Google Cricket Game: How to Still Play the Game

google cricket game

Google The Google cricket game is still available to play.

Twice in a little over a month, Google has featured an interactive cricket game as its Google Doodle. The Doodle first ran for the ICC Champions Trophy earlier this year. The doodle from yesterday was in honor of the ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup.

While the game/doodle was up, many people found themselves playing the game and trying to beat their high scores. Now that the game has been taken off the Google home page, many are wondering if there is a way to still play Google cricket online. The answer is yes.

Here’s how you can still play the Google cricket game:

All you have to do is click here to get started and click on the cricket doodle at the top of the page to begin playing.

The game features a team of crickets that face off against a team of snails. Players can take their matches on the go, as Google “kept the file size fly-sized” so that it can work on mobile networks or slow connections, according to Time. When Google first debuted the game, it said it was the smallest interactive Doodle yet.

Here’s a look at who helped design the popular game:

Eng: Jacob Howcroft
Art Direction: Matt Cruickshank
Additional Eng: Mark Ivey
Additional Sound Design: Leon Hong
Project Management/Production: Greg Capuano, Perla Campos

The high-score for the game appears to be 999. The Google cricket scoreboard only has three place-holders. When 999 is reached, the game continues, but the score will not change after reaching 999.

Here’s a video of someone reaching the high-score:

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