Donald Trump’s Grandchildren: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Getty Donald Trump with grandchildren Arabella Kushner and Joseph Kushner on March 3, 2017.

President Donald Trump played the role of grandfather on Tuesday, as his son Eric and wife Lara welcomed their first child, Eric “Luke” Trump.

Eric announced the news on Twitter, posting a photo of the child with the caption: “@LaraLeaTrump and I are excited to announce the birth of our son, Eric ‘Luke’ Trump at 8:50 this morning.”

The Trump Organization’s Twitter account also commemorated the event with a photo of Eric Trump and his newborn son. “Welcome to the world, Eric “Luke” Trump and congratulations to @LaraLeaTrump and @EricTrump!” read the tweet. Eric “Luke” Trump is President Trump’s ninth grandchild, according to CNN.

Here’s what you need to know about Trump’s grandchildren:

1. His Son Donald Trump, Jr. Has 5 Children

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Row row row your boat… #familytime #outdoors

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Donald Trump, Jr. and his wife Vanessa have five children together, including Kai Madison, 10; Chloe Sophia, 3; Donald John Trump III, 8; Tristan Milos, 5; and Spencer Frederick, 4.

According to Daily Mail, the family regularly takes fishing trips together, and have vacationed in Alaska and the Bahamas to do so. They’ve reportedly visited the Bahamas yearly since 2015, and on Donald Trump, Jr.’s Instagram, there are photos of him fishing with Donald III.

“A pic from my Alaska father son fishing trip with D3,” he wrote, “It is really awesome to have a little buddy to bring on these adventures and share the memories. It truly makes the experience that much better.”

In a separate post from the trip, he added “Really proud of Donnie.  He has really improved lately and I may have to change his fishing nickname from “Tangles” to something more fitting.”

Donald, Jr. has also posted about his daughters. “Having an amazing breakfast date with the one and only Chloe. I just want to keep her this size forever,” he writes, while adding that the “Hardest thing in the world is to not spoil the last of my little monsters” in a separate post.

The majority of Donald, Jr.’s Instagram posts involve them, whether they be fishing, napping, or in Kai’s case, cooking. “That’s my girl. Always a proud dad moment catching your daughter making herself a plate of #bacon.”

2. His Grandson Tristan Milos Trump Became a Meme During the Presidential Inauguration

While President Trump was being sworn in as the America’s 45th President in January, Tristan Milos Trump decided to steal the spotlight by sticking out his tongue and making funny faces into the camera. This was quickly followed by an expression of complete boredom as the ceremony progressed.

As to be expected, Twitter had a field day, and promptly went about turning his likeness into a meme. “when their plans are boring and you just wanna do your own thing,” captioned one user, while others joked that Tristan was “keeping it real.”

More recently, Tristan suffered a broken leg while skiing in Aspen. According to TMZ, Donald, Jr. and his sister Ivanka took their families to the Colorado ski resort this past March, where the adventurous five-year old reportedly fractured his leg while atop a jaunt. He was subsequently rushed to the emergency room by Secret Service.

“Donald, Jr. met them there and left his other kids on the mountain with other members of the Secret Service,” an insider told Us Weekly. “They gave the other kids a sleigh ride and they didn’t miss a beat.” Tristan’s leg was placed in a cast, and he spent the rest of the Aspen trip laid up.

3. His Daughter Ivanka Trump Has 3 Children

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Monday morning with this sweet crew!

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Ivanka Trump has three children with her husband Jared Kushner, including Arabella Rose Kushner, 6; Joseph Frederick Kushner, 3; and Theodore James Kushner, 1.

In an interview with People magazine, Ivanka discussed how she’s acclimated to being a mother of three: “Being a mother is the most rewarding experience, but also the most wild and stressful. We’re acclimating to our new reality of having three babies at home. So it always takes a little while to adjust and find your family’s new rhythm.”

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Nothing better than a post work dance party!

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Like her brother Donald, Jr., Ivanka frequently posts photos of her children playing together. “Arabella’s last day of school! Can’t believe she is going to be in first grade – but first, summer!” she wrote in June.

Elsewhere, she’s posted videos of Arabella and Joseph dancing (“Nothing better than a post work dance party!”) and Theodore learning to walk.

Ivanka also spoke with People magazine about her relationship with her husband:

Jared is really incredibly hands on as a dad. For him what’s most important is his family. So we work really hard during the week and we really prioritize weekends for just being sort of reconnecting as a family. It’s very seldom that we’ll have a commitment on a Saturday or a Sunday. It’s really about us being together.

4. His Grandson Spencer Frederick Trump Sparked Boycott Rumors at Buckley School

A boycott nearly erupted in February, after it was announced that a grandson of President Trump would be attending Buckley in New York. According to Page Six, an anonymous contributor to said her son had gotten into Buckley [School], but she didn’t want to send him there because Spencer Frederick Trump was said to be going to kindergarden there in the fall.

“They will be in the same classroom,” she wrote, “and I don’t think I can deal with this. Birthday parties, etc.”

One mother reportedly wrote: “You almost have to decline. It sounds like it will drive you crazy . . . You want to spend nine years worried that DS [darling son] is getting infected with Trumpism?” while another added “I could not subject my child to that. I would never socialize with anyone connected to the Trumps.”

This is not the first time Trump’s grandchildren have been publicly harassed. In December 2016, Ivanka and her family were verbally abused by a passenger on a JetBlue flight leaving JFK airport. According to TMZ, the passenger screamed “Your father is ruining the country!” at Ivanka and began “jeering” her children. The man was later removed from the flight.

5. His Grandson Donald Trump III Was Involved in a Secret Service Investigation

In March 2017, Donald Trump III was involved in an incident that led to a Secret Service investigation. According to The Washington Times, the two agents tasked with protecting Trump III drove him from a family estate in Westchester County to Manhattan. The agents then took selfies with with the president’s sleeping grandson when the boy suddenly woke up and “freaked out.”

Trump III eventually told his parents, who made sure that the two agents in question were to report to the agency’s Office of Professional Responsibility. The agency released an official statement on the matter that read:

The U.S. Secret Service is aware of a matter involving two of our agents and one of our protectees. Our Office of Professional Responsibility will always thoroughly review a matter to determine the facts and to ensure proper, long-standing protocols and procedures are followed. The Secret Service would caution individuals to not jump to conclusions that may grossly mischaracterize the matter.