Sarah Koenig: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Sarah Koenig is the host and executive producer of one of the world’s most popular podcasts, Serial. The final episode of season one of the broadcast came out on December 18.

You can watch her promoting the podcast on one of the final editions of The Colbert Report above from 15 minutes in.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. She’s Worked in Moscow for the New York Times & ABC News

She began her career in media working for the East Hampton Star on Long Island in New York. From there she received a serious promotion where she went to work for ABC News eventually becoming a reporter with the station’s Moscow bureau. Later, Koenig moved on to work for the New York Times in Russia, according to an online bio. Eventually, she moved back to the U.S. where she worked for the Baltimore Sun, covering the state capital. According to her bio at the Colbert Nation website, she covered the 2000 presidential election for The Concord Monitor.

2. Koenig Won a Peabody for Her Work on This American Life

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Koenig began working in broadcasting with This American Life in 2004. She served as the show’s executive producer. Under her stewardship, the show won a Peabody award in 2006 for the show “Habeas Schmabeas.” Then in 2013, she started creating the spinoff, Serial. The show first appeared in October 2014 and rocketed to the top of iTunes in its first week. In addition to her Peabody, she’s also won a Scripps-Howard award, an Overseas Press Club award and a New York Women’s Press Club of New York award.

3. Her Dad Created the Greatest Ad Campaign of All Time

Her dad, Julian, is regarded as one of the greatest advertising copywriters of all time. His campaign for Volkswagen, “Think Small,” was voted the No.1 ad campaign of all time by Advertising Age in 1999. He and his second-wife, Maria Eckhart, had four children, including Sarah (who was born in July 1969). Her dad’s life was dealt with in an episode of This American Life, you can listen here.

When her parents split, Sarah’s mother married writer Peter Mattheissen. Both her father and her stepfather died in 2014.

4. Koenig Is Married With 2 Kids

Sarah lives in State College, Pennsylvania, according to her LinkedIn page, with her husband, Ben Schreier. He’s an associate professor of English and Jewish studies at Penn State. The couple have two children, Ave and Reuben, together.

5. The Final Episode Dealt With the Case of Ronald Lee Moore

ronald lee more, hae min lee, adnan syed, serial, podcast, murder

Ronald Lee Moore (Mugshot via Nutty News)

The final episode of the first series of Serial dealt with the case of Ronald Lee Moore, a serial rapist and murderer. He’s suspected of killing Hae Min Lin on January 13, 1999. Moore killed himself in February 2012.

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