Pokemon Let’s Go Silph Co Walkthrough

Pokemon Lets Go Silph Co Walkthrough

The first you’ll notice when you arrive in Saffron City in Pokemon Let’s Go is that the whole town has been taken over by Team Rocket.

To make them go away you need to you’re going to need to head to the Silph Co Headquarters and defeat Team Rocket.

The Silph Co. Building can be found a street above the Pokemon Center and you’ll be greeted by Team Rocket members Jessie and James trying to force their way into the building.

Once this happens you can head inside where you’ll be met with your rival and Blue. A battle with Blue will follow where he uses a level 38 Exeggutor and a level 40 Charizard. Once you dispatch them you can continue into the building by using the staircase or elevator.

There are numerous members of Team Rocket in the building you can either choose to fight or avoid completely. If you want to fight everyone on each floor you can do that or you can head straight to the 5th floor.

On the 5th floor, you will run into a Team Rocket Grunt and a Team Rocket Executive named Archer. There you will have a team battle with your rival against the two of them.

It’s a lengthy battle but once you eventually prevail the Grunt will run off but drop the Card Key as she escapes.  The Card Key is used to open all of the security doors in the building. Once you get the Card Key we recommend getting Lapras right away so you don’t forget.

From here you can take the elevator or stairs back down to the 3rd floor, go straight and open the security door. You’ll want to take the first teleporter but you can keep going into the next set of doors, take that teleporter, defeat a Grunt and find a Nurse Joy who will heal your Pokemon if you need it.

The first teleporter will take you to your rival and yet another fight with Archer. This time your rival will take on Archer so you are free to take the next teleporter where you’ll face Jessie and James instead.

Giovanni Team Rocket Pokemon Let's Go

Jessie and James will once again use Arbok and Weezing, both at level 36, and it’s a double battle so make sure your first two Pokemon are ones you’ll want to be using here.

Once you defeat them continue on down the hallway and open the security door leading into the final room. You’ll watch a brief exchange between Giovanni and the Silph Co president where you’ll then be forced to battle Giovanni.

Giovanni will be using Persian, Rhyhorn and Nidoqueen in this battle so plan accordingly. After the battle is finished talk to the president and you’ll be rewarded with the Master Ball.

The Master Ball will allow you to catch any Pokemon you throw it at with no chance of the Pokemon breaking out. Make sure you save this ball for an important Pokemon.

You can continue to explore the rest of the Silph Co building but this is all you’ll need to do to drive Team Rocket out. The entrance to the Saffron City gym should now be open.

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