Miami Federal Judge Timothy Maher Kills Himself Following Police Standoff

timothy maher

Twitter screenshot Federal judge Timothy Maher killed himself after standoff with police in Miami

A Miami federal judge, already under investigation, armed and barricaded in his home with family members as possible hostages surrounded by tactical police has reportedly shot and killed himself, a veteran Miami crime journalist reported.

Federal administrative law judge Timothy Maher was arrested last week for threatening the mother of his child with a rifle and was this week alleged to have threatened a co-worker in a federal building. On Friday, police surrounded a home after receiving reports the 51-year-old judge was inside with a gun along with three hostages.

“They [police] were receiving messages via text, just saying “Help, we need help,’ basically,'” Miami-Dade Detective Christopher Thomas told the Miami Herald.

The Miami Herald reported that he was arrested last week for “threatening the mother of his child with a rifle.” Maher also had a stockpile of weapons seized by authorities after he surrendered to police, it was reported. But early Friday morning, Maher had barricaded himself and members of his family in a South Miami house. The Herald reported police said tactical unit negotiators tried to convince Maher to free the people in the house and come out.

It was reported that police negoiators could be heard saying, “Anybody living or inside the residence at 23985, if you can hear me, all I need you to do is turn some lights on and off anywhere in your house so my team can see that you’re OK.”

There were conflicting reports of who was inside the home, but reports said police could be heard calling out to the house through a megaphone for a 13-year-old girl believed to be inside be released.

Just before 9 a.m., after an hours-long standoff, police heard gunshots from inside the home, it was reported, and first repsonders “rushed” the house.

“Early reports are that family members are okay, still no word on Judge Maher’s condition after law enforcement hears gunshot and rushes south dade home.”

This is the third time the judge has barricaded himself in his home since his arrest last week for threatening his ex-girlfriend with a rifle at his home. The Herald reported that Maher locked himself inside his home when police showed up to arrest him and “had to be talked out.” Two days later, law enforcement, local and federal, “went to his home to seize weapons, Maher again barricaded himself inside the home and had to be talked out.”

Over the past few days, it’s reported, police kept a close watch on Maher. On Wednesday, Social Security Administration building workers were sent home after the judge, who hears disability cases there, allegedly threatened a co-worker.

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