WATCH: Madden Twitch Live Stream Shows Moment of Jacksonville Mass Shooting

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YouTube A shooting at a Madden tournament in Jacksonville was caught on a live stream video on Twitch.

A mass shooting at a Madden NFL 19 video game tournament in Jacksonville, Florida, was caught on a Twitch live stream. The video shows the moment shots rang out at the gaming bar Sunday afternoon. According to reports, three people are dead, including the shooter, and several others were wounded.

The shooting happened at the GLHF Game Bar at The Jacksonville Landing. The gunman has been identified as 24-year-old David Katz of Baltimore, Maryland. Katz was in Jacksonville to play in the tournament and witnesses say he was angry about losing. You can read more about David Katz here. Katz played Madden competitively for several years using various usernames, including MrSlicedBread, Bread, ravens2012champ and ravenschamp.

You can watch the video below [WARNING – DISTURBING CONTENT]:

Shooting at the Madden NFL 19 Tournament Whilst Live On Twitch In JacksonvilleShooting at the Madden NFL 19 Tournament Whilst Live On Twitch #Madden #Twitch #Shooting2018-08-26T17:59:48.000Z

The video shows two players competing during the Madden tournament. As they talk about a touchdown run by one of the players, a popping sound can be heard. Then several more gunshots and someone screaming are heard on the video. The sound of controllers dropping to the floor can be heard as several shots continue to ring out. People can be heard scrambling and more screams can be heard. After a few seconds the shooting starts again along with the sound of more people screaming.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office said on Twitter that there are “multiple fatalities” at the scene, with several other people transported to hospital. The sheriff’s office said one gunman is dead at the scene, but they asked people to stay away because they were still working to make sure there was not a second shooter. Police were searching for suspects and for people who were hiding during the shooting.

The tournament in Jacksonville was the first of several satellite events planned by EA Sports as part of the Madden NFL 19 Classic tournament, a nationwide event bringing together the top gamers in the world. The tournament is set to conclude with winners of the satellites playing in Las Vegas.

The Jacksonville satellite tournament attracted some of the top Madden players from the southeastern region of the country and the games were being streamed live on Twitch.

You can read more about the shooting here.

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