POLL: Who Won the GOP Debate?

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Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, and Donald Trump at the GOP New Hampshire debate. (Getty)

With just three days until Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary, Saturday’s debate was a tense affair. Whether it’s the Iowa machinations of Ted Cruz, the polarizing Donald Trump, and candidates like John Kasich and Chris Christie making their last stand in the Granite State, the candidates hit both the issues and each other hard.

Read our recap below, then vote in our poll for the winner:


Christie targeted Rubio’s experience, claiming that his executive tenure in New Jersey qualified him more than Marco Rubio’s time in the Senate:

Rubio responded, setting off a heated exchange:

Jeb Bush touted his own record in state executive government:


Ted Cruz publicly apologized to Ben Carson after his campaign sent a memo stating that Carson was dropping out of the race:

While Carson never brought it up again, Trump included a reference to “Ben Carson’s votes” in his closing statements, delivered right after Ted Cruz touting his victory in Iowa.

Health Care

Donald Trump advocated replacing Obamacare with “something so much better,” specifically citing catastrophic care:

Ben Carson described his Health Empowerment Account plan as a replacement for Obamacare.

Eminent Domain

When asked about his previous support for eminent domain, Trump doubled down, citing the many advantages of the procedure. Bush attacked him on his previous use of eminent domain to attempt to seize land for his business, to cheers from the crowd:

Trump, in a surprising move, criticized the crowd itself:

Foreign Policy/National Security

Jeb Bush denounced the President’s “lead-from-behind” foreign policy:

Cruz stated that Obama’s reluctance to commit to engaging with ISIS was emboldening the terror group, and vowed to reduce “Jihadist University” to rubble:

Trump went a step further, advising bombings and resource/capital seizure to take out ISIS:

He also promised to bring back waterboarding “and a hell of a lot worse:”

Rubio and Bush both denounced the proposed closure of the detainee camp at Guantanamo Bay.


While touting his record of budget balancing and tax cutting, John Kasich cited his New York Times endorsement as someone who could work with others:

Trump defended his conservative credentials:

Drug Addiction

Ted Cruz told a personal story about his half-sister’s ultimately losing battle with addiction, then segued into his vow to stop drug traffic by securing the borders:

Chris Christie expressed sympathy and advocated treatment for addicts:

Racial Inequality/Criminal Justice

Trump opened up the subject by praising the police and asking for more respect:

Zika Virus

Pointing to his time dealing with an Ebola scare as governor of New Jersey, Christie advocated a quarantine for tourists returning from Zika-vulnerable nations:

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