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Jennifer Erin Talbot is a 43-year-old Utah woman who is accused of a crime by Filipino authorities for allegedly trying to smuggle an infant out of the Philippines in a carry on bag.

The National Bureau of Investigation, an investigative agency in the Philippines, says that Talbot is 43-years-old and from Ohio. She’s now under arrest in the Philippines. She was caught by airline personnel, according to a press release. The incident unfolded at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 3.

Photos and videos have emerged showing Jennifer Talbot at the airport. You can see some of them throughout this article. The motive for the alleged caper was not yet released. Although authorities say she’s from Ohio, and online records show she has ties there, records show she was living in Sandy, Utah.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Talbot is Accused of Hiding the 6 Day Old Baby in a Shoulder Bag

Authorities in the Philippines claim that Talbot tucked the infant, 6 days old, into a shoulder bag in a bid to get the child past customs officials and out of the country. She was trying to board a Delta flight to the United States.

In a press release, the National Bureau of Investigation wrote that the “American National” was “arrested and charged for human trafficking.”

Jennifer Talbot was “trying to bring out of the country a 6-day old baby without proper travel documents,” the press release says. She’s accused of meeting the mother online, according to Daily Mail, although the press release doesn’t mention that.

The NBI Director Dante A. Gierran identified the American national as Jennifer Erin Talbot. She “was about to depart for the United States via Delta Air Lines at about 7:30 a.m. when intercepted at the Boarding Gate at NAIA Terminal 3 by Airline personnel for carrying an infant baby boy inside a sling bag without proper travel documents,” the press release alleges. Gierran stressed that Talbot “was able to pass thru the immigration counter without declaring the baby,” according to the release.

2. Jennifer Talbot Is Married With Five Other Children & Was Headed to Columbus, Ohio

UK Daily Mail reported that Jennifer Erin Talbot is married with five children.

She was headed to Detroit and then Columbus, Ohio, according to NBC News. Marlon Toledo of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) told NBC News that authorities “worked in coordination with US-based airline who helped us apprehend the passenger at the boarding gate.”

Medina added to NBC: “She would not have a baby in a hand-carry to be x-rayed. But she hid it at check-in and when she passed immigration counters, and then at the other x-ray to the boarding gate, then she showed it. That’s the time we were able to apprehend her, when she passed through the next x-ray.”

3. Talbot Was Accused of Failing to Present Written Consent From the Baby’s Parents

An investigation allegedly showed that Talbot “failed to present travel clearance issued by the Department of Social Welfare and Development or written consent from the baby’s parents. Based on the documents presented by Subject Talbot, the baby was born on August 29, 2019 at Southern Philippines Medical Center, Davao City,” the press release states.

Talbot presented a notarized Affidavit of Consent and Support “allegedly executed by the mother of the baby to travel to the US, the same was not signed by the mother of the 6-day old baby. Verification with DSWD likewise revealed that no Travel Clearance was issued to the baby,” the release alleges.

Investigator Manny Dimaano said authorities placed Jennifer Talbot under arrest for violating the anti-trafficking in persons act. She was presented for inquest proceedings before the Office of the Prosecutor of Pasay City. The baby’s mother, Maricris Cempron Dulap and John Doe (the unknown father) are both at large and were also charged, authorities said.

Thus, officials are looking for the infant’s parents and are now accusing Jennifer Talbot of human trafficking. “Infant was hidden in the oversized belt bag and (Talbot) did not declare nor present (the infant) to the immigration inspector during departure formalities,” said BI Deputy Spokesperson Melvin Mabulac, according to Rappler.

4. Talbot Seemed Close to Tears When Officials Paraded Her Before the Media

In a press conference, officials in the Philippines reiterated that “the baby had no travel documents.” CNN reported that Talbot claimed she was the child’s aunt. The baby is safe and is being taken care of by a social welfare department, according to CNN.

The infant is a boy. “He’s 6 days old.” The alleged mother of the baby has also been charged, authorities said. The father is not known.

According to, authorities presented Jennifer Talbot to reporters as she was “clad in an orange detainee shirt and in handcuffs.” The site reports that Talbot seemed on the “verge of tears,” kept her head down and didn’t make a statement.

She could face life imprisonment.

5. Talbot Works at a Utah Mall

Jennifer Talbot was working at a local mall, according to Daily Mail, which also wrote that she was married three times.

Daily Mail reports that one of her children is a sailor in the U.S. Navy and one of her children was the subject of a paternity suit.

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