WATCH: Stephen A Smith to Women: Don’t ‘Provoke’ Domestic Abuse

Stephen A Smith, an ESPN commentator, was talking about Ray Rice’s recent two-day suspension over an incident where he knocked his finance unconscious in an Atlantic City hotel elevator. In the video, which you can watch above, Stephen A Smith comes out strongly against hurting women, something he reiterates by mentioning ambiguously “what he would do” if he ever caught anyone touching a member of his family, but then things take an awful turn.

Smith goes on to say that women should make sure to think about what would ‘provoke’ a man to violence, as if the ultimate blame for a violent domestic situation comes down to the person ‘provoking’ and not the person doing the actual violence.

After the comment sparked outrage across the internet, Smith posted the following apology on Twitlonger:

My series of tweets a short time ago is not an adequate way to capture my thoughts so I am using a single tweet via Twitlonger to more appropriately and effectively clarify my remarks from earlier today about the Ray Rice situation. I completely recognize the sensitivity of the issues and the confusion and disgust that my comments caused. First off, as I said earlier and I want to reiterate strongly, it is never OK to put your hands on a women. Ever. I understand why that important point was lost in my other comments, which did not come out as I intended. I want to state very clearly. I do NOT believe a woman provokes the horrible domestic abuses that are sadly such a major problem in our society. I wasn’t trying to say that or even imply it when I was discussing my own personal upbringing and the important role the women in my family have played in my life. I understand why my comments could be taken another way. I should have done a better job articulating my thoughts and I sincerely apologize.




Smith says a lot of dumb things.
Usually blaming the victim.
He needs to go.

danielle hagerman (@danikat1972)

No you did not misspeak, being a member of the female persuasion I am on your side. We
women need to quit pretending we do not provoke it. We do all the time whether it is laying hands on men first, destroying their property, threatening their freedom, or just because we are drama queens’ and bored that day. I give a whole lot of credit to men no matter what else happened they have never hit a woman ever in their whole life, including their sisters. Interesting poll that would be. Grow up and do something that has not happened since the1940’s TAKE PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. There are very few women out there that do not deserve to be, well let’s face it have the belt taken to us just like when we were kids, why, because we do that exact same thing as we did then. Quit playing the victim role girls and stop pretending we do not do this because most of the time, and come on now let’s be real about this, it is the exact action we are looking for: look at me, he hit now he’s the bad guy and I got both things I wanted, his reaction and my 15 mins. of fame. Guess what cat’s out of the bag now. Now maybe we can stop denying the elephant in the room and solve the problem of real victims of abuse and not us rich, childish, little girls who have the look at me I have to be the center of attention 24/7. If you do not think for one second this is exactly what Mr. Stephen Smith is saying then your an idiot or in serious denial. Don’t Even Know I Am Lying. Yes we do provoke most of the time if this is not a usual behavior in the relationship.

I am not talking about women that live in an abusive relationship, the only thing you can do is leave. Just grab the kids and go he will not change and you and the children might not survive. You can do it you just have to dig down to your soul and find that courage that you once had and remember the person who you were before and trust in something more powerful than anything you can think of, I call it God. Turn there and say I am ready. Other than that abusive relationships won’t change. I pray for all women who feel they cannot leave because you can I know because I did it once before and now I am getting rid of my second abusive relationship. I have found my power for the first time in my life and I will not give it up again ever to anyone else. There is nothing I cannot do with the Lord on my side.

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