Who Is Isabelle (Sydney Lemmon) on ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ S5E5? Is She in the Comics?


A new character was introduced on Fear the Walking Dead tonight, Season 5 Episode 5. She’s played by Sydney Lemmon and is revealing a lot of new information about that mysterious group behind Rick and Al’s storylines. Read on for more details and whether she’s in any of the comics. This post will have spoilers through Season 5 Episode 5 of Fear the Walking Dead, along with spoilers up to the latest episode that’s aired of The Walking Dead, and minor comics spoilers. 

Isabelle is a new character on Fear the Walking Dead played by Sydney Lemmon, and we only know a little about her by the time Season 5 Episode 5 ends. She works with the mysterious CRM group that’s trying to save humanity. They put everything else behind their ultimate goal of working toward the future. She was in the area to purify the water, putting her own life at risk. She also killed her own partner when he decided he wanted to leave the mission, because they can’t let word about the group spread to anyone else.

(The actress who plays Isabelle, Sydney Lemmon, has only a few credits to her name so far, mostly guest spots on TV shows. She was in one episode of Law & Order: SVU, Succession, Roof Access, Working on It, and some shorts.)

Isabelle was the one flying the helicopter with the three-ringed symbol on the side. It’s connected to the same helicopter that took Rick and Jadis on The Walking Dead.

Here’s a closer look at the helicopter that Alicia saw at the end of the latest episode.



This is the three ring symbol that Al found in Episode 1, just before she was kidnapped by Isabelle.


Here is that Rick scene again on The Walking Dead.

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Now here’s a side-by-side comparison of the two helicopters. On the left is the helicopter we just saw on Fear and on the right is the helicopter that took Rick on The Walking Dead.

AMCThe two helos.

As for whether Isabelle is in The Walking Dead comics, the answer is NO. She’s not in the comics (unless her character is renamed.) Fans are still debating on whether this CRM group is in the comics at all. There’s a Commonwealth group in the comics that is huge in the storyline right now, but fans are at odds on whether or not CRM and Commonwealth are one and the same.

There’s also the question of Georgie from The Walking Dead and her advanced group that Maggie’s currently with. Some people think Georgie is part of the Commonwealth, and the three-ring symbol group (CRM) is something different entirely.

Now, there have been some Isabelle characters in TWD universe, but this Isabelle isn’t one of them. There was an Isabelle in The Walking Dead who was a Savior, but she died in Season 7 after Michonne shot and killed her (at Isabelle’s request.) The new Isabelle is not the same character.

There was also an Isabelle on The Walking Dead: Road to Survival game. Nothing was known about her other than that she was good at surviving. She was one of five 2-star characters in the game with a leader skill. (Game spoiler: A museum award revealed that she was a Savior.) So this Isabelle isn’t the same either.

There’s also no Isabelle in the comics. The most likely connection would be the Commonwealth, but none of the comics characters who are in the Commonwealth storyline are named Isabelle.

So as far as deciphering more about Isabelle from the comics, that angle is a dead end.