Batman/Fortnite One-Shot Revealed & Teases a New Skin

DC Comics

It turns out that the Batman miniseries that brought him into the world of Fortnite of was so well-received that DC Comics decided to give the Caped Crusader another go at it.

Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point is a 6-issue miniseries that ended with the reveal that Fortnite’s very own Dr. Slone was meeting with a variety of DC villains in Gotham City itself.

The majority of the series took place on Fortnite island, so this was a very big reveal and it looks like this one-shot issue will be following up on that plot thread.

A change in creative team was in order for this special issue as artist Reilly Brown was switched out in favor of Joshua Hixson and famed Batman writer Scott Snyder has been brought on as a co-writer.

Snyder is well-known for his New 52 run on Batman that introduced the Court of Owls as well as his earth-shattering DC storylines Dark Nights: Metal and Dark Nights: Death Metal.

Here’s everything we know about this upcoming issue and what it means for both the DC Universe and Fortnite.

This Takes Place in Gotham

Epic Games

We already know about the impact this series had in Fortnite, so why not take a look at what’s going on back in Gotham?

In Issue 6 of the miniseries, it’s shown that there is an anchor between Fortnite and the DCU, so people who know about it are able to travel freely back and forth. This would seemingly mean characters like Dr. Slone could come and go as they please.

For Batman, this just means there are even more villains to deal with, and there might be some fearsome foes coming from Fortnite. Perhaps Lex Luthor and his crew needed Superman out of the picture so they opened up the rift above the Daily Planet.

With so many shady characters running around Gotham City, it’s unclear what somebody like Slone could even do, but that’s likely what this issue will be answering for us.

Another Free Cosmetic

fortnite armored batman skin

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According to screenshot from Screen Rant, this special one-shot will include a code for an outfit in Fortnite, much like each issue of the miniseries did.

It’s unclear just what that outfit could be or even what character it could be for. The expectation is that it’d be for another Batman skin, but there might be a bit too many of those in Fortnite already.

We don’t know who this comic will feature in it outside of Batman, so he honestly might be the safe bet, even if the game already has an overabundance of the Caped Crusader.

This 48-page one-shot is currently slated to release October 26, so there is still quite a wait before players are able to get their hands on it. By the time it releases, Season 7 will be in the rear view mirror, so it’ll be interesting to see the ways Batman continues to shape the world of Fortnite.

We’re sure there are still many more stories to be told including Fortnite and the DCU, so we’ll just have to wait and see how long they want to keep them going.

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