Lauren Cholewinski: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Now

lauren cholewinski


Lauren Cholewinksi, 25, is an American speed skater heading to the Sochi Olympics this week to compete for team USA. She will be skating in the long-track 500 meter event.

Here is what you need to know about this Olympian:

1. She Skated in the 2010 Olympics



Cholewinski, identified by her NBC olympic profile as a 5’8′ 145-pound speed skater represented the United States in competition at the 2010 winter olympics in Vancouver.

Cholewinksi finished the 2010 olympics in 30th place in 500m race. She told Yahoo after her failure to medal in 2010, “This time everything was so new and exciting. Next time I’ll know how to handle myself better and stay fresh.”

2. She’s a Model

In a 2010 interview, Cholewinksi said that she wanted to consider modeling as a part-time gig. Now, in 2014, it appears her hopes of doing that have been successful. Her Team USA bio lists her as being a model when she’s not speed skating around a rink.

You can see here modeling profile, as well as some of her best pictures, at Urban Talent.

3. She Came in Third Place in the Qualifiers

This year, Cholewinski assured her spot in Sochi when she finished third in the U.S. olympic trials. She takes one of the four spots on the U.S. team for distance speed skating.

You can watch one of her qualifying races above.

4. She’s From South Carolina



Cholewinski was born in York, South Carolina and started inline skating at the age of 9. It wasn’t until 2006 that she switched to ice skating and moved to Utah to start training seriously.

Besides skating and modeling, she also reportedly rides horses and is working on getting her pilot’s license.

5. Her Brother Is Also a Competitive Speed Skater

James Cholewinski, is also a speed skater, skating at national championships and olympic qualifying races since 2007. Above you can watch one of those races.

According to his Twitter account, he is also an aspiring architect.