Avenatti Claims Evidence Brett Kavanaugh Was Involved in ‘Gang Rapes’

Michael Avenatti, Brett Kavanaugh

Getty Michael Avenatti and Brett Kavanaugh

Attorney Michael Avenatti told Heavy late Sunday night the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court “should be withdrawn,” because, he said, “This is only going to get worse.”

The attorney known colloquially as “Stormy Daniels lawyer,” tweeted Sunday shortly after The New Yorker published the account of a second woman who has come forward to accuse Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct, this time from his freshman year at Yale University, that Avenatti has a client with a similar charge.

Avenatti has not yet named his client but said she has worked with a number of federal agencies.

“She has been granted multiple security clearances in the past including Public Trust & Secret. The GOP and others better be very careful in trying to suggest that she is not credible.”

Shortly after, Sen. Chuck Grassley, Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, requested Avenatti give up his clients’s name: “…requested any relevant information he might have.”

Avenatti responded that he has evidence of gang rapes perpetrated by Kavanaugh, Mark Judge and others in Washington D.C. in the 1980’s.

Grassley asked for evidence in a follow-up email that his office provided to reporters.

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford came forward to accuse Kavanaugh of attempted rape while the two were high school students in the early 1980’s. Blasey Ford agreed to testify about the sexual assault in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee Thursday. Then Sunday night, a second woman came forward. Now, Avenatti says he has evidence that Pres. Donald Trump’s pick for the high court was allegedly involved in gang rapes.

Avenatti told Heavy just after midnight he’d be “providing more evidence and information over the next 48 hours.”

Here’s what you need to know.

Avenatti Tweeted at 7:30 p.m. Sunday he Has a Client With ‘Credible Information’ on Kavanaugh

“I represent a woman with credible information regarding Judge Kavanaugh and Mark Judge. We will be demanding the opportunity to present testimony to the committee and will likewise be demanding that Judge and others be subpoenaed to testify. The nomination must be withdrawn.”

Since The New Yorker had just published a story where a new accuser stepped forward, Deborah Ramirez, who attended Yale with Kavanaugh in 1984 and claims he exposed himself to her, Avenatti added “My client is not Deborah Ramirez.”

Grassley’s Office Emailed Avenatti Asking for Whatever Information he Had be Provided ‘Immediately So That Senate Investigators May Promptly Begin an Inquiry’

chuck grassley

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) speaks with reporters about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh on Capitol Hill September 18, 2018 in Washington, DC. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has announced a hearing before the Judiciary Committee with Kavanaugh and his accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, Thursday. Maybe.

Mike Davis, the Judiciary Committee’s Chief Counsel for Nominations, wrote on behalf of Grassley:

“According to your tweet from 7:33 PM ET this evening, you claim to have information you considered credible regarding Judge Kavanagh and Mark judge. Please advise of this information immediately so that Senate investigators me promptly begin an inquiry.”

With the Subject Line ‘Claim of Evidence,’ Avenatti Alleged Kavanaugh, Judge & Others Participated in Gang Rapes in the 1980s

In a reply to Davis, Avenatti wrote:

“We are aware of significant evidence of multiple house parties in the Washington D.C. area during the early 1980s during which Brett Kavanaugh, Mark Judge and others would participate in the targeting of women with alcohol/drugs in order to allow a “train “of men to subsequently gang rape them. There are multiple witnesses that will corroborate these facts and each of them must be called to testify publicly. As a starting point, Senate investigators should post the following questions to Judge Kavanaugh without delay and provide the answers to the American people.”

1. Did you ever target one or more women for sex or rape at a house party? Did you ever assist Mark Judge or others in doing so?

2. Did you ever attend any house party during which a woman was gang raped or used for sex by multiple men?

3. Did you ever witness a line of men outside of bedroom at any house party were you understood a woman was in the bedroom being raped or taken advantage of?

4. Did you ever participate in any sexual conduct with a woman at a house party you understood to be intoxicated or under the influence of drugs?

5. Did you ever communicate with Mark Judge or anyone else about your participation in a “train” involving an intoxicated woman?

6. Did you ever object or attempt to prevent one or more men from participating in the rape, or taking advantage of, a woman at any house party?

Please note that we will provide additional evidence relating to the above conduct both to the committee and the American public in the coming days.”

In the Early Morning Hours Monday, Avenatti & Grassley’s Office Were Still Talking. But His Concerns Linger

“Here are subsequent emails between me and Mr. Davis. It appears that (1) the Committee has an issue with this process being public and (2) the Committee wants to avoid Mr. Judge testifying or even requesting that he testify. Both are absolute necessities.”

Avenatti says that given “things will only get worse,” he says that the process must include Judge’s testimony – he’s refused to be part of the process and may need to be subpoenaed – include all witnesses Avenatti has, and be public. He told Davis as much. Davis replied with a link to the Judiciary’s “position on witnesses.” Avenatti said thanks but “Is the Committee refusing to have Mark Judge testify? If so, why?”

Avenatti did either not receive a reply to that or he hasn’t shared it as of Monday morning.

Avenatti Pressed the Judiciary in an Early Morning Request for Answers

In an email just after dawn, Avenatti pressed Grassley, via Davis, for answers to questions from Sunday night specifically is Judge testifying and if not, why not. Avenatti made demands for a thorough FBI investigation, and that his client and Kavanaugh take polygraphs, something he said not only is his client willing to do but while not admissible as evidence in court, are routinely used as part of the background checks process for high level government security clearances. Avenatti also said that in addition to his client, there are other witnesses ready to testify about Kavanaugh and Judge’s “conduct.” And his client also has other evidence to present, he said.

“We are demanding that the committee and Senator Grassley immediately referred this matter to the FBI for completing fair investigation. My client is prepared to meet with the FBI fourth with to disclose how she was victimized and what she observed.”

Avenatti said said the woman he’s representing is “prepared to undergo a polygraph examination” and he insists that Kavanaugh do the same.

Polygraphs, he says, “are routinely used in the federal government for the granting of security clearances and the like at the highest levels, including at our intelligence agencies. There is no reason why they cannot be used in this circumstance.”

Avenatti again pressed Grassely on an answer about testimony from Kavanaugh friend and alleged cohort, Mark Judge.

“I am still waiting an answer as to if the committee has requested that Mark Judge testify and if not why not,” he wrote Davis. “Mr. Judge has detailed knowledge of the conduct of Mr. Kavanagh and witnessed it firsthand. In short, there is no excuse for the committee refusing to make a demand that he testify.”

Avenatti told Heavy that the Kavanaugh nomination should be withdrawn as “things will only get worse,” but barring that, he said the “Committee must be focused on the search for the truth as opposed to ensuring that Mr. Kavanagh it is automatically confirmed.” He says Judge is a “critical witness.”

Avenatti also asked if the Committee has posed the questions to Kavanaugh that he asked Sunday night and if not, why not.

Avenatti Wants Answers About Pornographic & Explicit Sexual Assault References Alleged in the Yearbooks of Both Kavanaugh & Judge. He Also Demands to Know if the Committee Was Aware of Allegations & If Yes, Why Were They Not Investigated

“Brett Kavanaugh must also be asked about this entry in his yearbook: ‘FFFFFFFourth of July.’ We believe that this stands for: Find them, French them, Feel them, Finger them, F*ck them, Forget them. As well as the term ‘Devil’s Triangle.’ Perhaps Sen. Grassley can ask him.”

Avenatti wrote that these entries found on the yearbooks of both Judge and Kavanaugh are “consistent with the allegations in my email of yesterday. We request that Mr. Kavanagh provide an answer as to why these entries were made and what they stand for.”

Finally the attorney demands to know if “certain members of the committee were aware of allegations” about gang rape before he provided those allegations Sunday night.

“Is this accurate? If so, please provide the details of this knowledge and explain why it was not investigated sooner.”

A Day After His Original Tweet & 10 Hours After His Last Email Correspondence, Avenatti Hasn’t Heard Back From the Judiciary Committee

“We still have not received any response to my detailed email of this morning to Mr. Davis and the Committee (10 hrs ago). This is unacceptable. Moments ago, I once again asked for a response and answers – see email below. What are they hiding other than Mark Judge?”

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