Clash of Clans: Top 10 Tips and Cheats You Need to Know

6. At the First Chance of Revenge, Take It!

Clash of Clans Tips Tricks

– When you’re attacked by a rival raid party while you’re defenses are down, you’ll want to get back into action ASAP. Watching your base fall hurts, but knowing that it got taken apart while you were away hurts even more.
– Take advantage of the “Revenge” option so you can deal damage to those who did it to you. The “Revenge” option works pretty well, thanks to the fact that you can now look at your opponent’s base before you attack it.
– Make sure you remember where all their goodies are stored and the exact location of their Town Hall. You’ll be more than prepared when your perform your revenge raid!

7. The Lightning Spell Has A Ton of Good Uses

Clash of Clans Tips

Lightning Spells have a ton of great attributes attached to them. These spells can be used to take down certain defenses. The Clash of Clans Wiki page offered these tips on what those spells are more geared towards damaging:

Lightning Spells are good at destroying certain defenses. For example, if you are attacking with a lot of tier 1 units, 2 Lightning Spells work well in destroying a Mortar. 3 Lightning Spells can also take out an Air Defense, assuming the Lightning Spell’s level is high enough. Multiple Level 4+ Lightning Spell can easily take out even the strongest Mortar and Wizard Tower. If a defense has majority of their mortars and Wizard Towers adjacent to each other, use your Lightning spell to take them out. You then have least of worries about area splash damage.

8. If Your Buildings Get Destroyed, Take Advantage of the Shield You Receive

Clash of Clans Tips

– When 40-percent to 45-percent of your buildings are destroyed, you’ll be given a 12-hour shield. Take the time to toughen up your defenses for all the hours you’ve just been awarded.

9. Know Which Troops Fit Where Depending on Your Castle’s Level

Clash of Clans Tips

The Clash of Clans Wiki page offered some tips on the troop types and where they can fit in for higher-level Clan Castles:

– Healers will fit into a level 2 or higher Clan Castle.
– Dragons will fit into a level 3 or higher Clan Castle.
– P.E.K.K.As will fit into a level 4 or higher Clan Castle.
– A Golem will fit into a level 5 Clan Castle.

10. Keep Your Town Hall Protected By Traps and Teslas

Clash of Clans Tips posted up a bit on the element of surprise that you can employ when keeping your Town Hall protected:

Supercell gives you many strategic options for defense, but perhaps the most powerful is the element of surprise. Traps and the defensive Hidden Tesla do not appear to opponents when they look at your park, and while there are tricks to figure out where they are, a match made opponent will only have seconds to try and figure it out. Psychologically, many will find it hard to keep focus on the hidden as they struggle to analyze and consume all of the visible defenses and plan their attack. Use this to your advantage. Funnel units through a weakness in a wall, then blast them with bombs. Leave your Town Hall out in the cold, but surround it with Teslas to punish unprepared attackers.

If any of you hardcore Knights of Clash of Clans fans out there have some more tips to give fellow players, feel free to drop them in the comments section!

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