How to Solve the Speed Clock Puzzle in Deltarune

Deltarune Clock Puzzle

Deltarune is the newest game from developer Toby Fox and it’s full of unique encounters and puzzles. One of the earliest puzzles you’ll have to solve is tied to three tiles on the ground that you have to quickly run across. There’s a pretty short timrr for this one, so you’ll need to use your sprint button if you want to complete this challenge.

Found after the fighting tutorial and a few real fights, Kris will encounter a room with a clock on the wall and three tiles on the floor. Your goal is to hit every tile when it glows, but if there is more than one tile glowing you’ll need to hit both at the same time.  This is done by manipulating your companion’s position so they end up on the second tile. You can start this puzzle by pressing Enter when you’re near the clock.

The trickiest one is when both the right and left tiles are glowing. To hit these two at the same time, hold down X and run in a straight line from right to left. You will gain enough speed to hit both tiles with you and your companion, but only if you sprint.

After you finish the puzzle then head to the right and you’ll find a convenient save point waiting for you.

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