WATCH: 61 Wingsuit Skydivers Set Record in California

PERRIS: Skydivers in wingsuits break recordSixty-one wingsuit skydiving athletes set a new world record for the largest aerial formation at Skydive Perris on Saturday, Oct. 17, 2015.2015-10-20T01:29:29Z

A group of 61 wingsuit skydivers dropped out of airplanes at the same time, creating a massive diamond formation during their two-mile descent to the ground in Southern California.

And that’s a sentence that doesn’t come close to doing the video justice. Take a look at the amazing footage above.

According to the video’s description, and confirmed by the Associated Press, the jump set a new record for the largest aerial formation. It took place over Skydive Perris in Perris, California, and it broke the old record of 42 divers.

“It was an absolutely incredible experience,” said Taya Weiss, the jump’s lead organizer. “We’re a very small community, although we’re growing, and to get everyone together from all over the world, especially to achieve such a difficult goal, is very rewarding.”

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