Michael Aaron Pang: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Michael Aaron Pang is the American man who was arrested and charged with murder after he allegedly beat an elderly man to death in a small Italian town. Authorities say that Pang, 22, beat the owner of a clothing store to death and then stole the old man’s wallet and some of his merchandise. Pang has refused to cooperate in the investigation so far. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Pang Allegedly Smashed a 74 Year Old Shop Worker Over the Head with a Metal Stool, Killing Him & Then Taking His Wallet

Police in Italy found the body of 74 year old Norveo Fedeli on the morning of Friday, May 3. Fedeli was beaten to death inside the small clothing store where he worked as a shopkeeper, authorities say.

Police said that Pang had been in the store a few times, shopping for designer clothing. He had already tried to buy about 600 Euros ($670) worth of clothes from the store, but his credit card had been rejected. Police say Pang came to the store on May 3 and scuffled with the 74 year old shop keeper before finally picking up a metal stool that was in the store and beating Fedeli with it. They say he then fled the store after grabbing some clothes and Fedeli’s wallet.

Surveillance footage shows someone who seems to be Pang leaving the store with a bag wrapped around his foot; police say he may have used the bag to cover up a bloodstain on his shoe. Authorities found Fedeli’s wallet in Pang’s room.

2. Pang Was Born in South Korea & Lived in a Kansas City Suburb

Pang was born in South Korea in 1997. The 22 year old US citizen grew up in Overland Park, Kansas, a suburb of Kansas City. He worked as a graphic designer. His lawyer says that Pang is a “well behaved boy from a good American family” and told the media that Pang was alsmost childlike, in spite of being 22 years old.

Pang ordered 600 Euros worth of designer clothing from Fedeli Vogue, a small boutique in Viterbo which was famous for its vintage and designer jeans. He went to pick up the clothing on the morning of Friday, May 3. But, authorities say, his credit cards were declined, and Pang scuffled with the 74 year old shop keeper. They say that Pang then picked up a metal stool and beat the shop keeper over the head with it, killing him. Police later found the shop keeper’s wallet in Pang’s room.

3. Pang Arrived in Italy in February & Has Been Living in a Bed & Breakfast

Pang, a US citizen, arrived in the Italian town of Capodimonte, a town near Lake Bolsena and not far from the city of Viterbo, in February. Pang was in Italy on a tourist visa and was renting a room in a bed and breakfast. His lawyer said that Pang had come to Italy to learn the language. Locals in Capodimonte described him as gentle and soft-spoken.

On May 3, authorities say that on the morning of May 3, Pang went to Fideli Vogue and tried to pick up an order of designer clothing. But when his credit card was declined, Pang allegedly scuffled with the 74 year old shop keeper, Norveo Fideli, and then beat him to death with a metal stool. Police say that surveillance video shows a man who seems to be Pang leaving the shop, with a bag wrapped around his foot. They say they also found Norveo Fideli’s wallet in Pang’s rented room.

4. Pang Doesn’t Speak Italian & Relied on His Phone to Translate for Him

Authorities say that it is not clear why the 22 year old Pang was living in the town of Capodimonte. Until May 3, Pang had no criminal record in Italy. Locals describe him as gentle and quiet. They said that he always greeted everyone, although he didn’t speak Italian and relied on his phone’s translating function to communicate with people in town. Pang’s lawyer says he had come to Italy in order to learn the language.

Pang was born in South Korea and lived in Overland Park, Kansas. He worked as a graphic designer.

5. The City of Viterbo Has Declared a Day of Mourning for Norveo Fideli, the Man Pang Is Accused of Killing

Pang is accused of brutally killing Norveo Fideli, a 74 year old man. Norveo ran a boutique in Viterbo called Fideli Vogue, which first opened in the 1970s and was famous for its designer and vintage jeans. The mayor of Viterbo, Giovanni Arena, declared Monday May 6 a day of mourning for Fedeli, who has been described as “a good and kind man”. “The murder of our citizen, Norveo Fedeli, has shattered us all,” said Arena.

Pang, a US citizen, was renting a room in Capodimonte, a lakeside town not far from Viterbo. Authorities say he beat Norveo Fideli to death with a metal stool after his credit card was declined and he was unable to buy some designer clothing which he’d ordered. Pang has refused to answer questions from magistrates so far.