Hurricane Dorian: All the Memes You Need to See


Hurricane Dorian caused massive flooding across the Bahamas on Monday. The category 4 storm could generate a storm surge as high as 23 feet, and forecasters cautioned that “a small deviation” could draw the storm’s dangerous core toward land.

Kwasi Thompson, the minister of state for Grand Bahama, warned citizens that they should “bunker down” and stay safe. “It’s going to be another 10-12 hours that we’re going to be bombarded with this,” he told AOL. To cope with this worrisome situation, the internet has seen fit to take Hurricane Dorian and provide comic relief through a series of memes.

Granted, these memes aren’t referencing the damage that Hurricane Dorian is predicted to cause, but rather the many pop culture references and Dorian-related jokes that online users have concocted.

A popular meme that users have seen fit to use a photo from the television series Friends. The meme is taken from season five, and sees the characters Ross (David Schwimmer), Chandler (Matthew Perry) and Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) struggle to move a couch, with Ross yelling “Pivot!” to clear the staircase. Check out examples of the “Pivot!” meme below.

Others users honed in on the fact that whenever a hurricane comes into play, people decide to make memes in response. Some even joked that the excessive amounts of memes was what led Hurricane Dorian to become a category 5 storm in the first place. “#HurricaneDorian is not playing games no more he saw the memes and had to make a statement by becoming a cat. 5 for no reason,” wrote one Twitter user.

Another user pointed out that people on the West Coast and the rest of the country were making memes while those in the Bahamas focused on protecting their homes. “Everybody on the West Coast making memes about #HurricaneDorian,” they tweeted. “Thank God we don’t have to worry about anything like that!! Ring of Fire that’s been laying dormant for centuries.”

As is customary with hurricane memes, the internet has also taken imagery from films, television, and other pop culture to provide some levity to the grave situation. Some pulled from the Pixar release Finding Dory, which was edited to say “Finding Dorian,” while others took imagery from shows like Spongebob Squarepants and Scrubs. The latter is especially fitting, given that star Zack Braff plays a character named John Dorian.

Twitter has also provided memes that reference the character of Dorian from the 1994 comedy The Mask, as well as the 1995 comedy Billy Madison. The latter reworks a quote from the film to address the hurricane, and it now reads, “Floridians be like; Dorian!?!? More like Borian!”

Hurricane Dorian has also led to complications for theme parks in Florida. “It is the perfect storm,” said Dennis Speigel, president of International Theme Park Services Inc. “Here they’ve been waiting to open this, the attraction was delayed from the earlier part of the season and they finally get situated to get it opened and they have a hurricane.” Fans concerned about theme parks being closed have expressed their feelings in meme form.

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