Robert Godwin Sr.: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

On Easter Sunday, a man known as Steve “Stevie Steve” Stephens shot and killed a man walking down a Cleveland street. Later that afternoon, Cleveland police identified the victim as 74-year-old Robert Godwin Sr. (though a typo in the original police announcement mistakenly gave his name as “Robert Goodwin”). Here’s what we know about Godwin:

1. His Murder was Broadcast in a Horrifying Facebook Video

Stephens murdered Godwin around 2 p.m. Sunday afternoon (Cleveland time), and posted the video to Facebook, where it remained for about three hours before Facebook took down the video and Stephens’ entire page. Police initially said the video was posted to Facebook Live, but later that night Facebook released a statement saying the video uploaded later.

In the video, Stephens can be heard asking “Can you do me a favor? Can you say [his girlfriend’s name]?”

Godwin, obviously confused by this non sequitur from a stranger, repeated the name in a questioning tone of voice. “Yeah,” Stephens said. “She’s the reason this is about to happen to you. How old are you?”

A clearly perplexed Godwin started to walk away, while exclaiming “I don’t know nobody by that name!” Those were the last words he ever spoke.

2. He Had Nine Children and 14 Grandchildren

Shortly after the manhunt for Stephens made the national news, but before Godwin’s name had been released to the public, Cleveland19 News reported Sharice Dunning posted a video interview with a man and a woman who said the still-unnamed murder victim was their father.

“He’d give you the shirt off his back,” said the heartbroken man in the video. “I’m not just saying that for these cameras … this man right here was a good man. And I just hate that he’s gone.” A reporter for WKYC Channel 3 news later said that, according to his family, Godwin had spent the morning fishing.

Also on Twitter, a man named Ryan Godwin identified himself as Robert’s grandson and pleaded with people to stop retweeting the Facebook video. “Please please please stop retweeting that video and report anyone who has posted it! That is my grandfather show some respect #Cleveland” reported that Godwin’s son, Robert Godwin Jr., said his father was a retired foundry worker who had nine children, 14 grandchildren and multiple great-grandchildren. His father often collected aluminum cans for recycling, and when he went out for walks he carried a shopping bag in case he found any. He was out looking for cans when Stephens approached him on Easter afternoon.

Robert Godwin, Jr. last saw his father on Sunday morning, when his father came by the house to pick up some basketball equipment for another of his sons.

A GoFundMe account to help Godwin’s family has been set up here. GoFundMe has confirmed to Heavy that the funds will benefit Godwin’s family.

Robert Godwin GoFundMe Account Will Support His Family

GoFundMe says it will make sure that over $20,000 raised for the family of Robert Godwin, the man whose murder was posted on Facebook, will go directly to his family.

Click here to read more

3. Police Confirmed There was no Connection Between Godwin and his Murderer

In a Sunday press conference shortly after the manhunt began. Cleveland police chief Calvin Williams said there was no apparent connection between Godwin and his killer; Stephens chose his victim at random for a “senseless” killing.

“There was no need for this gentleman to lose his life,” Williams said. “If [Stephens] needs some help, which obviously he does, he needs to call someone, he needs to turn himself in so he can get the help he needs. He can’t keep victimizing this community based on his issues.

Williams also called for Stephens to turn himself in. “I know, Steve, that you have a relationship with some of our clergy in Northeast Ohio. I encourage you to give them a call and then call us and turn yourself in.”

4. His Murderer Claims to Have Killed 15 Other People

steve stephens video

Steve Stephens. (Cleveland Police)

In a post on his now-deleted Facebook page, Steve Stephens claimed that in addition to the still-unnamed Godwin, he had killed 12 other people that day in what he called an “Easter day slaughter.” Shortly thereafter, Stephens made another Facebook post claiming to have killed three additional people.

However, Cleveland police said Godwin’s homicide was the only one they could confirm; no other murders have been connected to Stephens. Police chief Calvin Williams said, “So far there are no more victims that we know that are tied to Steve and this incident. But we are still encouraging people that if you have information on Steve’s whereabouts or any other victims that may be out there, to definitely give us a call. Just call 911.”

A YouTube channel apparently belonging to Stephens was last updated in August 2016. None of those videos indicated any propensity for violence on Stephens’ part; all of them dealt with either Cleveland’s basketball team, or Stephens’ fondness for fishing and bowling.

5. Police and the FBI are Still Searching for Godwin’s Killer reported Sunday evening that Stephens’ girlfriend, the woman whose name Stephens asked Godwin to say, is fully cooperating with the police manhunt for the killer. Police took her into protective custody earlier that afternoon.

The FBI’s Cleveland field office, as well as the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation, have also joined in the search. Reporters on the ground noted a heavier-than-usual police presence, with police helicopters hovering over the area.

Police say Stephens is believed to be driving a white Ford Fusion with Ohio temporary tags numbered E363630 (though he may have switched license plates), and wearing a dark blue polo shirt with gray or black stripes. Stephens is described as being six-foot-one, 244 pounds, with a bald head and full beard. He is considered armed and dangerous; anyone who sees him should not attempt to apprehend him, but call police at once.

This is a breaking news story; this post will be updated as events warrant.

VIDEOS: Alleged Cleveland Killer Steve “Stevie Steve” Stephens [GRAPHIC]

The videos posted on "Stevie Steve's" YouTube channel show no indication of the violence Steve Stephens is alleged to have committed in Cleveland on Easter Sunday.

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Read more about Steve Stephens and Robert Godwin in Spanish at

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Steve Stephens publicó en Facebook Live de él mismo disparando armas de fuego antes de que supuestamente asesinó a un…

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  1. Can’t even edit your posts enough to get the man’s name right in the headline. You’re all shameful, and apparently illiterate.

  2. why have you posted a link to the grandson’s tweet asking people to please no republish the video, then included the video here? rude

    • Another BS killing..and now a go fund me..get life insurance people instead weave and Jordan’s rip old man dam that’s insane

      • Why would u say some stupid shit like that. Y u bringing up Jordan’s and weave..chill out..u don’t know nothing about that family. So shut ur mouth

      • If you read the Articles the family did not ask for gofund a young man that didn’t even know them ask for it read the article

      • If there was ever a valid reason for a Go fund me, this is it.
        I’ve seen requests ranging from: “just because” to “I screwed up” to “I want to live out a fantasy”.
        In this case the man was minding his own business. He was doing something to earn some extra cash and some psycho decides to walk up to him and kill him.
        There’s a time to tell people to go pound sand. And there’s a time to show a bit of compassion (even if that compassion is nothing more than keeping your mouth shut). I think this is a time for compassion.

      • Wtf, u need to shut up. What the hell do Jordans and weave got to do with a life, and listen to the micheal jackson song it don’t matter if u white or black

    • how convenient for you to make this man’s death about black lives matter, you’re clearly a racist hiding behind a computer. they shouldnt even have a comment section for insensitive selfish people like you.

  3. Ryan A. Godwin stated in his twitter account that no one from the Godwin family started a go fund me page. Yet, this article attaches one.

  4. I can’t believe he’s blaming his girlfriend because he chose to take another man’s life. That man wasn’t a life threat to him or anyone else for that matter. People call this a senseless death. Any death of a preventable nature is always senseless, but after watching that video one death that will make perfect sense to me is the death of a murderer.

    • Yes your right waiting for him to get his immediately.I love God,but I haven’t slept angry that he’s still breathing. I’am waiting for him to hit the morgue. I have not one part of me saying not to feel this way.I don’t justify violence, but sorry he needs to get put down for this crime.He was cold hearted and the fact this man probably lived in a time racism was horrible and here our own people kill him on the streets like this.We all not like this but ,man this one needs to have a bullet for a bullet type of justice.

      • It terrible that this happen into day society, Granted we deal with mental illness, broken hearts and corrupt governments ,citizens, agencies and companies and discrimination, many corrupt law enforcement officials, ( my Hats off to them on this one They made the community better on this on. at least for the moment) . it does not justify killing innocent blood. Period, In this case You reap what you sow, came out in real time, although sad, It is unfitting it ended the way it did, but being a threat to the general public is not fitting,

    • thank you whether the victim personally did something to him or not, it’s a senseless death because no persons life should be taken from them, unless they are this disgusting murderer .

  5. This is disgusting. The fact that his ex-girlfriend is saying he’s a “Good man” just adds fuel to the fire. Someone that goes up to a senior citizen and straight up executes them under the reason, “She made me do this” is not a good man, and the excuse he’s using to justify him killing a random person on the street is just utter bullshit. It sends chills down my spine, even serving in the Army, hearing and seeing something like this really just scares you. You would expect something like this to happen in a war zone, not home.

    Hope they find this bastard and deal with him. Coward will probably end up shooting himself.

    • I thought Facebook, Twitter and other social media executives were blocking this type of content from their media platforms? Gut wrenching. No fake news here. RIP

  6. Godwin’s family has stated that the Go Fund Me accounts in their father’s memory are not affiliated with their family. They are asking that people do NOT donate to these accounts.

  7. I want to see more videos of steve stevie steve killing others. He is a machine we need him in the military. I don’t know why he didn’t do a double tap to the head though.

  8. This sick man needs to be caught! Why shut down his FB page? Although the video was a horrific sight to see AND sincerely my condolences go out to the Godwin family, it seems FB would be a good way to track and catch him. Obviously this man wants to use FB, he may make other posts with locations. Put his page back up, have someone monitor it and pray if he does make another video, post a pic or status it isn’t a killing yet may give an idea of his whereabots. The press is saying they don’t know where Stephens is and his last known location was unfortunately at the murder site. My common sense tells me more posts would be made and not necessarily all murders. From the video alone the man likes to talk, FB may be the way to find him! Plz don’t attack my post, I definitely do NOT want to see anymore killings. I’m just suggesting or questioning a way to get this sick man off the streets before any other innocent ppl are hurt. My prayers go out to all the families & authorities associated with this unfortunate situation. God bless!

  9. My thoughts go out to the family of Mr Godwin. Sorry for my English (i am from Holland). I wish you all the strength in the world to get trough this.

  10. All I see is a generous innocent man who had his life taken away by a low-life scum. My condolences to his family enduring the pain.

  11. This is crazy, but the grandson shouldn’t be mad about retweets it’s spreading awareness but I see where he’s coming from

  12. Hope Stevie Steve will be caught asap before he do harm to another innocent person. This guy is sick. How on earth will he go killing people because his girlfriend left him. He is sick, sick, sick, sick. He must paid for his crime.

  13. How about a good old fashioned public stoning? Take him out to the town square, handcuff him to a pole, and let people throw stones at him. Let his body remain there to rot. OR, how about crucifixion? Apropos for an “Easter slaughterer”. Prison, death penalty are too good for him. This POS should die a horrific tortuous death.

  14. I wish you would come across me you bastard son of a bitch, you ain’t nothing g but a coward soon of bitch, your just a worthless piece of shit and people like you is what we don’t need in this world so u got to go and someone’s already waiting for your bitch ass coward ass bitch cuz that’s what you are for taking it out on innocent people you should kill yourself bitch jump of the bridge or hang yourselfi can tell you that much so do me a favor bitch KILL YOURSELF BiTCH

  15. The killing video should really be removed from this site out of respect for the family…. how would you like it if a video of your loved one was posted at the time of their death? Very inappropriate

    • That’s just it Keshia. It WASNT one o my family. That’s what makes it so fun. IF you had an education your kids wouldn’t work for mine but that’s not how it is!! Is it??!! NOPE

  16. Robert Godwin Sr may you rest in peace and for the family may God be with you while you heal from this horrific tragic and the other victims and families who lost their love ones from the Devi……which glad he shot him self so he can rot in Hell and is off this earth to harm any other person

  17. What pisses me off is how now the media is saying how he has a child with a much younger woman. Well in his State it was perfectly legal meaning he didn’t break the law. At the end of the day all they are trying to do is deflect you from what is really going on. He is a victim. His family are victims. His children are all still fatherless. His grandchildren are all still grandfatherless. If I’d were illegal for him to be with that young woman then they would have arrested and convicted him as soon as they found out he was with her. Seeing rape is a felony. That means it has a statutory limit. Meaning at anytime before that limit is up they can come for him. They didn’t. So leave that man alone. Leave his family alone. Give the air to grieve.