Fallout 76 Hornwright Industrial Exam Answers

Hornwright Industrial Exam Answers Fallout 76


Fallout 76 is out now and it represents Bethesda’s first attempt at a fully online Fallout world. While some major changes were made to make the game feel natural online you can still count on there being many quests and things to do in the game.

Several side quests in Fallout 76 require you to answer exam questions and The Motherlode is no different. Into the Fire, a separate quest in Fallout 76, also required players to answer quiz questions.

Shortly into this questline players are sent to a terminal where they have to take a five-question exam asking the player what they would do in a certain situation. You could scavenge around for the answers if you’d like or you can read our little guide on the answers.

Here are the answers to the exam:

  • Question 1
    • Blame the incident on agitators in the local unions.
  • Question 2
    • Blackmail them into providing more information.
  • Question 3
    • Dig up dirt on the politician to lower their price.
  • Question 4
    • Offer them lucrative jobs to get them to reveal their identities.
  • Question 5
    • Turn over the details to Hornwright’s top-notch corporate intelligence team.

From there all you have to do is process your answers and the machine will tell you that you have what it takes to be the next Hornwright senior executive.

Now you can continue on with the rest of the quest without any extra exploring to do. You’ll still have to watch out for enemies along the way but that should be no problem since you’re well on the way to becoming CEO.

Fallout 76 is out now for Xbox One, PS4 and PC through Bethesda’s online store.

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