Naked Woman on Ferrari: Ibiza Video Shows Nude Twerking

naked woman on ferrari video

Getty A naked woman was captured on video on top of a Ferrari in Ibiza.

A naked woman was captured on a viral video twerking on the rooftop of a Ferrari in Ibiza, a celebrity and tourist hotspot for the wealthy.

You can watch the video later in this article, although the most graphic parts are blurred out for propriety’s sake. In the video, the named woman is seen in all her glory riding on the top of a Ferrari automobile.

Meanwhile, the driver inside the vehicle is seen chomping on a cigar as he drives slowly through the streets of Ibiza. It’s not yet clear who the man and women are, but authorities now say they want to figure that out.

Another view shows the woman climbing into the front seat of the car as other vehicles and pedestrians are nearby. It appears to be night. Ibiza is known as a party island; according to Lonely Planet, “All-night raver, boho-cool hippy, blissed-out beach lover – Ibiza is all this and more to the many, many fans who have a soft spot for the Balearics’ party-hard sister.”

Here’s the video:

Here’s what you need to know:

Upset Authorities Are Trying to Track Down the Man & Woman

It shouldn’t be too hard to figure out the identities of the Ferrari driver and the twerking naked woman, right? After all, the car is distinctive. That’s what authorities think anyway. A city council spokesman in Ibiza told Daily Mail that authorities want to find the man and woman, saying, “there are not many cars like this in Ibiza.”

They could face a fine and points deducted from their driver’s license, authorities told the British publication. Port Authorities “are in charge of managing the traffic inside the marina,” where the twerking incident occurred, Daily Star reported.

If they’re found, authorities will need to identify any rules they might have broken before proceeding further, Daily Star reported. About 7 million tourists visit Ibiza each year, according to Lonely Planet.

The Crazy Tourist explains that Ibiza “has been at the forefront of Europe’s dance music and clubbing scene for at least 25 years now, and its super-clubs and bars are now legendary.” It’s known for its beaches as well as its partying, so if there was going to be a naked woman twerking on a Ferrari anywhere in the world, it might as well be here.

As describes the “White Isle,” it’s not surprising to see hedonism there, although there are also cultural attractions. “It’s a hedonist’s dream, with non-stop party action and the finest DJs in the world descending on the island throughout the summer months,” the site explains.

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