Kathy Griffin Wants to ‘Name & Shame’ the Covington High School Kids

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The comedian Kathy Griffin was one of the many people expressing their outrage over a viral video that showed students from Covington Catholic High School with an elderly Native American man on Friday. The students, many wearing red MAGA hats, were in DC to attend the March for Life. While there, they had a series of encounters with a group of Black Hebrew Israelites and with a group of Native Americans who were participating in the Indigenous People’s March.

Social media has been buzzing with different takes on what actually happened in DC; liberals and conservatives are sharply divided over who’s to blame and who’s really telling the truth about the encounter. Now, many on the conservative side are outraged that Kathy Griffin, and many others, were so quick to believe the worst of the high school kids. Griffin wrote,

“The reply from the school was pathetic and impotent. Name these kids. I want NAMES. Shame them. If you think these f***ers wouldn’t dox you in a heartbeat, think again.”

Griffin also seemed to be calling on her 2.13 million followers to contact Covington High School and urge the school to punish the students. She tweeted:

The comedian, who once made headlines with a retouched photo that showed her holding the (fake) disembodied head of Donald Trump, also tweeted that the president is indirectly to blame for the whole incident in DC on Friday. She wrote,

New Video Has Emerged Which Shows the Incident May Be More Complicated Than First Reported, Many Say

A video clip, which seemed to show the high school students surrounding an aged Native American man and jeering at him, went viral on social media. But shortly afterwards, more video emerged, including a two-hour video which showed that the story might just be a little more complicated than what was first reported.

The video opens as a group of Black Hebrew Israelites are talking about their belief system. The group’s leader later begins taunting a group of Native Americans, mocking them for having lost their land and for, as they say, worshiping false gods. Later in the same video, the group of high school students comes over and starts to heckle the Black Israelites. It looks as if things could turn violent. At this point, Nathan Philips, an elder from the group of Native Americans walks over, beating a hand drum and singing a song. He stands between the two groups and continues to play and sing. A second Native American man, Marcus Frejo, a member of the Pawnee and Seminole tribes who is also known as Chief Quese Imc, accompanied him. Frejon later told the Associated Press that he had heard the “boisterous” students chanting “make America great” and that they seemed to be mocking the Native American song and drumming. But, Frejo told the AP, after some initial mockery, the high school students were won over and, in fact, started to sing along with the peace song.

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