No, Bernie Sanders Didn’t Wait 23 Minutes to Mention Race & Gender; It Was Actually 5 Minutes


Unfortunately, a bit of misinformation is already spreading about Bernie Sanders’ speech in Brooklyn, New York today. On MSNBC after he spoke, a group of panelists shared their opinions about his speech on MSNBC. Zerlina Maxwell, who is a political analyst for MSNBC and the senior director of progressive programming for Sirius XM, said that Sanders waited until 23 minutes into his speech to talk about race and gender at all. But Sanders actually first mentioned the topics just about five minutes into his speech, shortly after thanking people in his speech. Read on for details.

You can watch the report on MSNBC where Maxwell said that he waited until 23 minutes on the link here, recorded by someone who was watching the video. You can hear their dog in the background as they’re watching the MSNBC report on their TV. Because this is posted in a group, Heavy can’t embed the actual video in the story. But you can see a tweet from Maxwell on the same topic below.

Maxwell was honest and shared that she did work for Hillary Clinton’s campaign, so she had a lot of opinions about Sanders. Maxwell went on to share that Elizabeth Warren mentioned race and gender discrimination in the first paragraph of her speech, unlike Sanders. Maxwell later rewatched the speech and clarified that she saw the “criminal justice” comment. It appears she might have missed the comment listed in this story. Here’s her clarification:

Sanders actually first mentioned race and gender about four minutes into his speech.

You can watch Sanders’ first mention of race and gender in the video below.

VideoVideo related to no, bernie sanders didn’t wait 23 minutes to mention race & gender; it was actually 5 minutes2019-03-02T15:59:51-05:00

Sanders said: “I want to welcome you to a campaign which says loudly and clearly that the underlying principles of our government will not be greed, hatred, and lies. It will not be racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia, and religious bigotry.” He said this shortly after sharing his thanks, including to Nina Turner and Shaun King, and telling the crowd not to chant his name but to remember it was about them, and that the government was going to work for everyone, not just the 1 percent.

His speech started at approximately 1:48:00 into the video and he mentioned race and gender the first time at approximately 1:53:00, about 4:45 into his speech. And that’s if you count the part where he thanked people as being part of his official speech.

He mentioned race again at about 5:43 minutes into his speech when he said, “The principles of our government will be based on justice. Based on economic justice, based on social justice, based on racial justice, and based on environmental justice.”

In addition, both Nina Turner and Shaun King spoke about race and gender in their speeches introducing Sanders.

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