Fortnite Survey Gauges Interest in Another Full-Season Crossover

fortnite survey full season survey

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While you might be the biggest Marvel fan on the planet, not every Fortnite player feels the same way and their thoughts on Chapter 2 Season 4 might be wildly different than yours.

Having Iron Man, Thor and She-Hulk around is cool, but having them stick around for the whole season is another thing entirely. While Stark Industries was a cool POI and the Stark Rifle was a nice gun, not everyone was too fond of how things played out.

As it turned out, that was just the beginning of the crossovers in Fortnite, but nothing has quite matched it since. We’ve seen more Marvel and DC Comics characters come into the game, but there hasn’t been anything on the same level as Season 4.

In a recent survey, Epic asked players if they’d like to see a season like that ever come back to Fortnite, and while we don’t have a way of knowing how people are answering, it is interesting that they are at least asking the question.

More Crossover Seasons?

The survey, tweeted out by FireMonkey, shows that Epic wants to know how fans felt about the full-season crossover, ranging from extremely negative to extremely positive. Unless you complete hate Marvel, it’s hard to imagine answering extremely negative, but who knows.

This doesn’t mean Epic has plans for another Marvel season in the near future, but it does seem a bit interesting that they are trying to gauge the community’s interest in this possibly happening again.

On top of this, Epic also asked how much of the Item Shop should be original Fortnite cosmetics versus crossovers. This is actually something that appears to be remedied in the near-future as a plethora of non-crossover skins have recently leaked.

Remember, just because it’s being asked about in a survey doesn’t mean it’ll become a reality in the game. Then again, we did some specific Fortnite Crew things being asked about, and we know Epic did sweeten the offer with that.

They Want to Know About Impostors Too

fortnite v17.40 patch notes

Epic Games

The developers also want to know if players want the new Impostors mode to stick around for the long haul. Typically, new game modes like this would only be around for a limited time before they are rotated out in favor of something new.

However, the announcement for the mode made no mention of when this mode could be leaving, indicating that they might be plans to have it stay around. This might ruffle the feathers of a few more Among Us developers, but it shows that Epic has a lot of faith in their new mode.

On the surface, it might just seem like an Among Us clone, but there’s a lot more going on here if you take the time to explore. There are a lot of little lore details that longtime Fortnite players would appreciate. It’d be cool to see Epic update the mode with a new map each season so players can explore even more of the little tidbits that make up the overall plot of the game.

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