Ex-Bush Aide’s Son Busted in Hatchet Murder: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

Claude Alexander Allen III, 20, was arrested in Gaithersburg, Maryland, on Friday morning in connection with a hideous hatchet murder.

Allen is the son of a disgraced domestic policy adviser to former President George W. Bush.

Here’s what you need to know about Allen III and his alleged crime…

1. The Body Was Found Close to His Home

He was arrested after the body Michael Phillip Harvey, 25, was found in a wooded area 75 yards behind his home, NBC Maryland reports that they believe that Harvey was killed in the garage of the home.

2. His Father Was a High-Ranking Member of the Bush Administration

Claude Alexander Allen III, Claude Allen, George W. Bush disgraced aid.

Claude Alexander Allen the elder pictured with former President George W. Bush.

The elder Claude Allen was a domestic policy adviser to George W. Bush. Allen the elder was disgraced when he pleaded guilty to claiming shoplifting and claiming refunds for goods he didn’t buy. The case involved $5,000 worth of merchandise. At the time, Allen’s wife blamed the stress her husband was under due to the effects of the Hurricane Katrina disaster. At the time the Washington Post reported:

Police said Allen would walk into a store, charge items to credit cards and take the items to his car. He would then return to the store, pick up identical items and seek refunds for them. Police said several of his fraudulent transactions were recorded by store surveillance cameras.

3. The Incident Occurred at the Family Home

Claude Allen arrested in Gaithersburg homicideThe victim in the Gaithersburg homicide is ID'd as Michael Phillip Harvey. wj.la/10X87yg2013-05-24T16:34:17.000Z

It’s believed the home is the family home of the suspect’s parents, Claude the elder and Jannese. Allen III is one of their four children. The parents were not home at the time of the incident, but they along with the children all live in the residence at the 7200 block of Cliff Pine Drive in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

Montgomery County Police Spokesman Captain Jim Daly:

Our information is that a hatchet was used, and the victim was struck in some manner.

4. Allen III Made the 911 Call

Claude Alexander Allen III, Bush aide's son arrest, hatchet murder.

Photo via WJLA.

Allen III called the cops himself claiming he had killed a burglar. When police arrived they searched the home, finding the murder weapon, a hatchet, in a garbage can. They determined he knew the victim and it was not a burglary. It’s not yet known if Harvey was killed in woods or his body was moved there.

5. Police Questioned a Third Man

A third man was in the home at the time of the incident. He has been tracked down by law enforcement, questioned and is not considered a suspect. The man in question was not a family member.

6. He Had Just Dropped out of College

Allen III was attending a college in Virginia, he dropped out in the Spring according to WJLA, he had been on an army ROTC scholarship at the University of Richmond.

7. This Isn’t Allen’s First Brush With the Law

WJLA.com reports that Allen III has a previous criminal record in a marijuana case. It’s not known if Allen III will be represented by the same lawyer in this case.

8. His Father Was Previously on Course to Become a Judge

Prior to being disgraced, Allen Senior was a potential nominee for appeals judge.

9. Before Leaving For College, Allen III Was Home-Schooled

10. He’s being charged with first degree murder

Police have yet to establish a motive. Allen will appear in court on May 28.

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