Tenaja Fire in Murrieta, California: Maps, Evacuations, & Photos

Tenaja Fire

Cal Fire Tenaja Fire

The Tenaja Fire in California has grown rapidly after being discovered at 4:43 p.m. in La Cresta, California, near Murrieta.  The fire has already grown to nearly 1,000 acres in size and caused evacuations, air quality warnings, and school closures. Read on for details about evacuations, photos, and maps of the fire, as of 10:30 p.m. Pacific on September 4, 2019. Stay tuned to local news sources if you’re in the area, as fire details and evacuations can change rapidly.

California officials are updating an evacuation map which you can see in the second section of this article called “Evacuation Orders.” And at the end of this article are links on how to stay updated about the fire as conditions may rapidly change.

Tenaja Fire Maps

Cal Fire

Here are several maps showing the fire’s general location. It technically started in La Cresta, California, according to California officials, but the edge of the fire was less than two miles from Murrieta in the early evening, ABC 7 noted. (The evacuation map being officially updated is in the second section of this story.)

Tenaja Fire


The fire started near Tenaja Road and Clinton Keith Road in La Cresta. This is an approximate location for where the fire started below. It does not indicate the fire’s size, which is nearly 1,000 acres as of the time of publication.

This next map shows the fire’s approximate location along with the locations of evacuation orders and care centers. Note that the official Cal Fire evacuation map is in the next section below. The map immediately below is from The Press-Enterprise.

The fire started at 4:43 p.m., according to the California Department of Forestry & Fire Protection, and then quickly grew in just a few hours to 994 acres in Riverside County. So for 270 fire personnel and four crews are assigned to the blaze.

At 9:45 p.m. Pacific, 0 acres had been contained according to CA.gov. But CBS Los Angeles noted it was up to 5 percent contained.

Evacuation Orders for the Tenaja Fire

Here’s a map of evacuation orders that is being updated by the County of Riverside. Yellow indicates voluntary evacuations and red indicates mandatory evacuations. Each shaded area, if clicked on, will show where you should be evacuating to. You can enter your address on the map to see if you are under an evacuation order. Use the + icon to zoom into the map, which may be necessary depending on the browser you’re using.

You can visit the full-sized map here.

Here are the current evacuations as of 10 p.m. Pacific on September 4.

  • Evacuations have been ordered for all residences in The Trails Circle in La Cresta, Ca.gov noted.
  • “Mandatory evacuations are now being issued to residents in Copper Canyon South of Calle del Oso Oro between Clinton Keith and Murrieta Creek,” as of 10 p.m.

CAL Fire’s Twitter account notes that a care and reception center is set up at Murrieta Mesa High School at 24801 Monroe Avenue, where small animals will also be accepted.

Large animals should be taken to the San Jacinto Animal Shelter at 581 S. Grand Avenue in San Jacinto, CAL Fire shared.

Evacuation warnings have been issued for Bear Creek and Copper Canyon areas of Murrieta, Patch.com reported. Evacuation warnings mean you should be prepared to leave with little notice.

Officially, the cause of the fire is still under investigation. But according to CBS Los Angeles, multiple lightning strikes may have started the fire.

Air Quality & School Closures

All schools in the Murrieta Unified School District are closed tomorrow because of the fire.

Area quality may also be an issue. Health officials issued the following warning at 9:45 p.m. Pacific:

Health officials are urging residents in portions of southwest Riverside County to limit outdoor activities because of smoke and ash generated by the Tenaja Fire near Murrieta. The fire, which started Wednesday in the rugged wilderness west of Murrieta, sent up a large column of black smoke that can be seen throughout the region. Many residents in southwest Riverside County neighborhoods may find driveways and homes covered in white ash that may fall onto cars, settled into pools and onto sidewalks.”

Read the full warning below.

And a note here:

Tenaja Fire Photos & Videos

Cal Fire

Here are some photos and videos of the fire, to help you get a better grasp of its size.

These next photos were shared by Cal Fire Riverside.

Cal Fire

Cal Fire

Cal Fire

This live stream was shared by Fox 26 News.

And here are more photos and videos.

How to Stay Updated on the Fire

To stay updated on the fire, there are several sources you can follow.

Cal Fire Riverside’s Twitter account is sharing updates.

The interactive evacuation map shared earlier in this article was shared by Cal Fire and will be updated as new evacuations are ordered or evacuations are lifted.

You can also follow at the RivCoReady Facebook page for updates.

Riverside County is also posting updates about the fire here. Click on the red banner that reads “Major Incident Alert” to get the latest updates on the fire from Riverside County. Then click on “Tenaja Fire.” The direct link is here, but the link doesn’t always work correctly depending on your browser.

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