5 Best Roblox Multiplayer Games (2018)

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Roblox is developed by the Roblox Corporation. (Roblox)

The new year is here and with it will come a new abundance of Roblox games. However, with us being so early into the year, we don’t have anything of note to share yet but we’re sure we will find some games later on.

This list is compiled from games currently present in Roblox but we will make updates based on what’s good this year and from fan suggestions.

Here are five of the best Roblox multiplayer games currently has to offer.

1. Jailbreak


Jailbreak is a game that has reached the top of many best of lists and for good reason – it’s a good game. Jailbreak makes players choose between being a criminal or a police officer as you either rob stores and get more cars or uphold the peace.

The criminals actually start the game in jail and have to break out before they actually get to do some actual robbing of stores. It can be pretty fun to join a server with a team of friends that are all criminals and trying to break somebody out of the prison.

On the other hand, the same amounts of fun can be had while playing as a police officer. Jailbreak is a relatively new title and is still receiving updates so more content is on the way if you feel the game has grown stale.

2. Pokemon Brick Bronze

While Pokemon Brick Bronze can and probably will be enjoyed solo by many players, it is also a game you can enjoy completely with a friend or two.

While this isn’t an MMO by any means, you can still play and progress through the game with several friends so don’t be afraid to bring a team along for the journey.

Once you complete the first gym battle you’ll be able to battle other trainers and trade so spend a little time with the game and it’ll truly open up. You can battle it out with your friends to decide who is the true Pokemon Brick Bronze champion.

3. Counter Blox Roblox Offensive


If you’re a fan of Counter Strike Global Offensive on Steam then you’ll certainly find a lot to like with the Roblox version of this popular game.

CB: RO acts almost exactly the same as Counter Strike where you buy guns and equipment at the start of each match as you track down the other team and try to eliminate them.

This is one of the most popular games you’ll find on Roblox so you should have no trouble making a few friends and jumping into the action with them if you decide to play this game.

4. Phantom Forces


Like Counter Blox Roblox Offensive, Phantom Forces takes most of its influence from the popular Call of Duty franchise. Players begin every round selecting their weapon and loadout before jumping in the fray.

If you’ve play a shooter like Call of Duty before then you’ll feel right at home. The controls, for this being a Roblox game and all, are surprisingly tight and fluid.

This is also a very popular game, often hovering around 10,000 players, so you won’t have any issues finding players to play with here.

5. Hide and Seek Extreme


There’s no shooting your friends here but there is still a lot of fun to be had. Hide and Seek Extreme forces you to hide from one person tasked with hunting you down (and killing you).

There aren’t a whole lot of hiding spots to be had in this game but instead you’ll just have to keep your distance from the person who is seeking you out.

If you join into this game with a party of players then you can all stay together in one big group and find a spot or you can slowly be picked off one by one. Whatever happens to you, it’s a fun experience.

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