‘Pokemon Go’ Nest Migration: What Spawns Changed for Generation 2?

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A new Pokemon Go nest migration just occurred, coinciding with the release of new Generation 2 Pokemon. Which spawns changed now? If you want to find new Generation 2 Pokemon, you’re in luck. Some Generation 1 nests changed to Generation 2, some new nests were added, and other nests completely disappeared. If you’re unclear how nests work, they are places where you can find the same species of Pokemon in large numbers, rather than just finding a random Pokemon in the wild. The types of Pokemon that spawn from these nests change every few weeks, so it’s especially good that a new change coincided with the new Generation 2 Pokemon.

The latest nest migration happened on the evening of February 16, 2017. Your best bet for finding out which Pokemon (including Generation 2) are spawning near you is to check out the map on The Silph Road. On this map, you can see exactly which nests are near you, which are verified and unverified, and when new nest changes were submitted. This will help you locate any Generation 2 spawning locations near you.

Some players have been sharing on The Silph Road subreddit and the Pokemon Go subreddit which nest changes they have seen. Here’s what trainers have noticed about the nest changes so far.

  • Abra –> Chikorita
  • Caterpie –> Sentret
  • Charmander –> Charmander (it appears all starter nests may have remained the same)
  • Eevee –> Slugma
  • Electabuzz –> Psyduck
  • Jynx –> Wobbufett
  • Magikarp –> Chikorita
  • Mankey –> Seel
  • Paras –> Machop
  • Rhyhorn –> Ledyba
  • Seel–> Pinsir
  • Squirtle –> Caterpie
  • Tentacool –> Rhyhorn
  • Aipom added
  • Misdreavus added

Have you noticed any other nest and spawn changes not listed here? Let us know in the comments below.