Kaitlin Bennett: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Kaitlin Bennett

Liberty Hangout Kaitlin Bennett carries an AR-10 while taking aim at Kent State University's anti-gun policies.

Kaitlin Bennett, a 22-year-old conservative woman who recently graduated from Kent State University, tweeted the above photo posing with an AR-10 strapped to her back, and a sign reading “Come and Take It,” in protest of her school’s anti-gun policies.

Vehemently defending her stance, the Second Amendment supporter’s message has gone viral as she continues to voice her views despite threats and an outcry from those who disagree.

The President Trump supporter is the founder of Liberty Hangout at Kent State, a libertarian organization that is aimed at “promoting peace, prosperity, and property rights since 2015,” and hails from Zanesville, Ohio.

Here’s what you need to know about the controversial woman:

1. She Used the Photo as an Opportunity to Take Aim at Kent State University’s Anti-Gun Policies, & Her Message Has Gone Viral

Bennett explained on Twitter why she chose to partake in the photo shoot, citing students who were shot and killed on campus at Kent State University.

“Now that I graduated from @KentState, I can finally arm myself on campus. I should have been able to do so as a student – especially since 4 unarmed students were shot and killed by the government on this campus. #CampusCarryNow,” she posted on Twitter May 13.

In addition, Bennett expressed to Fox News that she feels insulted by the fact that guests are able to carry, but students are prohibited.

“I wanted to draw attention to the gun policies on campus that allow guests to open carry, but not students,” she told the media outlet. “I find it insulting that the school values the lives of their guests more than those attending the university for four years.”

Kent State does not allow students,faculty, or staff to carry “deadly weapons,” according to the university’s website. However, because she is now a graduate of the university, that rule is no longer applicable.

2. Despite Threats, Bennett is Standing Her Ground

The viral post has caused many to be outraged, and some are threatening Bennett, who said she has even received death threats.

“Thanks to all who have sent me death threats for taking a picture,” she tweeted May 16. “You’re the biggest advocates for gun rights. You proved exactly why people carry.”

A quick search of social media sites show just how far some are willing to take their opinions.

Kaitlin Bennett

FacebookFacebook screenshot.

“That was a threat,” wrote Amanda Berk in response to a post by Asher Underwood regarding Bennett’s viral tweet. “They should take this white girl down. In handcuffs or a body bag.”

Underwood responded:

thanks for responding… only kinda ironic that you are advocating death by violence or persecution by force for her making a political statement. ‘Come and Take it’ is an old slogan which is an appeal to honor 2nd amendment rights. Not sure I understand the psychology of advocating violence or police repression for the advocacy of first and second amendment rights? Please explain or clarify if you have the inclination.

3. She Highlighted the Fact That a Black Officer at the Photo Shoot ‘Loved It’

After viewing a tweet aimed at her “white privilege,” Bennett talked about a black police officer who she said was present at the photo shoot.

“You think the PD woulda supported this shoot if you had more melanin??,” tweeted @tallglasofawsum. “Your white privilege prevents you from answering that question realistically, just a rhetorical question.”

To which the gun rights advocate replied; “The black officer that was with us during this photoshoot loved it, actually. Give him a call. Kent State University Campus PD.”

“A white person with a gun at school? Safe? LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO,” wrote another @Treysouls.

“The tolerant and definitely-not-racist left wing at work here, folks,” Bennett replied.

4. She Is an Avid Supporter of President Trump

Bennett’s Twitter page shows the woman as an avid supporter of President Trump, whom she often commends and supports via her profile.

In the photo above, Bennett smiles alongside a “Make America Great Again” flag in support of the president.

On January 13, the woman defended Trump’s alleged controversial statement deeming Haiti a “sh*thole country.”

“Dear @CNN, Trump said Haiti was a sh*thole COUNTRY,” Bennett wrote. “NOT that Haitians were sh*thole people. Please inform @andersoncooper.”

5. She Founded Liberty Hangout at Kent University in 2015

Bennett is the founder of Liberty Hangout at Kent University, an libertarian organization that states it promotes “peace, prosperity, and property rights since 2015.” The “About Us”section of the website states:

Founded as Young Jeffersonians on February 11, 2015, Liberty Hangout is a libertarian media outlet which strives to bring readers relevant insight into current events, as well as promote Austrian economics and property rights. We believe in self-rule, self-determination, and non-aggression. We believe taxation is theft, and that the services the state provides can and should be privatized. We believe in decentralization down to the individual level, and that the government which is closest to home is easiest to control.

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