank her for it. To all you haters, go f*** yourselves because she won. If you wanted the drawing to be change, you should have entered your own.

    • You honestly believe that a Muslim is smiling with arms around a gay and a jew? Do you know anything about Islam? And you seem to be focused specifically on gender and sexuality. If those are on your priority list, then you should really be looking into polls taken in Islamic countries to see how they feel about gays. Look into it. Unfortunately we don’t live in a cultural utopia. It turns out you can’t just mix the world into a milkshake and have it work out, just as much as you can take your steak dinner and put it in a blender and drink it. The utopia is a nice vision, but it’s not reality. Sad, but true.

      • You’re right, I did really focus on gender and sexuality, but those were where the most people had problems with her drawing. I know an Muslim may not be smiling with their arms around a gay and a Jew NOW, but the contest was, what do you want to see in the future? The idea of utopia is false, I know, because the world has sins. However, in the future, all countries and classifications working together may be able to cut down on the sins of the world, getting us closer to a utopia. I’m not trying to be an optimist, I’m just saying it’s theoretically possible to get close to a utopia. I really think you missed the point, too, because you are focusing on what the world is like now, instead of trying to fix the future.

        • Muslims and Jews have been enemies for thousands of years, and thousands more to come. Their hostility toward one another will destroy the human race.

          • Maybe it will…if you take over the world. However, there are people who think Muslims hating Jews because of someone who said ‘Jews are evil’ is stupid. Those people will try to change the hate. Now, historical reference, if you look back to the ’70s, the Hippie Movement was a very memorable event. Most people think hippies were just idiots in tie-dyed shirts, but they actually were smart. They saw the hate in the world. They saw how humans were ruining nature, so they worked to make changes. They were peacemakers. If you feel like sitting back in your chair saying, “Let’s make a mess because we’ll all die at some point, then leave the kids to clean it up” go ahead. That’s not fair to the teenagers today and for generations after. We don’t deserve to be your cleaning crew. People who do that piss off a whole bunch of teens everywhere because they are so lazy. And it’s just an excuse anyways. Sure, we all die, but we still have to do stuff. If a college student blows off class and comes back the next day saying, “We’re all going to die at some point, so I thought I’d have fun”, no one competent will take that as a good reason. So my point being, it’s people like you who have their heads in the sand who ruin the world. Congratulations.

    • Sarah, you have done a wonderful job…….don’t listen to some of these idiots………please continue with your passion…………..they can DOODLE this!!!!!!

      • I SOOOOOOO agree. Some people just want to hate this drawing because quote unquote ‘utopia between cultures doesn’t exist’. Well, sure, it doesn’t exist NOW, but it can in the future. Sarah, you can make a change in this world. Don’t listen to those who say you can’t, listen to those who say you can. Keep on doodling!

  24. I guess in the future we’ll have diversity but no inter-racial sex because even though we go around singing cumbaya with other races, we still don’t make mixed raced babies. Apparently medical science doesn’t advance much either since there will still be plenty of cripples around.

  25. My problem with this picture is, trying to teach tolerance and unity among all believes, genders, color, and so on, it depicts Islam as a girl with head scarf. This is so stereo typical of the West view on Muslim women. One should look at the pictures of Women in Afghanistan before US aided Taliban took over, Iran before Mollas’ revolution, Turkey before 1982, and many more countries with Muslim majority before the West had meddled with their internal affairs. Head covering is a choice not a mandate. Tolerating Islamo fascist views is not tolerance.

    • You do realize the majority of Muslim women wear hijabs, right? It was drawn that way to make the classification more recognizable.

  26. So I guess white males aren’t considered part of the norm any more. Sad to see the hypocrisy of reverse discrimination being implanted in the psyche of today’s young people.

    • Please educate yourself. White males are the problem. Haven’t you heard of White supremacy? It’s how the USA got so racist in the first place. Racism will only end when Whites are a minority.

      • Suggest you look around the world for racism…Muslims hate Jews..Japanese hate Chinese…Russians hate the Poles…on and on and on. It’s not a “white” thing.

      • But whites have changed since whatever time period you are living in. It’s not the forties anymore, so grow up, go outside, and look around. Sure, white supremacy is still fresh in some people’s minds and some people may want a repeat of that, but some of us are working to change the world and end racism. For example, I am white and I think white supremacy would be the start of World War Three. Please educate yourself about stereotypes. The US is so diverse now, too. If you are living in the 1800s, I’d get why you said this, but if you aren’t, why are you such an idiot?

  27. No wonder white guys are depressed. Everyone hates white guys now. The root of all evil….got to have someone to blame. Sad to see the hypocrisy of reverse discrimination taking affect and no one sees it.

    • Minorities and women can’t be racist, as they have no institutional power. By definition, the only way that racism is ever expressed, is through white males.

  28. LoL This is what floats around the minds of the sheep. I love it when the world slaps them back into reality.