‘Pokemon Go’ Dating Services PokeDates & PokeMatch Launch

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A new Pokemon Go dating app allows users to swipe left or right on fellow players. (Pokematch)

Pokemon Go has been out for less than a month, but it already has two dating services.

The first one is called Pokematch, an app which appears to be heavily inspired by Tinder. Like Tinder, users are shown other people on Pokematch, who they can “catch” by swiping right. If both users swipe right for one another, they’re matched in a conversation, and from there they can arrange a meetup at a nearby Pokestop. Basically, it’s Tinder but only for Pokemon players.

The app was created by San Francisco entrepreneurs Pim de Witte and Rene Roosen. They say they were inspired to make it when Rene wanted a date but also wanted to go Pokemon hunting. 

“The goal is that people to create meaningful dates, not just hook-ups,” Roosen said in a press release. “We think that a Pokemon Go date is the perfect opportunity for that.”

Pokematch is currently available on Android devices. It will be available on iOS soon, pending Apple’s approval.

The second dating service inspired by Pokemon Go is Pokédates. This one is similar to Pokematch, but in addition to matching the two players together, Pokedates also provides them with the most convenient nearby Pokestops and the best time for the date based on the users’ availability.

Plus, the service has users answer some questions, similar to dating websites like OkCupid, so that they can be matched with like-minded players, according to Business Insider.

Here’s the catch, though: Pokedates will run you $20 for every date. The first date, however, is free if you use the promo code POKEDATES2016.

Pokedates has not yet officially launched but is expected to go online soon.

A dating app dedicated entirely to the new Pokemon game might sound like it wouldn’t work, but believe it or not, Pokemon Go has become more popular than Tinder. More android users have downloaded the app on their phone than have downloaded Tinder; to be specific, the game currently has 21 million daily active users. The average iPhone user is spending about a half-hour per day in the game, which is more time than Facebook and Twitter.

Read more statistics about the popularity of Pokemon Go below:

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