Andrew Yang’s Autistic Child Inspired His Platform on Autism Intervention


Andrew Yang has a supportive family who is thrilled that he’s running for the Democratic ticket for President of the United States. He and his wife, Evelyn Yang, have been married since 2011. One of his children has autism and he’s very open about that and how much he loves his young son. In fact, his son’s autism has informed his own platform.

One of Yang’s two sons has autism. His son has inspired Yang’s own platform, which includes a policy to fund autism intervention. He writes on his website:

One of my boys is on the autism spectrum—I know how invaluable resources and intervention can be, particularly if adopted early on. Families struggle with this in very personal ways. As a country, we should provide ample resources to parents to be able to intervene to support the development of children with autism or who are exceptional in other ways. Many of these children have something unique to offer.”

Yang is proud of his son and very supportive of him, often bragging about his children on social media.

He’s also talked about his son on Twitter and how much he’s learned from raising him.

Yang’s wife, Evelyn, stays at home with their children. He talks about their relationship in his interview with Lovett or Leave It Live. During the interview, he mentions that his wife’s work with the children is incredibly valuable, even though she doesn’t earn a paycheck.

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He has said on Twitter: “My wife is at home with our two boys, one of whom is on the autism spectrum. What is her contribution? GDP says $0. The monetary market says $0. We know otherwise. We must evolve to a more human economy.”

Yang’s platform for supporting autism funding has gained him a lot of support from other parents with children on the autistic spectrum.

Yang responded to the above tweet with a happy comment of his own:

Another support said that Yang offered his support as they talked about the difficulties that people with autism can face.

Yang says on his website that 1 in 59 American children are affected by autism, but our resources don’t meet those needs. He wants to change that and direct the Department of Education to support states in implementing programs to identify and treat autistic children.

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