NBA 2K22: MyCareer, MyTeam and The W Seasons Explained


The biggest and most popular video games in the world have all seemingly introduced some sort of “seasons” approach when it comes to releasing post-launch content. The NBA 2K franchise is going all-in on the concept this year.

Earlier this week, 2K released a blog explaining its Seasons release calendar that will primarily impact the MyCareer and MyTeam modes in NBA 2K22.

As you read through this breakdown, you’ll see the No. 40 is pretty important this year in NBA 2K22.

New NBA 2K22 Content Every 6 Weeks

The duration of a season in an annual video game release calendar can range in length. For NBA 2K22, seasons will last approximately 6 weeks. We get a good glimpse of the timeframes in the infographic 2K provided below.

2KNBA 2K22

The actual NBA season begins in October and if you count the postseason, it doesn’t end until June. This calendar will have a season begin in August, which is well after the time the last postseason will have been played, and even after the NBA Draft and free agency.

While we know the primary focus of the content drops will be associated with MyTeam, the W and MyCareer, it makes you wonder if we’ll new rosters and free agents added before the new version of the game is released.

This could be the first major step toward 2K becoming a complete live service title that offers a more timely offseason roster update that isn’t tied to the release of the game each year.

Key NBA 2K22 Seasons Feature

The MyCareer experience will be different for next-gen and current-gen systems. PS5 and Xbox Series X/S fans will have access to the City again this year, but the virtual town has been expanded in a variety of ways.

Because the map is so big, one of the biggest additions will be modes of transportation. Inline skates and Go Karts have been added as items you can unlock as you earn XP and level up your player. There will be specific, season-specific rewards on a 40-level scale for each 6-weeek period. The rewards will come in the form of apparel, name banners, transport and other items.

Here’s what 2K said about transportation in The City.

Transportation feature

Start your engines, Season 1 is set to take players for a ride, unleashing Go-Karts in the City and Neighborhood as the Grand Prize. We’re thrilled to introduce Go-Karts as a fun way to cruise and adventure through unexplored regions, and will be available once you’ve reached Level 40. In addition, Inline Skates can be used as a mode of transportation once you crack the Level 30 threshold.

We don’t know how collision detection will work with transportation vehicles and the people who are roaming 2K’s virtual streets, but I’m interested to see how the Go Karts blend in from a visual standpoint.

For years, 2K’s City or Neighborhood environments were about people, then bicycles and scooters, but Go Karts takes it to another level. Let’s hope no aspect of The City’s charm is compromised.

Wisely, 2K is attempting to create weekly event built around its regular content drops. They are also interpolating music culture. The concept I’m referring to is called First Friday, and here is how it is described.

First Friday Feature

In partnership with some of the largest music labels in the world, we’ll be featuring both up-and-coming artists and world-renowned musicians, joining the likes of Travis Scott, Doja Cat, Megan Thee Stallion, Young Thug, and more already on the NBA 2K22 soundtrack.

The soundtrack for NBA 2K games has grown from being a way to hear some of the most popular songs from the past year or so to a source for brand-new music and artists. If First Friday functions as designed, it could be another platform for new music to be heard for the first time.

On the grand scale, that is huge. However, some 2K players could probably care less about this sort of feature. This kind of addition screams 2K’s genius and the company’s tendency to lean too heavily in the area of fluffy and overly commercial features that do nothing to boost the core experience.

That said, if gameplay is strong and the features work well, this is something that could be viewed fondly.

Let’s talk MyTeam and the early reveal of the prize card for Season 1.

MyTeam Rewards Feature

Every Season in MyTEAM brings new Challenges & Events, with an all-new fast-paced mode coming this holiday. To start building your dream team in the best way possible, climb to the top of Season 1 to earn Pink Diamond Carmelo ‘King of New York’ Anthony!

The objective in every mode, in every Season within MyTeam for NBA 2K22 is to reach level 40. It’s almost as if 2K is turning the No. 40 into the equivalent of 99 as it relates to the six-month periods.

As was the case last year, MyTeam will deliver new challenges and prizes for each Season. Thankfully, a new Draft feature will be introduced for the mode. There’s also a new mystery mode coming during the holiday season that is described as “fast-paced.” My hope is that there is some sort of salary cap feature, but new layers is always good.

Last, but not least, 2K talks briefly about the way The W experience will be impacted by Seasons.

This year, the entire WNBA experience has been blown out to a grander scale. Female MyPlayers will be able to compete online while earning rewards similar to the traditional MyCareer concept.

Here’s a brief description of some of the new features.

New The W Features

Go toe-to-toe with opposing MyPLAYERs online and earn new rewards, such as VC, clothing bundles, badges, nail polish, and more in NBA 2K22. Rewards will be updated and refreshed at the start of every new Season, so continue climbing tiers and collect them all.

There is more to come on The W as I dive deeper into that blog, but 2K has made it clear they are investing into The W and its players for the long haul.

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