‘Rick and Morty’ Season 4 Episode 3 Voice Cast: Who Are the Special Guests?

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Tonight, Rick and Morty is back on Adult Swim with Season 4 Episode 3. Here’s a look at who the cast members were voicing characters tonight. Read on to see what we know so far about the special guests tonight. We’ll update this post as the episode airs and after.

Season 4 Episode 3, which aired on November 24, 2019, is called “One Crew over the Crewcoo’s Morty.” This is a reference to the novel (and later the film) called One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. The description for Episode 3 reads: “Lots of twists and turns this time Broh. Wear your helmets.”

Of course, there’s the regular cast we’ve come to expect for Rick and Morty episodes. These include Justin Roiland as Rick Sanchez and Morty. Chris Parnell voices Jerry. Spencer Grammer voices Summer. Sarah Chalke voices Beth.

But then there are always unexpected characters and new voice guests who appear in episodes.

Special Guests Tonight

Elon Musk starred as Elon Tusk. Back in March, Musk changed his Twitter profile to Elon Tusk. Now fans are wondering if maybe that was in response to this script and voicing the character. The voice cast has said that they recorded Season 4 episodes a year ago, so it’s certainly possible.

Pam Adlon was also a guest star tonight, according to the show’s credits. She won an Emmy for voicing Bobby on King of the Hill.

Justin Theroux was also listed in the special guest credits at the end. He’s had numerous great credits, including playing the lead on The Leftovers, a key character on Maniac (on Netflix ironically), Justin on Parks and Rec, Joe on Six Feet Under, Nick on The District, numerous voice characters, and more.

Mr. Poopybutthole was back, voiced as always by Justin Roiland.

We’ll update this list as more details are available.

Season 4 Schedule

Rick and Morty will have 10 episodes in Season 4. The first five will air in 2019 and the last five are expected to air sometime after a holiday break.

Here are the titles and episode descriptions for the rest of the episodes that we’re expected to see in 2019. These were released on Rick and Morty‘s social media accounts. The episode descriptions don’t reveal much.

Season 4 Episode 4: Claw and Hoarder: Special Ricktim’s Morty

“Morty gets a dragon in this one broh. It’s a wild ride broh.”

(Episode 4 will air in two weeks because the show is taking a week break.)

Season 4 Episode 5: Rattlestar Ricklactica

“Lots of things in space broh. Snakes and sharp stuff. Watch this broh.”

As for the dates the episodes will be aired, here is what the schedule was and is expected to be this season:

  • Episode 1: November 10
  • Episode 2: November 17
  • Episode 3: November 24
  • Episode 4: December 1
  • Episode 5: December 8

Then five more episodes will air in the season, most likely in 2020.

This story will be updated as we learn more. This is a developing article.

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