Mortal Kombat 11: Full List of Fatalities

MK 11 Scorpion Fatality

NetherRealm Studios, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment


Once either of those phrases is heard, you should automatically know what to do next. For years, Mortal Kombat has given its fanbase the chance to end each battle in the flashiest way possible. The iconic fighting game series’ familiar cast has always had access to the type of finishing moves that decapitate, bludgeon, and crush their fallen foes. With Mortal Kombat 11, Fatalities have now reached another level of brutality (pun intended). We went into the training lab, practiced our sick “Kombos,” and witnessed every character’s vicious match ender.

Now we’re here to remind you of how to pull off each character’s signature killing move. Here’s the full lineup of every character’s Fatality from Mortal Kombat 11. By the way, you have to unlock every character’s second Fatality in the Krypt or simply do it in a battle to add it to your repertoire.

MK 11 Raiden Fatality

NetherRealm Studios, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Note: the listed inputs represent your character standing on the left side of the screen. The final button for each Fatality pertains to the following order of compatible consoles and their controllers – PS4 (DualShock 4)/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch (Right Joy-Con Controller or Pro Controller). Every character falls into alphabetical order, by the way. You’re welcome.


Food For Thought (Close): Left, Down, Left, Triangle/Y/X
Rock, Paper, Baraka (Close): Left, Right, Left, X/A/B

Cassie Cage

I <3 u (Mid): Down, Down, Right, Circle/B/A
#GirlPower (Far): Left, Down, Down, Left, Triangle/Y/X


Maintaining Balance (Mid): Left, Down, Right, Down, Circle/B/A
Good And Evil (Mid): Left, Down, Left, X/A/B


New Species (Close): Left, Right, Left, X/A/B
Can’t Die (Mid): Left, Down, Down, Circle/B/A

Erron Black

Melted (Mid): Down, Down, Down, Square/X/Y
Death Trap (Mid): Down, Right, Down, Triangle/Y/X


Ice Sculpture (Close): Right, Left, Down, Square/X/Y
The Cyber Initiative (Mid): Left, Right, Down, Right, Circle/B/A


Wind Blade (Far): Left, Down, Down, Left, Square/X/Y
Twisted Sister (Close): Right, Left, Down, Triangle/Y/X


Phasing Through Time (Anywhere): Left, Down, Down, X/A/B
Peeling Back (Close): Down, Right, Left, Square/X/Y

Jacqui Briggs

Spider Mines (Mid): Right, Left, Right, X/A/B
Nothin’ But Neck (Mid): Left, Right, Left, Circle/B/A


Bow Before Me (Anywhere): Down, Down, Right, Down, Circle/B/A
Pole Dance (Close): Left, Right, Down, Right, Square/X/Y

Jax Briggs

Coming In Hot (Close): Left, Down, Left, X/A/B
Still Got It (Close): Left, Right, Left, Down, Square/X/Y

Johnny Cage

Mr. Cage’s Neighborhood (Close): Right, Left, Down, Down, Circle/B/A
Who Hired This Guy (Close): Right, Down, Right, Square/X/Y


Party Pooper (Mid): Down, Right, Left, Triangle/Y/X
Pop Goes The Mortal (Mid): Left, Down, Left, Square/X/Y


Road Rash (Mid): Left, Right, Down, Right, X/A/B
Hooked (Close): Down, Down, Down, Circle/B/A


Last Dance (Close): Right, Down, Down, Square/X/Y
Face Like A Dropped Pie (Close): Left, Down, Right, Triangle/Y/X


Gore-Nado (Mid): Down, Down, Down, Down, Triangle/Y/X
Royal Execution (Mid): Down, Left, Right, Square/X/Y

The Kollector

For The Kollection (Close): Down, Down, Down, Down, Circle/B/A
Head Lantern (Close): Down, Right, Left, Square/X/Y

Kotal Kahn

Totem Sacrifice (Close): Left, Down, Left, X/A/B
Kat Food (Close): Left, Right, Left, Right, Square/X/Y

Kung Lao

Headed Nowhere (Close): Down, Right, Left, Down, Triangle/Y/X
Meat Slicer (Close): Down, Right, Down, X/A/B

Liu Kang

Burn Out (Close): Down, Left, Down, Right, Square/X/Y
Belly of the Beast (Mid): Left, Down, Left, Right, Triangle/Y/X


Spinning Out Of Control (Mid): Left, Down, Left, Triangle/Y/X
Violent Delights (Close): Right, Down, Down, Circle/B/A


War Ritual (Close): Left, Right, Left, Right, Triangle/Y/X
Komo-tose (Close): Down, Down, Down, Circle/B/A

Noob Saibot

Split Decision (Mid): Left, Right, Left, Right, Circle/B/A
Double Trouble (Close): Down, Down, Down, Square/X/Y


Alternating Current (Mid): Left, Down, Left, Square/X/Y
Direct Current (Close): Down, Right, Left, X/A/B


Eye-Solated (Anywhere): Left, Right, Left, Down, Triangle/Y/X
Power Washer (Close): Left, Down, Down, Square/X/Y


Straight to Valhall (Far): Left, Right, Down, Square/X/Y
Parilla Thrilla (Close): Down, Right, Down, Circle/B/A


Dead or Alive (Close): Left, Right, Down, Down, Triangle/Y/X
Thank You For Your Cooperation (Mid): Right, Down, Right, Square/X/Y


You’re Next (Far): Left, Down, Down, Square/X/Y
Chain Reaction (Mid): Down, Right, Left, Triangle/Y/X

Shang Tsung

Kondemned to the Damned (Mid): Left, Right, Down, Down, Square/X/Y
Shokan Reborn (Mid): Left, Right, Left, Circle/B/A

Shao Kahn

Back Blown Out (Close): Left, Right, Down, Down, Triangle/Y/X
Kahn-Sequences (Close): Left, Right, Left, Square/X/Y


Stomp The Yard (Close): Down, Down, Down, Square/X/Y
Spinal Tap (Close): Right, Down, Down, Right, X/A/B


Scream Queen (Close): Down, Down, Right, Circle/B/A
Hair Today Gone Tomorrow (Mid): Left, Right, Left, Square/X/Y


Bloody Mess (Mid): Right, Left, Down, X/A/B
Heart Condition (Mid): Down, Down, Right, Circle/B/A

Sonya Blade

To The Choppa (Mid): Down, Right, Left, Triangle/Y/X
Supply Drop (Close): Left, Right, Down, X/A/B


Rest in Pieces (Mid): Right, Left, Down, Down, X/A/B
Unchained (Mid): Right, Left, Right, Circle/B/A


Ice-Cutioner (Mid): Left, Right, Left, Triangle/Y/X
Frozen In Time (Mid): Right, Down, Right, Circle/B/A

Terminator T-800

I’m Back (Close): Left, Right, Left, Square/X/Y
Target Terminated (Mid): Down, Right, Down, Circle/B/A

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