Gerrit Cole & Wife Amy Crawford Cole Are College Sweethearts

Amy Crawford

Getty Gerrit Cole pictured with wife Amy Cole.

Astros pitcher Gerrit Cole met his future wife, Amy (formerly Crawford) Cole, while sharing the weight room in college at UCLA. Amy played softball at UCLA while Gerrit was on the baseball team, per Gerrit was interested from the start, but it took Amy a year to accept his date request.

“I was moving into my new apartment and Gerrit drove an hour and a half after a wedding just to help me move,” Amy noted to Inside Weddings. “My mom was there with me and he showed up with a bouquet of flowers for her birthday. That’s the day I decided to take him up on that first-date offer from the year prior.”

Their relationship continued as Gerrit became an MLB pitcher, and he would later propose during the week of the 2015 All-Star Game. Spoiler alert, Amy said yes and the couple got married at a resort in Santa Barbara, California.

Gerrit Cole’s Wife Is the Sister of Giants Shortstop Brandon Crawford

As the sister of Giants shortstop Brandon Crawford, Amy was familiar with MLB life. It is a bit tricky on the rare occasion where Gerrit has to pitch to Brandon, but the family tries to have fun when they play against each other. Gerrit noted that those games can be a bit challenging for Amy to watch.

“I’ve been asked that question for like five years now, and I can’t really come up with a word that kind of encapsulates,” Cole told “I think it’s probably hard for both of us to block out the idea. I root for him, he roots for me and now we’re not rooting for each other anymore. Amy certainly gets put in a little bit of a predicament as well…She’s rooting for the most positive outcome for each of us that doesn’t have an effect on the game. She wants us both to do well — but not really at the expense of each other.”

Brandon joked about his sister’s rooting efforts when the two square off.

“I don’t know what she tells him, but she tells me that she roots for me to get a hit but not drive anybody in, and for him to win,” Brandon explained to

Unfortunately, Brandon and the Giants missed out on the World Series, so the entire family will be rooting for the Astros with no conflict of interest.

Amy Recreated a Sports Illustrated Cover With Kate Upton

During the playoffs, Amy took a photo with Kate Upton and it ended up going viral. Kate’s husband is Justin Verlander and the two ladies decided to have some fun while watching an Astros postseason game. Amy and Kate posed in the exact positions that their husbands did on the Sports Illustrated cover then posted the photos side-by-side on Instagram.

“It’s a Ver-y Cole world Upton here! #GoAstros #Game5,” Kate posted in the caption.

We will see if Amy and Kate have anything planned for the World Series.

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