Destiny 2: Perfect Fifth Kill Guide for the Polaris Lance Masterwork

Polars Lance Perfect Fifth Kill

For several weeks Destiny 2 players have been completing different steps of a lengthy quest that ends with them obtaining the Polaris Lance exotic and its corresponding Catalyst. Just like the other Masterworks, users will need to finish objectives tied to that specific exotic such as obtaining precision kills. However, the Polaris Lance scout rifle is a bit different thanks to the slightly cryptic requirement of obtaining 50 Perfect Fifth Kills.

For the unfamiliar, this exotic automatically receives a bullet back into the clip for each precision shot. After hitting five precision shots the Polaris Lance will fire a single Solar round that explodes and sets enemies on fire. Your decision shots don’t need to be on after another, but if you reload the clip it will reset the counter. The charged up Solar round will also vanish if you swap weapons or wait too long.

Here’s a breakdown of how to easily complete the Perfect Fifth Kills for the Polaris Lance Masterwork.

What is the Perfect Fifth Kill?

While many might assume that the Perfect Fifth Kill is obtained by just vanquishing a foe with the explosive round, it’s actually a little more complicated. You have to kill the enemy with the burn damage from the Solar round in order for it to count. If the foe dies from the explosion or the bullet itself then it will not be viewed as a Perfect Fifth Kill. This makes it quite tricky since the Polaris Lance is strong enough to just instantly kill a lot of enemies with the explosion alone.

However, there is one location that will make this extremely easy and save you a ton of headaches.

Where to Farm the Perfect Fifth Kill

Credit to Reddit user twotilmidnite for showcasing this perfect farming spot for the Perfect Fifth Kills. Once you obtain the Polaris Lance Catalyst, head to the original Leviathan raid and make your way to the large room where you have to gather keys. This place is called the Castellum and it’s perfect for farming most Masterworks.

Head to either the Gauntlet, Baths, or Garden entrance (depending on what week it is) and begin charging up your Polaris Lance’s Solar round. It turns out that a single critical hit with the explosive round leaves just enough health on the enemy for them to die to the burn damage. You will only want to target the normal red bar Cabal soldiers so don’t progress the instance by collecting any of the keys.

Every charged round needs to be fired at the head of a red bar Cabal soldier with full health. This leaves them with enough HP to just die to the burn damage, adding a Perfect Fifth Kill to your Catalyst’s progression bar. If you’re going for this challenge during the Gauntlet run, just stand at the top of the staircase and funnel them into a nice little shooting gallery. You can kill the key producing bosses if they become a nuisance, but don’t grab the actual item they drop.

You will also need 500 kills to fill up the percentage meter, but that shouldn’t take you a lot of time. When farming by myself it took around 20 to 30 minutes to finish the Catalyst and complete the Polaris Lance Masterwork. Who knows, you might even get lucky and get another Destiny 2 Catalyst from a fallen enemy